Why Are Humans Living Longer Today?

Last Update: February 21, 2015

Your Life Expectancy – Do You Really Want to Know?

Boy, life expectancy sure has changed over the course of the past few hundred years. If you had been born around 1900 and you were male, you had a life expectancy of around 46. If you were born female you could expect to reach about age 48. So, why are humans living longer today than they use to?

Comparing Rich and Poor Countries

Some recent research has shown that a male born in a high-income country in 2012 can expect to reach around age 76 while a male born in a low-income country can expect to live to around age 60, a 16 year difference. For females, the difference is even more significant. A girl born in a high-income country can expect to live about 82 years – compared to low-income countries where the age is 63, a 19 year difference.

Wherever we live in the world, unfortunately guys…..women are outliving us.

Why Are We Living Longer?

People are living longer today than they did a few hundred years ago for several reasons. Due to the convenience of modern medicine people don’t have to wait a long time before they are seen by a doctor. Routine check-ups have become a part of our modern day life.

Years ago, folks would try home remedies or wait until they were severely sick before seeking medical attention and in most cases doctors would do everything from pulling teeth to performing operations. Today, quality medical care is available worldwide with better medicines and highly trained specialists being the norm.

Also, declining tobacco use and awareness of the health risks due to smoking are contributing factors to people living longer lives on a global scale.

Highest Life Expectancy for Countries – 2014

Did you know that Monaco has the highest life expectancy in the world at 89.57 years?

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