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Stats for how many visitors clicking on wa affiliate links?

Stats for how many visitors clicking on wa affiliate links?

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WA Affiliate Program


where can I see the numbers for visitors on my site clicking on the referral affiliate links for WA Referral program? It has disappeared from The $ where I used t

you can also click on the last item in the sidebar when you are ono the home page....affiliate revenue...

Thanks, it looks like WA was having a server problem. I’ll check it again today.



It is still there click the dollar sign then below you will see my stats which is next to the program details click that and you can check it out.

Great, thanks so much for the link.
I hope you are having an awesome day!



You are welcome Ana and thank you.


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Is there a section for the premium members classes ?

Is there a section for the premium members classes ?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform


Is there a section for Premium Members Classes?

It is difficult to tell which classes are available for Premium Members only. You click on some classes t

Just look for the purple diamond or the crown and you will know the difference!


Go to classes then type in the search box type premium.

A window will pop up and there you can tick the box as shown in the image below.
In your case just tick the premium and only that will show.

Apart from that and what others have said if there is a yellow crown in the top right corner it is only for Premium Plus members if it is a blue diamond then that is for Premium members.


Hope that helps


Thank you for the clarification Andre, and screenshot.

All the best!


Most welcome and continue to go forward with all before you.

wishing you well


Hi - if you use the search box within the Classes section, then you have the option to select Premium only.

Otherwise, the Premium Plus videos have a yellow crown on them to identify that you need to upgrade to view them.

Thanks, Diane!
I appreciate the response!




You look above the webinars top left corner, if free, premium (purple diamond) or premium plus ( yellow crown)

You find all of Jay's live webinars on below link


You can also do a search in classes (see images)

Thank you, Abie!

the images are appreciated.

All the best!

Pleasure :)

And you are so very welcome.

I mentioned this to Kyle/Carson the other week as it was something I was struggling with myself. I don't believe there's any way at the moment, but I do know they're putting a lot of effort into revamping the classes platform to make it easier for people.

Hi Dale,

I hope the responses here are helpful to you as well.
Scrolling down the classes page and having a mixture of the classes is not the best scenario, hopefully, they will change it to make it better more efficient for the members rather than having all the classes in one section. at least it looks like you can differentiate between the crown and diamond.

All the best,


Thanks Ana & yeah I agree, hopefully that section will improve but I appreciate that it's still relatively new so teething problems are to be expected.

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Testimonials from other members, do I need permission?

Testimonials from other members, do I need permission?

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Everything Wordpress


Can I use testimonials from other members on my site? for example, a screenshot of a post, etc. I want to highlight successful members. Do I need to ask permiss

Hi Ana, I think it would be a professional courtesy to as the member for permission to share anything posted by them, perhaps via a PM. I also see hmommers has given you a good idea with @member as a form of recognization.

Best wishes,


yes, thanks so much for the feedback. I appreciate it. :)

Take care!

You are welcome Ana.

Best wishes,

I think it would only be right to ask permission or it's almost like stealing.

It is always a good idea to ask for permission! I agree.

Thank you for the message. :)

The copyright law states that everything you make is yours. An idea will not be protected by that law, but as soon as that idea is put into a drawing or text, it will be. Even your grocery list falls under copyright according to the description of the law.

And of course there are exceptions. There are always exceptions :-D

So you are allowed to quote. Hence people that quote a text from a writer don't have to ask for permission. Unless they quote the whole book.

Unless a screenshot is of the whole page, it's like @LousieBT says, you can do that legally. But I would ask it too, as most probably people will be flattered when you ask and annoyed when they find out later.


Thank you, Hannie! good points, and yes it is good to let people know you will use their info on a screenshot.

Thank you for taking the time to share. :)

Hi Ana
I don't think you do need permission from them from a legal perspective. I contacted the people I wanted to feature via PM and asked just out of courtesy :-)

Thank you, Louise!
That is what I thought, but was wondering if there was something in writing somewhere in here in WA, but couldn't find it.

I'll send them a quick note.

Have a great day or night!


Hi, yes it would be courtesy.

You can use screenshots however not content as you may know or aware of already. That would count as duplicate content and we are not permitted to do so.

You can also checkout below link

Was this helpful?

Requiring more help? Kindly ask.

Hello Abie,

I only need their screenshots of certain posts with their success to add to my site. I know many other members do. I wanted to ensure to find an answer to see if WA had something posted. I don't want to go ahead and take a screenshot of other members without asking.
Thank you for the list. It would be nice if there was an FAQ section and a list for all the posts by year somewhere on the site. Yes, trying to find a list is kind of tricky.

Thank you, kindly!

Thanks for your feedback, we really appreciate it. We have noted it and would look into it.

Thanks once again.

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