Making Money While I Am On Vacation.

Last Update: October 24, 2019

Three weeks ago, my husband and I came back to China to visit my parents and siblings. As some of you know that in China, it’s very difficult to access to some websites including Google and Youtube.

I have subscribed Express VPN since it got many recommendations to people who travel in China. However, I still didn’t have very good luck with it. That means in the past few weeks, I couldn’t check my website data normally.

Not only that, I havn’t done anything for my website since we started this trip. Because I am totally blind to google console, google Adsense and google Analytics, so I have no idea how my site is doing but at least it still looks good.

The other good thing is I am able to access my Amazon Affiliate account and very happy to see I’m having sales almost every day, even I havn’t updated my site for three weeks.

This proves WA program works, without any doubt!

Yesterday my husband went back to USA. I will continue my vacation for another month.

It’s going to be hard to work on my website without a stable VPN, but I decided to put my work on the side and spend some valuable time with my elderly parents. Right now they are my priorities.

Sometimes life is in the way, we have to make a decision. The most important thing is don’t leave regrets.

We are here for a long run. Have hope, faith, patience, we will eventually meet our success and happiness.

Have a great weekend.


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Wdcope Premium
I remember being in China for 2 weeks in 2011, and had to use a VPN service my niece who worked at an International used. Not very reliable, and sure made me appreciate our service here in the states.
It's awesome that your site is well enough that you are getting regular sales, especially since we are going into a very busy few months with the holidays and Black Friday.
Enjoy the time with your parents. I am sure they appreciate your taking care of them. Balance in our lives are the most important of all.
Take care,
FKelso Premium Plus
We have to deal with what life puts out there. So good you could go to be with your parents.
JeffGnagy Premium
Amy, it is wonderful that you have the freedom to spend time with your parents. I am happy for you!
Enjoy every minute with them!
Fleeky Premium Plus
Blessed time
Enjoy the family
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Yes, Amy--enjoy that time with your parents--your work will still be waiting for you!