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Yes, my baby website is one year old. I still remember that some of its ‘first’. Fist post.Fist index.First ranking.First organic comment.First sale.First payment.......I still remember those frustrations but also those exciting moments I have been through. I cannot say that I have reached my goal but I have learned and accomplished so much in the past year. Here's how my website is doing after one year of work. (In fact, my last post was published two months ago. After that I have
Three weeks ago, my husband and I came back to China to visit my parents and siblings. As some of you know that in China, it’s very difficult to access to some websites including Google and Youtube. I have subscribed Express VPN since it got many recommendations to people who travel in China. However, I still didn’t have very good luck with it. That means in the past few weeks, I couldn’t check my website data normally. Not only that, I havn’t done anything for my websit
This afternoon when I checked my bank balance, there it is, the $115.84 from Amazon Associates. It’s my first payment as affiliate marketing and there is more coming in the next month. Just a few days ago I redeemed $100 again from a PTC website that I have been using for years. So a total $200+ for the month of July. I know it’s not very much but it is a good start. That means making money online is absolutely possible, WA’s training definitely works. Creating a passive incom
I havn’t been very active at WA for a while and my ranking from top 200 dropped to 2700, lol.Maybe because sometimes life goes in the way or maybe the WA honey moon is over. No matter what, it seems like the excitement of starting my own online business is calming down.Since my last WA post, my website’s organic traffic is taking off, from 20+ to near 300 a day. Meanwhile the direct and referral traffic dropped dramatically. I need to find a way to bring them back.In the last couple
These couple of days I have noticed a sudden increase in my organic traffic... I thought that it might have somthing to do with the backlinks I got from the forum. However, when I read Kyle's recent post about Google Core Update, I soon realized that it could be the reason .I have been writing long articles since I started this niche website (in a health-wellness niche). It usually takes me at least 7-8 hours to finish one post. I had some doubt whether the hard work was worth it or not.Especia
Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing great.Last Sunday my son graduated from Cornell University and will soon start his internship at Google.We've gone to his graduation ceremony and gone for a road trip, so I haven't updated my website for one week. However, I kept checking my site data every day and happy to saw it's making good progress. Since I found my real target audiences 2 weeks ago, my website traffic has taken off. The best times I got over 1K users and nearly 3K pageviews in a day.
May 18, 2019
About 10 days back, someone has purchased some products on Amazon through my website, but they were cancelled before shipping. So that was nothing.This morning I surprisingly saw 8 new orders in my Amazon Associates account and 3 of them already shipped. Not only that, but I also earned nealy $2 from Google AdSense in two days. These are all because of the move I made two days ago.Here is the post I wrote on WA that explained what I did.A Short Answer Attracted Over One Hundred Unique Users in
Last night before I went to bed I answered a question on a forum within my niche.This morning when I checked Google Analytic, the number shocked me and it's still growing.This work was pretty simple, I just linked my website in the answer and here was the result. The first picture was the data from yeaterday, the 2nd is the one I saw this morning.I have never done that before. Actually, I have been focusing on social media like Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest,etc and I hardly got any traffic.I thin
What a day!I just found out that someone made 8 orders through my website. The next thing I realized was that my new post was indexed on Google one hour after I published it. Things are getting better. I love every little progress in every day.There are many frustrations but they definitely worth the effort.Thanks everybody for all your support!Amy
May 07, 2019
Today when I logged into my Amazon account, I was thrilled to see that someone placed 8 orders through my website.None of the products are what I promote and most of them are hunting items. Have these products been paid or they are just in someone's shopping cart and waiting for the payment?I don't know how it works.I know that Amazon only has 24 hours cookie. However, even I will not get the commission this time, it still is a big boost to me!It proves that WA's training works!I just need to k