Bullied Bus Monitor..Assault on the elderly

Last Update: June 23, 2012
Our children are dead inside.
To berate an adult, anyone, so viciously. Cold, callous, without concern. Calling her a troll, fat, dumb, ugly. Speaking of sexual things I cannot mention. That they would urinate and defecate on her doorstep. Telling her she should be dead, or if they were her child they would kill themselves (when in fact her son had took his own life 10 years ago). Poking her, prodding her. A defenseless old woman, who our youth should respect!
This is, as I have seen and witnessed in my chosen career, is not so shocking. I have worked with fellow nurses, aides, facility workers, administrators, you name it...every title in the system caring for the elderly. The growing trend toward their care is not what you would think, as compassionate and loving. It is exactly what you see on that video of Karen Kline in the bus. Oh, it is covert, not so blatant. And it is a few, not the majority. The culture is like that bus. The majority want to help, say something, stop what's happening. But don't. Then more join in the bullying, because it is accepted. Pretty soon it becomes the norm. Swept under the rug, because the victim deserves it, they are just a "crazy old coot" or "old hag". They get labeled the problem. But the problem is basic.
Lack of compassion for our fellow human being. This starts at home.
Our elderly are easy victims. The weapon we can use to fight these perpetrators is our own demonstration of love, care and empathy for each other. Altruism is becoming extinct.
I know Karen Kline was working in this job as a fully functioning adult, not an elder in someone's care.
However, the parallels I see in what happened to her and what is happening to our aged and infirm are startling. And these children are our future?
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stadium Premium
Just want to put my fist down each of their throats. Such an infuriating video. Made me sick to see them touch her, this another good reason to have a conceal to carry.
Makes me wonder what the youth are actually learning. Is this what some people want the youth to become. If it keeps going this direction, its not really hard to imagine a society that rids itself of the elderly
You just creeped me out with your last sentence. Did you read my post below about how my father was treated?
Amy Farr Premium
You are exactly right about our society "ridding itself of the elderly" mentality. The good news is, the elderly are increasing in number at a rapid rate thanks to the baby boomer generation :)
Walk softly and carry a big stick...(just in case)
BIS Premium
Hi Amy
I think there were lots of interesting things coming out of this film.

1. It wasn't all the children it was some of the children.

2. The children involved clearly had limited moral compass to behave like that. They clearly thought they could get away with it - and at that time they were. .

3. There were 2 adults on that bus who allowed the situation to continue. Karen stayed seated - she didnt call out to the bus driver - she didn't really do anything to stand up to the behaviour. I'm not criticising her for that - because she was in a horrible situation but many of our societies have increasinly taken a more softly softly approach to unacceptable behaviour.

4. I don't believe those children are 'our tuture' because although sometimes it doesn't seem like it there are many more good than bad. But it may mean that more of us have to stand up and be counted if the balanace does not tip the other way.
stadium Premium
I removed my comment and replaced it with this. Maybe I could have put what I meant differently.
Amy Farr Premium
Hi Beverley!
Thank you for your comments. Your points are valid. However, I have to disagree with the last one.
I have 4 children. 2 "biological", age 19 & 16. 2 "step" age 9 & 6. So I have first hand witness to parenting the past 20 years.
Our society, with its emphasis on "me", "I", "now" has provided an entitlement attitude that is prevalent in the majority, not the minority. Children are increasingly left alone to entertain themselves with un-filtered tv, video games, and computer access. Parents have the "not my child" mentality. They are afraid to actually BE the adult, for fear of crushing their child's ego.
I have made mistakes (too numerous to mention) in parenting. I don't stand here as the authority. But my kids definately have respect for all people, especially those in charge or those with "special needs". They have been the one to "stand up" and stop bullying when it was happening. I instilled this in them at a young age, because I myself was brutalized for years. There was NO WAY my child was going to do that to another human being.
smokeywins Premium
It seems that somewhere along the way the youth have lost the respect that many of us were taught to have for our elders. I have seen it first hand with my 19-yo step daughter. She was in the hospital, yet again, for pains a BS situation I will not go into here, and her dad called her on Fathers Day to see how she was doing. All she could do was complain about how much pain she was in, how she was dieing and that she was pissed at us because we didn't go to visit.

Did she wish her dad a Happy Fathers Day? Of course not, she was too obsessed with how "she" was feeling and how the world should revolve around her. I personally nor my husband would never have talked to our parents the way she did to him but thats because we were raised differently.

I do not know what has happened to todays youth, but its become scary. No respect, and the sense that everything should be handed to them on a silver platter, without putting the time and effort in to work. All I can say is it seriously has me scared for the future.
It sounds like "The Lord of the Flies" mentality. Pick on the weak, the vulnerable. Truly sad and disheartening. My own father ( who was with a cane), slipped and fell on the hard concrete in front of a drugstore. Many people walked right by him, looked at him and kept right on walking. No one offered him a helping hand, asked if he was okay or showed any concern at all. Can you imagine that? It broke our hearts to think of him just lying there.

Too many self-absorbed, narcissistic, "it's all about me" attitudes today. That had to come from somewhere...their Parents.
Amy Farr Premium
I am not suprised Meredith, about your father. Everyone has their face in their phones, or the clouds. I'm so sorry that happened!
jpnetco Premium
It is unbelievable to me that another human of any age would treat another human being in such a horrific and callous manner. The future ain't looking too bright.