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So I've been away basically all summer from WA. A self imposed hiatus due to having to deal with breast cancer. I've had 2 surgeries and started a new full time job, as a nursing supervisor, which I love. It keeps me motivated and engaged and up-to date on my passion, which is caring for the elderly. However, I haven't had time to work on my website. I've watched it sit idle and haven't written any articles either. That bugs me. What I have done is peruse the training materi
One of the top stories on our local news here in Buffalo, NY was "Twitter names Buffalo Rudest in the Nation".Now, I live in the country, south of the city, but the whole area is "Western New York", and we around here call ourselves "Buffalonians" The number one ranking was based on the usage of the "F" word.REALLY?!I guess it begs the question:Are people around here just lacking in basic grammar skills?I have heard the "F" bomb used to describe things as "awesome", as sad as that is.Well, you h
PLEASE HELP!!!Has this happened to anyone?I received 2 emails this morning.One from a "new user registration" for my website.Then, a "mail delivery failed" which is this:A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of itsrecipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed: SMTP error from remote mail server after DATA: host []: 550 5.7.1 SPF unauthorized mail is prohibited.------ This i
I am writing this NOT for sympathy, I am writing this to inspire others.Yesterday I had a lumpectomy. I have breast cancer, well, HAD breast cancer. When the pathology report comes I am certain it will say I am cancer free :) Anyway...Here I am today still kind of loopy from the anesthesia. Couldn't wait to get back to W.A. and also finish my street article to link to my page on Alzheimers/dementia on my website!I want anyone reading this to know. I am a person that has had many set backs in
Friday morning we attended our youngest children's bible school "closing ceremonies". Seated in the last section of seats in the tiny rural church, we parked ourselves (hubby and I) in front of 4 older folks who all smiled and said "You won't block our view, go ahead and sit."No sooner did the director of children's ministry begin to address us, the noise began.A small snort at first, we thought it was just someone coughing or sneezing perhaps in a wierd way? It couldn't have bee
The Kardashians. Snooki and "The Situation". 16 and Pregnant. The list goes on and on...Medicocrity celebrated and pushed to the front of our children's faces via media.Their accomplishments?Inheriting money. Getting drunk. "Gym, Tan, Laundry (GTL)". Having pre-marital sex then having a film crew follow you around as you scream at your mother about what a bad parent she is (and yes, in most instances, she IS).No hard work involved in this fame. Just who you know and "who you ..."Work ethic a
Our children are dead inside.To berate an adult, anyone, so viciously. Cold, callous, without concern. Calling her a troll, fat, dumb, ugly. Speaking of sexual things I cannot mention. That they would urinate and defecate on her doorstep. Telling her she should be dead, or if they were her child they would kill themselves (when in fact her son had took his own life 10 years ago). Poking her, prodding her. A defenseless old woman, who our youth should respect! This is, as I have seen and witnesse
Over 3 weeks ago I started the 30 success club and I am stuck, albeit a self imposed "stuck", around day 7. I began to get un-focused and start perusing all the articles and training and reading people's bios...Well so much for working on my website :) Everyone has so much to offer in their own right, I know I can gleen something from each contact, so I just keep reading and then I read their training and blogs, which leads to confusion...I told my husband it was time I got a desk so I could
Well, not exactly in MY backyard.I live in Western NY, right outside Buffalo. We tend to feel we "own" Niagara Falls (and by the way, NY has done a terrible job the past 20 years of allowing our side of the falls to deteriorate while the Canadian side blossoms...anyway...). Nik Wallenda has been in my neck of the woods practicing for his historic stunt the past few weeks in front of the Seneca Niagara Casino. Our local news has been covering it and building the hype. It has been exciting to watc
My second article has been approved! This one I am very proud of though, is a brief scenario of what really occurs in nursing homes, from my perspective. I plan on elaborating on my years of experience to hopefully help the public gain an "insiders perspective" on what to look for when they have to entrust their loved one to a Skilled Nursing Facility, Assisted Living Facility, etc...Article link If anyone has any of their own experiences in this arena, please feel