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Hello everyone!
I am excited to be here! I've been a LPN (licensed practical nurse) since 1995, and it's time for a change :)
I am ready to make more money than my husband...lol...but more than that I am aiming for a higher purpose. I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and more than anything I want to give back. Give back to my family, my community, the world. Show my 4 children (ages 19,16,8 & 6) that out of our struggles come our biggest triumphs.
God isn't done with me yet, He has just started.
Looking forward to all the good, bad, ups and downs to come! What's life without a challenge?
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Hi Amy, I read your comment on linking to Amazon pages. I am having the same problem, I am doing exactly as the training says to do and when I check my link I get an error message. What did you end up doing?
Hi Amy. Blessed to meet you. Yes, God isn't done with any of us yet. I am always amazed by His patience. You are brave to embrace the challenge never forgetting God's love is greater than any challenge life throws at us. You will now be in my prayers.
Shawn Martin Premium
Welcome and glad to meet you!
Labman Premium Plus
Glad to have you here, sounds like you will be a great asset to this place.
I have the reverse problem. I want to make more than my spouse. Someday I'll be there.
Let me know if I can help with your struggles.
TJ Books Premium
Welcome! John
Amy Farr Premium
Thank you! This is a scary but exciting adventure. I feel like I'm back in kindergarden but this is great!