How to write awesome review that make money?

Last Update: March 05, 2017
  • Intro : this article is for sharing the knownledge that i learn form Jay "Magicstudio"
    • He is so amazing guy that I learn alot from him.
    • About internet market thing and site builder
  • The Premise of an Online review
    • The buyer needs or wants the solution.
      • Example : action cam, beginners > Polaroid > search “Polaroid action cam”
    • Where do you fit in?
      • “best action cam for beginners”
        • Still researching
        • Not ready to buy yet
      • “polaroid action camera review”
        • Reader has an intent to purchase
        • Relying on your feedback, your experience, in-depth information
      • Trigger: emotion, different trigger in difference emotion everyone

First of searching for information, general information for beginner.

When they should for more specific choice, customer has the intention to buy

  • Gathering great data from great source
    • Your Exp.: people well connect to people thus you share an experience.
    • You tube: review, open box
    • Product website: Picture, video, great detail, size, weight, dimension, price etc.
    • Amazon: access to images, reviews, another related product, joint affiliate.
      • To buy or not to buy “Product”
    • Advantages of “buy” the product
      • Take image or video review of product uses
      • Transparent and clear as you can make
      • Claim it as an expense
    • Disadvantage of “Buy” the product
      • Loss money or use more money in the making review
      • You are not proper or no need the product that you review
    • The Psychological pull
      • Not all purchase intention are the same
      • Everyone has a reason to buy
      • Emotion and satisfaction is the main factor to buy
      • Tap into the emotion related to satisfaction
      • Solve problem
        • Coke satisfy the thirst
        • Socks warm feet protect from cold
        • Polaroid action camera: easy for kids
        • Super silence car doesn't annoy you or anybody.
    • CTA: Customer Can’t resist
      • Call to action related to emotional trigger
      • E.g. Super Bow snack helmet
      • E.g. Join Amazon free shipping and best price
  • This is the great vdo
  • Click here
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What is the emotional trigger that you will use ?
People have varies emotional trigger.
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I think various, the need, for health, easiness to have, depends on the product
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Great post and summary, thanks for sharing.
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This is a concise yet comprehensive insight for me.

Thanks for sharing.
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