It is a numbers game!

Last Update: September 18, 2014

I hope you are not all getting tired of my blogs about numbers. You seem to be liking them, and I like writing them, so here comes another one...

Five weeks.

I think I made zero progress week five.

Except for my rank. I don't know much, but apparently my attempts at helping are doing something. I have been told I am good at moral support and inspiring people. I like that about me.

But the help I seem to need myself is the more practical variety. I admit it. I can be impractical. Why tell you this? Because once I put it here, I need to change something! Be accountable.

But first, I want to free-associate about the number five: five senses; five-star hotels; Slaughterhouse Five; five little monkeys; all the meanings in the tarot...

This actually says a great deal about me! It tells you I am a writer (so I try to pay attention to the senses); I want to travel more; I am a Kurt Vonnegut fan; I am a Mom and I work with kids!

And, oh yes, I love the symbolism of tarot cards. For a time, I had a tarot business!

Let me share a bit about the number five in tarot. First I want to tell you that I give positive readings most of the time. But when a five comes up, it is a challenge! Here is a taste: the five of cups is about sadness, loss, and bereavement; the five of swords is about cutting words, gossip; the five of coins, discs or pentacles is about not being secure financially; and the five of rods or clubs is about competition, lack of flow, fighting in or with an environment. Overall, it is about the stable, structured four becoming unstable. It is about conflict, obstacles, distractions. In the Major Arcana, the five is usually the Hierophant. He is like a priest, interpreting mysteries. But he tends to be bossy and patriarchal about it, so he always seems to be dictating rules.

Now this is interesting, because this was the week I heard the most about copying content, the rules at WA, a person being kind of mean in their communications rather than supportive...

I didn't realize these connections until I sat down to write this blog and pondered and played and free-associated with the number five.

But, as i said, I give positive readings. I prefer to use a round deck of cards, so there rather than black and white, yes and no, there are tilts and leanings. A tarot reading is a story, and since free will is involved, we can change things. And in a reading, there are plenty of other cards, which can counteract any negativity by suggesting and advising "fixes" for negative attitudes. We can use the cards and our intuition to help ourselves.

This blog tells a story too. And it shares the lessons I've been learning and the reminders I've been getting: It is good to be realistic and practical; people can be mean and unethical; we sometimes need rules and laws; I need to get to work to take care of the wobbly structure...

All problems are fixable. I can put in the time and the work. I can focus on the positives here at WA. I can "make good choices." And I can ignore any nay-sayers or folks with ethical issues or critical attitudes, and keep connecting with the people here at WA who have positive attitudes. That is the easiest one of all: most people here are kind, supportive, and encouraging. Since I am using the analogy of cards, I can give back any cards that don't support my hand, and exchange them for cards that support it. I thank you for the opportunity, and the positive environment in which to thrive.

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CarlaIves Premium
I like that, "all problems are fixable." As to the numbers game, my Da taught me about it with his favorite saying. I'll clean it up for WA. "You throw enough stuff up against the wall, some of it's bound to stick." We just have to keep throwin' it up there. :)
AliceC Premium
kholmes Premium
I am a numbers person as well, I am always reducing them and I get great significance from this. I find it quite interesting. Thanks for sharing Alice.
AliceC Premium
You are welcome!
Loes Premium
I was born on the 5th, so it must be a lucky number:) Loes
AliceC Premium
Absolutely! It has a lot of positive connotations, just not in tarot.
jonw Premium
Hi Alice, It seems to me, that when we give support we get it back
in "Spades".lol. Jon
Andrew4Study Premium
Believe the way and go the way. Keeping a positive mind is crucial for success. Keep on inspiring people and your success will come closer to you :)