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Joined April 2015
I was an engineer by profession and then became a freelancer. Currently, I mainly focus on managing my investment portfolio and online business.

I have no regret joining Wealthy Affiliate as I have really learned some real stuff here. I have learned a lot by going through the training modules and interacting with the community.

Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, the online business has helped to generate a sustainable income. A few trading products that I have recommended on the website have also been generating a stable income (commissions on every trade my referrals made).

I have tried out a lot of things at the beginning when I joined. I have discovered a lot of tricks and tips along the way from the community. So, let's connect and learn from each other.

Take my word - if Wealthy Affiliate works for me, it definitely works for you.

I wish you all the best in WA.

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Deale Premium
Hi you are part of my network so..
My first blog "I want you to have this." is up, and in it there is a tiny gift waiting for you, enjoy :)
Chipster61 Premium
Hi Alex, Thanks for the Great Story!!! I think if I ever hit the lottery, that I would still do this!!!! Thanks for Following me And I too will Follow you as well!!!! Just one question, what did you think the first time that you read the same thing that everone before you has read here, were you too very cautious about this site and how?
RTA Premium
I'm glad to know you Alex. I need to take sometime to read your blog. I have a full time job and use my spare time in WA. I wish I could quit my job and be in full time on online business.

Maybe I will learn a lot from you. I am looking forward.
Thesecret101 Premium
From what I read from your profile, it seems as though you're already living the life, doesn't seem like you need to create much more financial success from affiliate marketing. Just kidding...I hope you do really well, I guess what you achieved in the past you had deserved, so I hope you do well here also. Keep me in the loop with the little wins that you get along the way, I'm always eager to learn. Thanks for your time!
Rpetry144 Premium
Thank you Alex for following. I think I can learn a great deal from you. I don't know if you will from me. Online businesses are a very new thing for me. I am following you back but I feel it is for selfish reasons. I am about ready to look at a video I found in your blog How to get indexed faster on google. Thanks again.