This is what ChatGPT says about Wealthy Affiliate!

Last Update: Jan 11, 2023

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ChatGPT is absolutely amazing. It gives precise answers to almost everything.

I was checking, if wealthy affiliate reviews are biased in ChatGPT search results!

But no. That's NOT the case. It's very well balanced, as expected.

So far I have a great experience with ChatGPT and I love spending time playing around with it. Only challenge is its bandwidth, sometimes its too crowded.

Have you started using ChatGPT? How's your experience so far?

Until next time.



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Thank you for sharing, Akshay.

I did a bit of tinkering with it a couple of weeks ago ... I don't know what question you put into it but it gave me this exact same response.

It can help give you ideas to create an outline but I would take each point and write in my own fashion which gives me great satisfaction.

Hi Monica, I asked the question: "Is wealthy affiliate a scam?", to check if it gives biased response or no response. On that question it produced this output.
It just means ChatGPT knows Wealthy Affiliate. :)

There are some other companies/platforms I tried, but ChatGPT didn't produce any output for most.

Hi Akshay,

I'm not 100% sure but I think the question I asked was 'What is Wealthy Affiliate?'

There are lots of applications to ChatGPT, but you just don't want to publish content that it creates on your website. You can use it to create content and ideas, but just be careful about using it for content that you publish on your website because it is easily detectable by search engines. :)

Thanks Kyle for sharing your views on ChatGPT.
I see chatGPT as a friendly robot with whom I can talk about my questions through chat, so I can get a new perspective, instead of thinking alone.

Would never consider AI as a content creation platform for sure :)

I have not used it yet, Akshay. I don' think that Kyle or Carson reccommend it either, and Google will automatically know it is AI. Just some thoughts here, my friend! Nice to hear from you!


Hi, Jeff

It's ok to use ChatGPT to generate an outline to give you some ideas for "talking points" for content you publish (in your own words) on a website.

The new Niche Finder tool is based on ChatGPT.

It might be helpful to give you some ideas for the books you write. 😎

You can access it in a Google search to give it a try.

Frank 🎸

Ah! Thanks for the clarification, Frank!

Rock on!



Haha! Thanks, Frank!


Thanks for sharing your views Jeff :)
I always love to see "what next" in online marketing.
Because competition here is on global level. And, whatever innovation happens, somehow it will be beneficial for us entrepreneurs.

But of course, we need to keep in mind their LIMITATIONS, and never leave the core basics that WA teaches us here.

Hope you're having a fantastic new year 2023 :)

Thanks, Akshay! It has gotten off to a very slow start, but I am not complaining!


Haha.. It will take off.
This year will put on the extra jet, if there's no lockdown this year, hopefully :)

Think positive, Akshay! You will achieve what you wish to achieve, my friend!


I hope you are right, Akshay!

I see more and more about this every day and I have mixed feelings.
As a research tool, it looks very useful but as far as creating content...thats my job!!


Absolutely Stephen.
Thanks for sharing your views.

Hi, Akshay

I recommend caution with copying and pasting ChatGPT output, even if it’s plagiarism-free.

Google can find recurrent language syntax patterns in AI-Generated content.

I’ll also say to fact check everything carefully, especially specific names, statistical data, etc. AI tools, including ChatGPT make frequent informational errors.

If you really know your niche you should be fine.

The way I use ChatGPT is to generate an outline of my article topic before I begin writing. Still, I’m finding frequent informational errors in the outline.

AI tools are improving exponentially in output accuracy and relevancy, so it’s just a matter of time until they will be totally awesome! 😎

Frank 🎸

That's so true Frank. Thanks for sharing your views.

Thanks, Akshay! 😎

Interesting, I am following up on the success hacks webinar by Kyle, and there was a mention of the ChatGPT - I have not finished my webinar yet; I got called away. Thank you for sharing this blog post.

Thanks Abie

Hi - it's certainly an interesting tool, although I haven't been able to access it for the last three days.

However, it shouldn't be used for generating blog posts and publishing them word for word.

It will shortly be adding watermarks to identify the content, and Google has systems in place to spot AI material.

It is currently against Google's guidelines, and their latest algorithm was developed to crack down on content that isn't "written by humans, for humans."

I completely agree with you. It shouldn't be used for generating and publishing blog posts word for word.
Though it's great for brainstorming and idea generation.

Before ChatGPT, I was using peppertype extensively to get more ideas. Now ChatGPT ace the race :)

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Create Your Free Wealthy Affiliate Account Today!
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Market Research & Analysis Tools
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