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Hello WAmily,This Monday started really well. Since I am still working from home, so I have scheduled my working hours and learning time on weekdays and weekends. And, I work on a laptop almost every time.Monday was great, time well spent on the important stuff. I worked until 12 am at night.The next day, Tuesday morning when I opened my Macbook, it wasn't getting turned ON. The screen was BLANK!! No response from any keyboard key, also it wasn't getting any input from the charger. I took leave
Hello WAmily :)I am making some learning goals with WA. I have completed OEC in my initial months but I have never gone through Affiliate Bootcamp training. Initially, I thought of starting with Affiliate Bootcamp as my next learning target. But after little analysis, I changed my plan and decided to start with WAbinars that have been conducted since January'22. Once I finish taking all sessions until June'22, I'll head back and start Affiliate Bootcamp. July WAbinars I'm taking all LIVE!Since
Hello WAmily,This year has been quite amazing so far, the only thing I need to fix is that I need to spend more time with WA training and creating regular content on my website.Yes, I have published my first ever book, also got a sale with a good review. Happy with this little success :)My next step is to be more committed to my regular learning here because all this happened due to the foundations laid down by WA OEC. Some of you might know that, when I started off with WA, I was a fresh gradu
Joy to the world, the Lord has come.Let earth receive her King.Let every heart prepare Him room.And, Heaven and Nature sing...Wish you all a very Merry Christmas Everyone here at WA :)Chrismas and the new year season always bring unique freshness and newness. May this year bring a breakthrough in your life.May you and your business may be a blessing for all.Let's enjoy every moment of it and be grateful for the year 2021.Feliz Navidad
December 04, 2021
Hello WAmily,Offices are not opened yet for almost 1.5 years. For 8 months straight, I was working from home and I really wanted to make a quick trip on weekend. In this post, I'm sharing a trip to Almora (Uttarakhand, India) that happened a couple of weeks back. And, how it turned out to be a memorable trip.So, here it goes...There was a hill station called Almora, just 90km from my home. I decided to go there on Saturday and return back next day. I started on Saturday, reached there by evenin
Hello everyone, Creating Youtube videos has always been on my 'to-do' list for over a year now. I had no idea, why I procrastinated that long. But I wasn't getting enough confidence to publish my first video. It is truly all about mindset. Earlier when I did not have the midset to create video, I never created one. Slowly I decided to break this barrier, still the change was not immediate, it has been gradual change in mindset. And, video creation is super-useful these days.Today I have recorde
Hello everyone, how are you all? Hope you all are doing greatJust done with a 4-days power-packed event called UPW by Tony Robbins. It has always been my dream to attend UPW since 2019, the year when I first heard about Tony Robbins. And finally, it's done. Whole a lot of learning, masterminding, and fun. What did I learn?Oh, that's a huge question. The event started at 5:30 am (Indian Time) and lasts up to 12-14 hours with hardly 30-40 min break in an entire day. Highly intensive event for 4 f
Procrastination can be the biggest enemy of success and it can activate anytime if we are not aware of it. Procrastination increases the age counter and gives room to low confidence and self-doubt.In this post, I am revising the lessons on Procrastination learned from "Think & Grow Rich(TAGR)" and sharing them with you all. So, the following are the 16 Symptoms of Procrastination.16 Symptoms of Procrastination:1. Failure to recognize and to clearly define exactly what one wants.2. Procrasti
Hello Everyone,Today I want to share some of my learning from the book "Thou Shall Prosper" written by Rabbi Daniel Lapin. The principles presented in the books are really powerful. These principles are divided in this book as 10-Commandments of wealth. Let's have a look, how we (WAers) are aligned with these commandments:10-Commandments of Wealth Believe in the dignity and morality of the business. Book emphasizes a lot on having a business. The business helps people grow. One business helps m
Hello everyone,Today I'm sharing with you my experience with a furious customer. She was angry with our company due to the delayed shipment of her order. Analyze my marketing conversation, it was my very first experience. And, if possible add your own ideas, how you would have approached differently. So, let's get started...What was the matter?Actually, this customer ordered a product from our company's website on 25th May-2021, but due to Covid situation, there was a curfew in her state and ou