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Oh, thank you for opening the window to check and ask why am I knocking :)I appreciate it :)Can you please open the door and allow me to sit with you for a while and quickly let you know my honest opinion about you? I can’t hold it any longer within me!!Great. Thanks for your permission. :)Please don’t be serious I’ll tell you just 3 things about you, positive and negative. And, you will tell me whether I am right, OK :)Can we have a quick cup of coffee together while we discu
I question myself, what happens when I lose everything I have earned so far, my degrees, awards, recognition and even my entire bank balance...Why am I thinking this way? Because I know that many people in this world are just 2-3 paychecks away from being bankrupt!!Do I have any skill through which I may be able to bounce back to life?And, I found the answer only after joining Wealthy Affiliate.And, the answer is WRITING.As simple as it may sound but I can feel myself growing in my writing skil
Wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020.This year I have decided to not use my mind to live my days. But I'll use my Goal Cards to determine the course of my life in 2020!So, these are my 2 goal cards. I've written my goals at the back side of these.Above are my 2 cards:Top one is my Goal Card of 3-year financial goal.And, in the below card I've written my 1 year online business goal. I need your wishes to accomplish both of my goals in due time.And, I wish you a great success in your business
December 04, 2019
In this post I'm sharing my Self Education process, which happens only after my formal education. For different people the reasons to self educate differs. Just for fun, give a thought from which point your self education was actually started!! Is it due to lack of money? Is it due to some sort of dissatisfaction in life? What was that point, when you decided to educate yourself in an entirely new way!! Well, this is what I found for myself. I have clubbed it in this process. It started with LO
December 01, 2019
Hello everyone, I'm so glad to be back at WA, my most favourite platform to learn Online Entrepreneurship. I've been too busy with my job, didn't have any time left for anything else! But, I'm glad that I got this job through my WA blog and landed into a new career path, all because of WA! For more details, please read my previous post, where I've written my 5 months experience with WA. Thanks WA for everything and of course for this awesome Black Friday deal. I'll put my ultimate best. Cheers
June 22, 2019
Wow, it's almost 5 months now, since I joined WA. So, have I got any success? Have I earned any money so far?And, the answer to both of above questions are YES and YES :)But in smaller ways!! Also, I had a lot of time related challenges because of my full time job!!Now, let me elaborate it a bit. All throughout these 5 months my regular schedule was:Writing posts on my website while rolling through the OEC Training. I have taken most of the lectures but implemented only till Module-4 midway!!2
SEO is a vast topic and requires a lot of learning. Today, I have spent long hours to learn about SEO from various different trusted sources. My No.1 key learning is the image below. Google algorithm for ranking our website typically based on these criteria. As we can see Internal + External Linking and fresh content on our website amounts to more than 50% benefits on our website rankings. Also, I have learned that creating random content doesn't serve any purpose. Content has to be of High qua
May 19, 2019
You can see my community credits, it has reached to 300 and increasing!!! This is an image from my dashboard?What all I can do with them, except asking for comments or feedback?How I got them?It's just I spend an hour daily with SiteComment section. I learned a lot from other members' websites. Yesterday, I shared my BIG take-away from that section.Anyways, I'm making plans, how to use them wisely!!If you have some good idea, help me to figure it out, how can I spend it properly?Spending 10-20
I love SiteComment section of WA. I spend around an hour on SiteComment section regularly. It helped me to find wonderful websites of members within WA. Yesterday, I found a website where the review of a book was written. Book title was very catchy, I skim through the content and without leaving any comment on the website, I searched for a book in Audible, straightaway.I found the book and purchased it, as it was relevant to my niche.Today I spent 3 hours listening to that wonderful book.Experi