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June 22, 2019
Wow, it's almost 5 months now, since I joined WA. So, have I got any success? Have I earned any money so far?And, the answer to both of above questions are YES and YES :)But in smaller ways!! Also, I had a lot of time related challenges because of my full time job!!Now, let me elaborate it a bit. All throughout these 5 months my regular schedule was:Writing posts on my website while rolling through the OEC Training. I have taken most of the lectures but implemented only till Module-4 midway!!2
SEO is a vast topic and requires a lot of learning. Today, I have spent long hours to learn about SEO from various different trusted sources. My No.1 key learning is the image below. Google algorithm for ranking our website typically based on these criteria. As we can see Internal + External Linking and fresh content on our website amounts to more than 50% benefits on our website rankings. Also, I have learned that creating random content doesn't serve any purpose. Content has to be of High qua
May 19, 2019
You can see my community credits, it has reached to 300 and increasing!!! This is an image from my dashboard?What all I can do with them, except asking for comments or feedback?How I got them?It's just I spend an hour daily with SiteComment section. I learned a lot from other members' websites. Yesterday, I shared my BIG take-away from that section.Anyways, I'm making plans, how to use them wisely!!If you have some good idea, help me to figure it out, how can I spend it properly?Spending 10-20
I love SiteComment section of WA. I spend around an hour on SiteComment section regularly. It helped me to find wonderful websites of members within WA. Yesterday, I found a website where the review of a book was written. Book title was very catchy, I skim through the content and without leaving any comment on the website, I searched for a book in Audible, straightaway.I found the book and purchased it, as it was relevant to my niche.Today I spent 3 hours listening to that wonderful book.Experi
I'm writing this post because I've been asked by one of my mentor regarding the future of web-content!! This is what I think about its future. Do share your views as well!!It is true that people always look for information in internet. So, being an internet marketer it is good for us to put a lot of content. But, where does the web-content leading to, in future?IssueNumber of blogs are increasing and profitable niches are limited. Working on a website is a full time job. I've tried writing blog
It feels so good to see my favourite post indexed at the very top of the first page in Google search results. I'm motivated and look forward to such success in my other posts :)Coming out with a quality post idea is still a challenge to me, as it requires a lot of background learning.But even if I can publish just 2 posts a week. I'm OK with that. Probably, I'll try to increase my number of posts per week, as time progress.Thanks WA :)Akshay
During the Live Chat today, there were some exchange of thoughts regarding SiteComment section.In this post I'm going to explore some issues with SiteComment Section and will suggest some rough ideas that can be implemented for its betterment. So, what are the issue with SiteComment Section!!Top-4 Issues with SiteComment Section:1. Most of the time there is no website available for commenting. Therefore, hard to earn 2 credits, which is required to get comments on our website.2. Receiving low q
April 22, 2019
Deeply saddened by unfortunate bombings in the Church at Sri Lanka. More than 200 died while celebrating the feast of resurrection. Let's pray for them all! Joy of Easter is huge. It goes on for 40 days after Easter Sunday. I wish you all success, health and wealth in this season. Let's celebrate, enjoy and pray for one another. Cheers🙂Akshay
Hello Everyone, As Holy weekend is up, I thought of sharing Bible verses which motivated me to take up the path of Entrepreneurship. I know that my pace is super slow BUT I have started my journey of Entrepreneurship never ever to look back. Holy Bible was the first book which makes me to examine my life from different angle. Otherwise, I would be very content with my job and monthly income.Below are the Biblical verses full love as well as rebuke, which motivates me always:1. I have come so th