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Last Update: April 07, 2014

It's Monday so I'll report my week's progress. This is Day 8 of my 30-challenge. I accomplished a few things and learned even more.

What I accomplished:

  • bartered for a website in a niche I'm interested in
  • got my WA affiliate site sommewhat good to go
  • experimented with settings and themes
  • wrote some blogs
  • showed up at WA--consistency!
  • posted my first affiliate offer in a forum

What I learned:

  • It does me no good at all to stay up late because my brain is mush the next day.
  • Even a little bit of time every day adds up.
  • I have a problem with finishing. Love to keep tinkering.
  • Nothing happens until I actually get my sites live.
  • Before you post in forums, be sure to read ALL the guidelines. Twice.

The challenge is working for me.

  • I'm involved in the WA community and loving it! This is simply the friendliest, most helpful place on the web.
  • I'm making slow progress. I can do this and still do my regular job.
  • Overwhelm only happens if I let it.
  • I realize one of my biggest problems is making it too hard, too complicated. Something up is better than nothing up.

Goals for the coming week:

  • Keep working on the lessons and the websites, at least an hour a day
  • Write three articles for each and post them.
  • Take just one more shot at the premium theme I bought. If I keep having problems, just switch to one of the hundreds (thousands?) already available. It's not worth fussing over.

On to week 2!

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nomda ploom Premium
lovely update and can identify with the "brain is mush" thing, but it always the day after the day after the late night...LOL...Andy
Affiliateer Premium
Yes, I can function nicely on adreneline, or coffee, the next day. Then it hits. Times vary, but the effects show up at some point!

Thanks for stopping by.
DBSTAR Premium
Great going, keep it up!
Affiliateer Premium
Thank you!
softwind Premium
You are doing great! Keep up the good work and the wonderful attitude! You are going to be so successful! :-)
Affiliateer Premium
Thanks for the encouragement!
Bill67 Premium
Very well done keep up the good work
Affiliateer Premium
Thanks! I'm going to just keep plugging along.
Trialynn Premium
I hope you keep that attitude for a long time. You are humming right along!
Affiliateer Premium
Thanks! I get impatient, but remember eventually that gets me nowhere.