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April 07, 2014
It's Monday so I'll report my week's progress. This is Day 8 of my 30-challenge. I accomplished a few things and learned even more. What I accomplished: bartered for a website in a niche I'm interested in got my WA affiliate site sommewhat good to go experimented with settings and themes wrote some blogs showed up at WA--consistency! posted my first affiliate offer in a forum What I learned: It does me no good at all to stay up late because my brain is mush the next day. Even a little bit of t
April 05, 2014
April 04, 2014
If you worry whether the commas are in the right place, if all the words are spelled right, if your blog is understandable, or if you unintentionally plagiarized, try a free website to ease your mind and sharpen your copy. Spell Check, Grammar Check, Plagiarism is a one-stop content checker. Its handy features include checking: if the copy is plagiarized to make sure words are spelled correctly if the grammar follows standard rules Grammar suggestions are underlined in gre
Google seems to make it easy to find anything you could ever want to know. Until you get a few hundred thousand returns to your search query. Information overload is a by-product of internet marketing. You go looking for one fact for a work from home post for your affiliate marketing website. You end up sidetracked, investigating a program that lets you travel the world, making good money with just a laptop. Or you end up engrossed in the history of Renaissance glass blowers. Or just overwhelm
April 02, 2014
Ever wondered why prices online, especially in the internet marketing niche, usually end in 7? $7, $17, $27, $97 . . . all are common sights for online products. Even Wealthy Affiliate charges $47. Why not $49.95? $49.99? Prices ending in 7 The price strategists at Kissmetrics insist prices should end in the number 9, quoting studies done by MIT and the University of Chciago. The original studies were done for products at brick and mortar stores. Online it still seems to work for items
April 01, 2014
I'm awful with social media. It intimidates me. It confuses me. But Twitter I love! The 140-character world has caught on since the first tweet in March 2006. According to, over 600 million people use the service, with over 130,000 new signups every day. Though there are over 50 million new tweets each day, it's influence goes far beyond that number. There are over two billion search engine queries each and every day about Twitter. Those are serious numbers. Twitterspeak
I need to lose some weight. My niece is getting married in 26 weeks (but who's counting). Relatives will be there. Some I haven't seen in years. Truly it's good to have family, but the comments! Well, I'm giving them as little ammunition as possible. Time to eat right, get out the free weights. I'm fitting into a size six by then. I've been investigating the Paleo Diet. They have a 30 day starter program that gets a dieter into the habit of eating clean and choosing the right foods. Getting