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Hi, I'm Zbgniew. I’m 41. I live in Kraków – one of the most beatiful cities in Poland. I have wonderful wife and three amazing children – two daughters and a son. I am a freelance translator and have translated over 30 books into Polish (mainly from English). Actually, I probably should have written ‘I used to be a tanslator’, because for personal reasons I haven’t translated anything for two months already and I don’t think it’s going to change anytime soon (not that I really want to). My wife works full-time job as a catechist and when the two older children go to school, I stay at home with our youngest one. Our son (Karol, 10 years old) has multiple disabilities, so one of our main jobs is taking care of him. Since I also have a gradute degree in speech therapy, I try to teach him how to communicate with the surrounding world.

I’ve always known that the Internet is full of opportunities, but for a long time I used it almost exclusively to get the information I needed (sometimes also to watch a movie or to play chess :-). I had an email and a facebook accounts. What else did I need? Even though my wife has been an active blogger for several years, I considered it an extravagance. ‘Writing a blog? Creating a website? - No, that’s not for me.’ ‘Selling something online? – But exactly what? And what for?’ ‘Doing online marketing – What?!! I’m not even sure I understand the word’

My attitude began to change about a year ago. I don’t want to bore you with the details, so let’s just say that I finally realised I need to change something in my life, especially in my professional life. I became more and more interested in the way people express themselves online. I even learned some theory about online marketing ;-). But you know... I still had a job I liked, I still couldn’t imagine myself as an online entrepreneur, I still didn’t have enough money for my son’s therapies (so how could I even think of doing business), I still loved my family and wanted to spend as much time with them as possible... In short, I was still coming up with new excuses for not doing what really appealed to me.

That was a few months ago. My situation hasn’t changed that much since then. Just like before, I have no time, no money, no experience in online marketing (or in any other online activity for that matter). Now I also don’t have my job. But having nothing is an ideal starting point, isn’t it?
I consider the point in my life I am at a new possibility and a new chance for me and for my family.

I already have some ideas about what I would like to do online. Actually, I have so many of them, I don’t know what to begin with. I also have one affiliate product I really would like to promote, just because I think it’s great. But I need help in... pretty much everything.

That’s why I’d like to thank Mike Lambert for bringing me here. If this site is at least half as good as he says, I’ll be more than satisfied.

As you might have guessed, I’m not a native English speaker, so I’ll be grateful for any comments that can help me to avoid language mistakes and improve my writing skills.
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I would be happy earning $2000-3000 a month. I would be ecstatic to earn $5000 or more. Right now I am able to invest 5-7 hours a day to achive these goals.
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Dec 19, 2016
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Zibul Premium
I would be happy earning $2000-3000 a month. I would be ecstatic to earn $5000 or more. Right now I am able to invest 5-7 hours a day to achive these goals.
Kyle Premium Plus
These are really awesome goals Zbigniew, I congratulate you on taking the first step in making them. Take action and be persistent towards achieving these. Make it happen.

You have everything that you need here within the community to get there...EVERYTHING! :)
mjpd Premium
Awesome goals! Good luck achieving them. I believe WA will help you get there!
Zibul Premium
Thank you very much. I’m sure it will
Zibul Premium
Thank you, I’ve been tinking of online business for quite a long time now. At the moment the hardest part for me is to finally get started. I really appreciate your enocuragement!
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bill808 Premium Plus
I am a native English speaker and you are as good a writer as I am. I find Grammarly to be a big help. I see you have gone premium. It is worth it if only for the 25 URLs you are able to host with WA.

I have the problem of too many interests also. Pick one you have expertise in. Then build out from there.

I am paid to host, build and promote websites. Most of my clients are hosted at WA. Long term, I am creating my own products and promoting them through my websites at WA.
Zibul Premium
Thank you for following me, for the kind words and for the detailed info about you. Do you mind if I ask you what products do you create?
knowledgeboy Premium
Hey Zibul, very interesting stuff in your bio. First, your english is fine, as a matter of fact I know people who's native language is english that don't write it as well as you do, so don't sweat it. Second, i get the sense that you're a writer and if not you should be. You have a great writing style and a great grasp of the english language, my wife is a writer by-the-way. And finally thanks for reaching out to me, I'm a bit overwhelmed at the moment but I'm sure that I'll get the hang of this if I don't quit, as I'm sure you will as well. So with that It's a pleasure to meet you, best of luck to you and your family and keep moving forward and if possible, it would be awesome if you could come to Las Vegas. I'm including a picture or two of my work, feel free to critique it.

Zibul Premium
Hi. Thank you for kind words. Actually, you're right I am a writer (well, kind of:-). Anyway, thanks for such a long comment. That is what I like about WA - you can meet some really interesting people here. Don't worry about being overwhelmed - everyone is at first. The key is to publish content regularly. Unfortunately, that is my weak side.
I love your works, I really do. That's one of the talents I don't have :) Thanks again and all the best to you!
Jackyslove Premium
What a read. Thank you for inspiring me. I would love to connect with you. Together nothing is limited and liberty is our birth right. Patience, perseverance and the pursuit of happiness will drive anyone into success.

Family makes life worth living <3

To success, money and new adventures!

Zibul Premium
Thank you for kind words. You can connect with me anytime you need. I'll be more than happy to help you, if there's anything I can help you with.
Wish you much success!
ClaudiaHB Premium
Welcome to WA premium membership!
You made a wise choice! If you have any questions regarding marketing, or Wealthy Affiliate
feel free to PM me, or leave me a comment on my profile, or blog posts.
I have written a few training modules and posts, here on WA, that might help you on your journey.
You can find them by visiting my profile.

Wishing you the best success you possibly can imagine!



Try and fail, but never fail to try - Jared Leto
Biggsta Premium
Great job on going Premium! I'm glad you decided to take that next big step because now you have access to all the great training and tools and my most favorite, the live chat. If you ever need help with anything please feel free to let me know. Take care and good luck to you here at WA.

Zibul Premium
Thank you and good luck to you!
Biggsta Premium
Thank you as well