Remember: You're in the Business of Helping

Last Update: February 23, 2019

Hi WA fam,

I just wanted to let you know that my Amazon niche site that's 1 year and 4 months old suddenly got about 5 organic comments in 4 days.

And they were great too!

(With questions that really engaged me.)

Such an awesome feeling that my website is starting to gain authority and non-WA people do actually comment on it and seek my advice.

And then they come back and make your day:

Here's the thing:

I know that when we start out, money is all we think about.

Listen to Kyle when he says that you're in the business of helping, not selling. It pays off one way or another.

Over time I came to realize that on an energy level when we truly want to help people without trying to make a buck off of them every single time, the universe will be generous.


This month is a super slow one compared to previous few months.

Then I got these few comments and I made the intention that I will be helpful, not selling them anything.


Is it a coincidence that a day or two later I had over $5K in sales (from totally different people) that resulted in about $200-250 of commission in 1 day?

Maybe it is.

But I believe in the energies.

I believe that if you give without expecting, the universe will surprise you.

People will trust you.

Your business will thrive.

And you'll have a sense of satisfaction in your life.

Isn't that great?

Be kind. Be helpful. Be happy.

And as usual I finish my post with this motivational pic.

Dig your way to success!

- Zarina

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ZFlorez Premium
Awesome Job Zarina :-)!
Zarina Premium Plus
Thank you, Zach!
LauraFuller Premium
Wayyy to go!! You are so right. When we give with our heart we will have returns. Not always money but it too will come.

Wonderful post. Thank you so much.

Zarina Premium Plus
Thank you for your support, Laura :)
Swangirl Premium
Congratulations Zarina!!! That is great and you deserve it. I try to always provide value above all and let money come second. I hope that continues to help my business as I feel it already has.

Zarina Premium Plus
Thank you, Jessica!! That's definitely a great approach and I'm sure it'll pay off! I'm sure your business will continue to grow, especially when you pump out quality content. Can't wait to see us make 5 and 6 figures eventually ;)
Swangirl Premium
Thank you!!! I am trying to pick up the pace with content. I am taking heart in something I saw Kyle wrote about a 6 month lag. Whatever we do or don't do can have a long leg before we really see the results. I am hoping my work in recent months has not fully kicked into results yet. It has helped some already however so I know I am going in the right direction.
Zarina Premium Plus
Yeah that's true, that's why patience is so crucial for entrepreneurs. But we've already seen some results, so we just gotta put in more work to get greater results :) Excited to hear about your progress, keep up the good work, Jessica!
AmyHD Premium
Great post, Zarina.

I believe that when we focus on solving problems and helping people, we will gain more trust and more opportunities will come to us.

Thank you for sharing this. I love the picture.

Zarina Premium Plus
Yep, that's right. Wishing you success, Amy!
Jessibelle72 Premium
Congratulations! I believe in what you are saying, the intention you have when you do things do come across to people. Also, it is much more fun when you act from that place of truly wanting to help and serve, rather than from a place of greediness. Keep up the good work!
Zarina Premium Plus
Exactly! Thank you Jessica :)