How To Be The Best Person You Can Be

Last Update: April 07, 2018

Finally, we reached the last day of this months challenge. Surprisingly it went better than I thought. Aiming for high goals helps you learn how to be the best person you can be.

At the beginning of the month, when I read all the tasks we need to fulfill I thought this is never gonna be possible. It is the second month now and we have relaxed a bit from the starting excitement.

The first month many and I as well were a bit stressed and did not reach the intended goals. Luckily we all helped each other by assuring the way is the goal and the best we can do is good enough.

Now I am glad Kyle didn't adjust the tasks downwards just to help us have an easier life. Instead, he stuck to the plan and gave us tools how to work faster and more efficient.

I think this is a real teacher with the intent of making us harder and better. The reaching of success isn't done by lowering the bars but by getting better and reaching even higher grounds with better techniques.

I wonder what he comes up within the next few hours :)

A lot of tasks were to be fulfilled - not all was fun

I did force myself to look into the chat forum although I don't very much like that. I must say it was ok and I could help some people and see some topics people are having problems with on a regular basis, which provides ideas of what I can write on my website.

I tried to launch a Facebook add for some days but unfortunately, the payment didn't go through so I have no relevant results to learn from.

I have two referrals, one, she signed up and I somehow think they come from Facebook. This is why I wanted to try doing a paid distribution. Not an expensive one, only $20.00, just to see the reaction.

My Pinterest is doing ok, 700 plus followers after two months and some traffic are coming to my website every day.

I also observed 5 yesterday and 6 today organic traffic in the Google Analytics account. This must mean some of my content is being seen on the net.

The overall monthly visits rose from 251 a month ago to 356 the last 30 days. I do use the commenting here at WA regularly and many of these visits are by you from friends.

On one day I had over 50 visits counted and that is at least half of what I want to reach daily by the end of the year.

My website is not yet three months old and I think these numbers are ok and something to work with.

I didn't manage to comment on five of your websites a day but an average of about three I think I have done. It is actually interesting to see how we all have different approaches to helping people in the website business.

My internal ranks have risen too. I'm only a few steps away from being an Ambassador. This week I got informed that I am now premium member for a year. Steady working on all sides really did help me gain a great amount of knowledge and skills.

Still, a lot to accomplish - it's not over yet.

I was simultaneously working on the Bootcamp training. There I got stuck for about a week because I couldn't get over the hurdle of making a screencast video yet.

I'll have to beat myself to do it next week, it is a powerful tool and I could have used some videos on my site already.

It would also provide good material for a new post, training on my site.

Kyle was talking about speech recording dictation instead of writing content. This is also something I haven't tried so far.

Maybe that's not so bad, sometimes I think Kyle's articles are a bit endless, maybe because he doesn't have to write them anymore lol.

I'm waiting to get trained in doing the email list sign-up thing for my website. On all sides, I hear today this is essential for marketing online and seeing best results.

Let me see this bucket of cold water I have to jump in.

I'm again excited to see what he wants us to do this month. I'm still ready to do this. Some new challenges that give me the chill will do no harm.

I hope you think the same and have some feeling of accomplishment. It is hard work these days and thinking of holidays has gone to the background a bit.

Still, I love to get up every morning and see what's happening here and check my notifications. Writing content got a lot easier already.

Today I wrote a short article, only 1300+ words and felt like I was finished in a second lol. Ok, I also didn't create as much text images for social media yet, I might have to do this later.

I'm pleased with my work, of course, it can get better but there has to be a space left for enhancement :)

I wish you a happy Saturday evening, maybe even a relaxed Sunday.

All the best, see you, Stefan :)

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buffetearns Premium
All going in the right direction Stefan!

Zappades Premium
Thanks Wayne right on :)
phakacha8 Premium
This is fantastic Stefan.
You put a forwarding Dozer Machine in me.

Catch you up buddy.
Zappades Premium
Hey Phakacha, good to inspire others, together is better than alone :)

See you
phakacha8 Premium
We all work and succeed together.
jennyjewel Premium
Sounds like things are moving along nicely for you Stefan. Have a great weekend
Zappades Premium
Things are moving but time as well :)
I wish I had a nice income already lol

see you, Stefan
jennyjewel Premium
I know right!! They keep telling us to be patient, so we will just have to soldier on lol. I am confident it will come.
Zappades Premium
If it progresses continuously we'll reach the goal we set, I believe that.
Steven-A Premium
greatly appreciated. nice post.
Zappades Premium
Thanks Steve
Happy2Learn Premium
Great job
you have achieved a lot so far, so be proud and give yourself a pat on the back.
Zappades Premium
Hi there, everything is possible for everyone as long as we stay behind it.

all the best, Stefan