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February 08, 2018
Hi, you all, I'm having a down at the moment.I worked for weeks in a row now, for 10 plus hours daily and now I don't know how to write the 11 more posts I should until the end of the month.I should write for 30 minutes and see how many words I can achieve but write an actual post withstands me. Am I burned out? I started "Pinteresting" this week and did quite a lot there. I had a success post this week and told you about it. Now I see all the site visits go down dramatically since yesterday an
February 06, 2018
Hi, you all, just a short one. I found my domain name ranked on Google search on the first page on 7th place after only 23 days beeing first launched. YEHHHHH!!!I looked it up as a in cocnito user, what ever this means, ok there are only 2.7 million competition sites lol.I think I'ma gonna sleep well tonight.I worked more than ten hours every day lately, thank you Google!!!Thank you Kyle for motivateing me joining the super affiliate team.Thank you my wife for backing me
February 03, 2018
Hi you all, I ran over the Pinterest traffic increase machine a lot lately. I am actually very focused on getting this tool ready for me. I was wondering if there are people within Wealthy Affiliate that also want to use the opportunities Pinterest offers and want to establish a share and follow community here.If you are not already involved and practicing on Pinterest, I would like you to watch this video. It is #1 of a series free to see on youtube and I think it is something we should not mi
January 22, 2018
Hey and welcome to my profile page. Congratulatios for choosing Wealthy Affiliate I am Stefan Vogt, "Zappades" and am going to be "your mentor" Please save this page and find me when ever you need help !!!
December 31, 2017
Today I decided to go back to my original synonym, "Zappades" I created the name in the 90ties when I was working creatively. Today I think it would match again as I am creating websites.Now I want to start the new year with this name which is more motivating to me.Byby Lumfan, see you Zappades
December 31, 2017
I wish you a happy happy new year !!!!!!¨:)All the best to you all and much success this year.I hope you have a great evening and can start the new year with the power you wish to have to reach new limits.
December 17, 2017
Good morning to everyone to my new article, "What Does Early Bird Gets Worm Mean"It is now almost six in the morning and I have already executed all my must does for before writing content. Nowadays I wake up at five AM, make cafe and start my computer. It is the best time to work for me as it is very quiet and still cool here in Thailand.I can open the door and let the fresh air into the house and listen to everything waking up slowly. I first go through my Google Analytics, to get some motiva
December 14, 2017
Wow, I have reached the top 200 in WA today.Not that I was looking for this in particular but now that it happened I feel very good indeed. A long time ago I read a book and it said the best way to motivate employees is to give them internal ratings.Ther is no more to it than just show to the individual and the community that someone is doing a good job. No financial benefits, no gifts, just a green flag or like here a certificate and label that shows that the fellow worker has reached a level
December 13, 2017
Hi everyone, today I have to write about something that is on my mind since some time now.Like all of you, I am working on my website for hours and hours and the goal is to make money with Google. Here at Wealthy Affiliate, I learn all the tricks to push my SEO and rankings from Google.We are told to write meaningful content, long content, which can help the Google community so Google in return helps us and gives us better rankings and shows our posts, pages further in the line on Google search
December 10, 2017
Hi there, you are right in time today. I wanna show you and help you start getting your own income this year or at least in 2018. All you need is a computer with internet access and time. (No Credit card, no money)For many people nowadays it is hard to earn ems meat working for an employer as there are not enough and what they pay is not enough.Here within the Wealthy Affiliate community, you get the chance to open your own business in internet marketing and start selling things within the next