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Now it's official, G+ soon belongs to the past. Many of us are still posting on G+ but now I think we can definitely save our time and stop doing this.I haven't heard from the WA officials what is recommended to do with all our content we so far posted on G+, if there is anything we can do.I take down the share button on my websites now and stop sharing my content on the platform.What alternative is recommended I don't know, is Google offering a new social platform I don't know.Please engage in
Ich bin nun schon gut 1.5 Jahre hier Mitglied und bin immer noch sehr begeistert von allem was hier geboten wird. Nun habe ich letzte Woche angefangen meine Webseite auf deutsch zu übersetzen und habe gedacht, dass es hier bei WA einen deutschsprachigen Treffpunkt geben könnte.Ich und wie ich glaube die meisten Deutschsprachigen die hier arbeiten können zum Glück ziemlich gut englisch. Das gilt jedoch nicht unbedingt für alle. Dazu kommt, dass eventuell diverse Mitglied
Hi, you might have also asked yourself how you can add pins for Pinterest on your website so no one would see them.It is a bit disturbing adding these tall pins to the article, especially if you want to add a few.The trick to add them invisible for visitors is very easy. It only needs a short code in front of the image file and an ending.You add the tall pin image on top of the page, before everything else. Add the pin without any title or description, in full size and no alignment.Just the pla
I write this blog after reading the motivational post, Kyle posted just a few days ago.We are beginning with month 5 in the super affiliate challenge but I feel like I have been working on my new website for almost a year.Now that I read the 5'th month is only starting everything gets in relation again.Because of me working too many hours daily, I think my expectations grew too big. I started getting disappointed by low traffic and no referrals and sales.Now, I realize I only worked for about s
Finally, we reached the last day of this months challenge. Surprisingly it went better than I thought. Aiming for high goals helps you learn how to be the best person you can be.At the beginning of the month, when I read all the tasks we need to fulfill I thought this is never gonna be possible. It is the second month now and we have relaxed a bit from the starting excitement.The first month many and I as well were a bit stressed and did not reach the intended goals. Luckily we all helped each
March 30, 2018
To evening, I want to make sure you all have break from all the tasks, whishes, dreems, and what ever you are here for.Video, see comment !!!!Live is too short to loose on a project that one doesn't love.Mother isn't going to take care for you, becuse mother has to take care of her self. Wee will doo, what ever we care.we'll be the championsI hope you inderstand.We work here as a team but mama is doing her own storry and we like that.
My dear friends, I want to tell a little how it works for me learning how to become a super affiliate here in the super affiliate challenge.Like all of you, I have started this challenge at the beginning of this year. I did some work in advance due to hoping to be accepted to the group.The tasks Kyle is asking us to do are really a challenge. I don't want to say I work all the time but I haven't worked this much on my website ever.First, we need to write 12 posts every month. That would be ok i
February 08, 2018
Hi, you all, I'm having a down at the moment.I worked for weeks in a row now, for 10 plus hours daily and now I don't know how to write the 11 more posts I should until the end of the month.I should write for 30 minutes and see how many words I can achieve but write an actual post withstands me. Am I burned out? I started "Pinteresting" this week and did quite a lot there. I had a success post this week and told you about it. Now I see all the site visits go down dramatically since yesterday an
February 06, 2018
Hi, you all, just a short one. I found my domain name ranked on Google search on the first page on 7th place after only 23 days beeing first launched. YEHHHHH!!!I looked it up as a in cocnito user, what ever this means, ok there are only 2.7 million competition sites lol.I think I'ma gonna sleep well tonight.I worked more than ten hours every day lately, thank you Google!!!Thank you Kyle for motivateing me joining the super affiliate team.Thank you my wife for backing me
February 03, 2018
Hi you all, I ran over the Pinterest traffic increase machine a lot lately. I am actually very focused on getting this tool ready for me. I was wondering if there are people within Wealthy Affiliate that also want to use the opportunities Pinterest offers and want to establish a share and follow community here.If you are not already involved and practicing on Pinterest, I would like you to watch this video. It is #1 of a series free to see on youtube and I think it is something we should not mi