A Couple Of Google Tools You Did Not Know About (Yet) .

Last Update: February 04, 2019

Hi everybody,

It's a fact, no web marketer, nor any web entrepreneur can sustain his online business by ignoring Google.

Because, in addition to being a fatal mistake, ignoring Google will make you miss a whole series of tools that this giant search engine offers (FREE!) They are available to all webentrepreneurs. So, why not make use of them?

Here are a two useful Google tools:

  • If you have a local business, or are running a local business, then Google MyBusiness is for you! Do not miss this golden opportunity to get a fast, free and effective web presence on Google:

>> Create your Google MyBusiness account (formerly Google Address) <<

A free and effective presence in 2 clicks!

  • Did you know that Google has created a tool to allow us to "disavow" a suspicious link to our site and to ask it to ignore it for our SEO?

>> Disavow Tool from Google: When and how to disavow a link to your site <<

    Enjoy reading and see you soon with more webmarketing tips!

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    Thank you!

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    Lazyblogger Premium
    Thank you for sharing this with us John. Will look out for more tips, thanks.
    ECV82 Premium

    Thanks for the tips!
    CandP Premium
    Thanks, John, for these excellent tips! Didn't know about the "disavow" feature.
    C & P
    YanFellow Premium
    Hey John - great tips. That disavow link is really great to know (although I don't need to use it yet). I know a few members have been worrying about links they've been getting from sputious sites.

    Thanks for sharing.

    YourBizTips Premium
    Yes Ian, I just learned about disavow recently. But before making use of it (if you have to), I would suggest that you do some research as according to what I have read, it is a tool that has to be handled with care.

    YanFellow Premium
    Ah... Hope I don't need it then.

    But useful if it's reuired.

    sweetalmond Premium
    Thanks for sharing, John.