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June 10, 2021
Just wanted to write a quick update about my eBay account. In April, as promised, they removed all my listings that were weekly auctions, and they suspended my ability to list any new items on their platform. So far, they have left my “buy it now” items alone; they are still listed. Their most recent email sent to me though states that if I do not give them all of my personal information, they will start removing the rest of my listings beginning June 15th. I have checked into other
I have been a seller on eBay for many years. Other than their ever-increasing fees, I’m been fairly satisfied with them. That is until now.I know a lot of people in here sell on eBay, but I haven’t seen this mentioned. I’ve always managed my payments with eBay through PayPal. If you sell on eBay you’ve received notice, or will be receiving notice that you must now sign up for managed payments through eBay. This means that you can no longer receive payments through PayPal
I woke up yesterday morning, ready for the New Year that lies ahead of us. I’m not a morning person, so it takes me a while to open my eyes enough to see much of anything. I looked out the window, and this is what I saw:I had heard it raining all night, and our temperature was right at 32 degrees. The weather forecast had predicted freezing rain and ice, so this was no surprise. We were very lucky though, as the ice only broke off some branches from the trees. I have always felt that this
November 30, 2020
I know that several people on here have YouTube channels, and I was wondering how people monetize them in here. I am aware that there are different ways to earn money through YouTube, but I’m simply looking to see what others on here do, and whether or not the method used is profitable. All thoughts and ideas are greatly appreciated!
September 24, 2020
This will be a quick post, but I just had to share the good news.I've been away from my computer for a couple of days, as I have had other life matters that have kept me away. However, trying to get caught up today I was going through my emails, and the title to one caught my attention - "Program Invitation". A particular business came across one of my websites and complimented me on the layout and professional appearance of my website and invited me to join their affiliate program. This put a
We live in an area with a lot of dangerous roads...lots of hills and curves with little to no shoulders to pull off on. We were headed out the other night, and traffic was stopped heading up a hill; it looked like someone was making a left-hand turn. However, when oncoming traffic ceased, there was still no movement; a vehicle had died on the road, and traffic was starting to back up.We were several cars back, and as they could, one by one cars started passing the broken-down vehicle, until we
A few months ago, I had written about Spring, and how nature’s beauty continues to shine as different flowers and trees blossom at different times. I posted a picture showing when everything else around it was turning color, there was one tree in the middle of the picture that appeared dormant, or possibly even dead. If you didn’t get a chance to read that post, you can find it here: if I had given up on that tree? What
We have several bird feeders throughout our yard, and I love to bird watch. This morning when I looked out the window, I saw a tiny little bluebird. Old enough to fly, but so very small that it was obvious how young it was. I’ve only seen a couple of other bluebirds around here, so seeing this baby bluebird was a first for me. That little bluebird was so beautiful, and for some reason, it generated hope and happiness inside of me. That little bird reminded me that Spring is here and new l
April 30, 2020
I love Spring, I love nature, and I have been blessed to have my own little piece of nature to enjoy. When the trees begin to blossom out this time of year, I truly enjoy the wonderous spectacle of beauty they display. What is great, is that not all the trees and plants blossom at the same time. Nature spreads its beauty out so that we can continue to enjoy its artistry for simply more than just a week. My pear trees by the drive are always the first to bud. They give us wonderous, white flower
April 22, 2020
It was a beautiful, sunny and warm day out, so I had to get outside. I picked up all the fallen tree limbs out in the yard as it’s about time to mow. While looking over the yard and all the fallen limbs lying around, I thougth of Wealthy Affiliate, and how many of us need to do some spring cleaning on our websites as well. For those who have just started, there really isn’t much to worry about. For those who have been here for a while though and have multiple websites, now is a good