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Last Update: Jun 10, 2021

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Just wanted to write a quick update about my eBay account. In April, as promised, they removed all my listings that were weekly auctions, and they suspended my ability to list any new items on their platform.

So far, they have left my “buy it now” items alone; they are still listed. Their most recent email sent to me though states that if I do not give them all of my personal information, they will start removing the rest of my listings beginning June 15th.

I have checked into other selling platforms on the internet, and have found alternatives; all which have lower fees than eBay.

I’ve already been selling on Etsy for several years now. I’ve actually had more success on Etsy than I’ve had on eBay. Their fees are half of what eBay charges, and they’ve never requested the personal information that eBay is asking now of all their sellers.

However, Etsy does limit what you can sell on their platform to vintage items over 20 years old, hand-made items, and craft supplies. Some items I have simply don’t fit into any of those categories, which is when I would turn to eBay to list those items for sale.

I did check into Bonanza, and their fees are only 3.5%, which are lower yet than Etsy. I’m conflicted right now though of whether or not to list my items there, or if I will be better served putting my time and effort into my own WooCommerce site.

One way or another I intend to build my WooCommerce site, and right now I’m feeling that I might as well spend my energy on my own site, rather than listing my items on yet another site. I'm still conflicted though, so any thoughts on this would be much appreciated.

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How many of each item do you have? It a lot are single items, then go with Bonanza. You'll have the advantage of their huge, existing audience rather than trying to build your own site.

I do have mostly single items, and I have checked into Bonanza. There fees are much lower than ebay, and it looks like they've been experiencing consistent growth. Unfortunately, they still have limits on what can be sold.

I'm guessing they've even expanded more as ebay has made the changes that they have. I know I'm not the only one who's had concern over what they are doing.

Bonanza also has an affiliate program. Though I don't believe you can join to promote your own products, you can encourage others to join to do so.

I didn't realize that; thanks!🙂

I have bought too many things on eBay over the years but have not been successful when I attempted sales with them. Given the new criteria, I doubt I will try again any time soon.

I would look into Etsy, but I do not have anything that meets their criteria to sell at present.

I've bought many things on eBay as well over the years. I'm guessing I'll most likely buy again, but my selling days there are coming to an end. I certainly do not recommend them.

I'm still with eBay right now, Cynthia! The main reason is because I have a very easy setup with their shipping which is no muss, no fuss!

Of course, I might look into Etsy if those items allowed include vintage books, of which I list and sell a lot of.


Yes, they do allow vintage books; I've sold several on there myself.

With Etsy, shipping is just as simple as eBay. You still get a discount by purchasing labels through Etsy. The biggest difference for me as a small seller, is that eBay listings are free, while it cost 20 cents to list an item on Etsy. That 20 cents will keep the item listed for 4 months, or until it is sold. The fees on items sold more than make up for this cost though.

Thanks, Cynthia! You have definitely given me something to ponder upon now!


I sold my first item on eBay in 2004. I simply sold something occasionally that I was trying to get rid of. I started selling more items, and that's when I found Etsy. I've been selling with them since 2014.

I've noticed other sellers that sell on both platforms, as I've noticed the same items on Etsy and eBay for sale. I've listed in both places before as well. Normally, it's better to buy off of Etsy as the item is normally listed at a lower price. With lower fees, the sellers can do that; I've done it myself before.

Even they are frustrating to deal with at times though, as they've banned items that I sell. eBay bans the items as well, and from what I've checked into Bonanza, they have many prohibited items as well. That's why I wonder if it's worth my time to list with them.

I would like to have my own ecommerce store so I can sell whatever I want, and not to worry about listings being pulled. I also will still need a place to sell my items that are too new to list on Etsy.

I would like that too, but I'm not sure how to handle shipping, Cynthia!


I'm not sure how you handle shipping on eBay, but for me Etsy is the same. You can enter your own shipping charges, or Etsy will figure the charges for you. I simply download and print labels from my computer the same as eBay, and receive a discount on shipping the same as well.

That is very good to know, Cynthia! I might have to visit the site to get a "lay of the land"!


Have you tried shopify? they have three tiers, to go with your business volume as it grows. Plus an enterprise plus + solution.
Wishing you continued success.

I checked into Shopify; however, I didn't like the monthly fees associated with it. I chose WooCommerce as there were no fees to get started.

Yeah that's cool but shopify every thing is built in, you can too do a blog within and write posts divert traffic to your store. I realize it is $80 middle range but customized because you can have lots of apps especially if dropshipping, automation makes great sense. I check reviews before deciding. Thanks for your experience.

I would be concerned with shopify because eBay labels is very simple, cost effective, and quick. With Shopify, I could see myself once again standing i the post office lines!


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