Finally our county TLD site is on Wealthy Affilaite

Last Update: Nov 2, 2017


I almost cannot believe this .. our (Indonesia) website is finally up and operating on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. This has been a 3 months project! The Wealthy Affiliate part took a little more than a minute include the transfer from a Siterubix site I had already set up, implementing SiteSpeed and SSL.

The balance of the three months was in getting the domain name registered!

I originally looked at using an international register and having them hold it on our behalf but the cost were US$150 to US$250. I found a local register who charges US$15 ... but they could not hold it on our behalf. It had to be in our name with an exact match business name and all the associated Government paperwork. So three months later all paperwork is in place (we probably needed it anyway) and total Government fees were US$0 which was a very refreshing experience.

Before I started this whole process I checked with Kyle to make sure that the would be ok on Wealthy Affiliate.

This step opens up some very exciting possibilities for us in building a country wide brand in a market of 260 million people. I really would not be doing anything like this if it were not for the training and support that is made available here in Wealthy Affiliate.

Thank you Kyle, Carson and Everyone.

Stay Focused, Move Forward.

Cheers, William.

Recent Comments


Congrats William. Awesome opportunity.

Thanks Claudio .. Cheers, William.

That's so exciting! Congratulations!

Thanks Anita .. Cheers, William.

You're welcome!

Good afternoon William,

That is exciting news, well done!

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

Thanks Taetske .. Yes finally "on track" lol. Cheers, William.


Thank you Mia .. Cheers, William.

well done
you are up and running again, so that is positive

Thank you Philip .. Cheers, William.

Hard, consistent work pays off. Congratulations!

Thanks Debbie .. Cheers, William.

I hope the products you promote adopt well to an interinsular environment William. Indonesia is a great place!

Thanks Michael .. it just allows us to extend what we are already doing in Indonesia, improve the Indonesia SEO and then optimise our separate International site.

Cheers, William.

Excellent news, congrats and thanks to Kyle and Carson for opening these new opportunities in Indonesia. This should really help your businesses Bill!

Thanks Kaju .. Cheers, William.

Glad to hear of your progress William! Also good to know other domain extensions can be supported here. Keep sharing good info! Thanks!

Thanks Kim .. Cheers, William.

Congratulations, Williams, let us have the URL to have a look please.

Thanks Lanu .. will give you the URL over the weekend when I have cleared up a few things. It is a simple site and I am not a "Wordpress Guru" .. LOL. Cheers, William.

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