What happens to your comments when you move a page to a post?

Last Update: March 23, 2016

Are all your comments lost when you move a page to a post..?

I have a page with many comments on it, now that I am more experienced with my website content creation I feel that one of my pages would be best placed in a post!

I am not sure what would happen to all my comments in this situation..?

Or is there a way to reconnect my comments to my new "post" Or will they just disappear never to be seen again..?

I know that there is a plugin that will change a page over to a post, that then means another plugin, or can I delete the plugin afterwards!

It's the comments that concern me more if they are lost..?

Any advice please


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jvranjes Premium
I did it a few times with plugin as Ian suggests. Deactivate it afterwards. All is preserved.
RaeAnnePond Premium
Very good question WestBay! I had no idea this could even be done!! Well, there's proof you can learn something new just by reading someone else's questions. Thanks!
Martstervt Premium
I used post type switcher same as piofjr. And as IMc said you can deactivate or delete when you are done. I haven't used Convert the page to a post but that sounds good also.
IMc Premium
Use a plugin. Convert the page to a post. Then you won't lose your comments.

Don't worry about having an extra plugin. It isn't life and death or an end of days scenario. Just deactivate it once you've used it.
PIOFJR Premium
From my own experience it's intact. I used 'post type switcher' plugin. I don't know about how you switch your post to page vice versa.
Martstervt Premium
Same way Piofjr just in reverse.