Why you should NOT abbreviate when you blog!

Last Update: December 20, 2019

Because unless you are in Middle School, abbreviating basic English on a professional forum like Wealthy Affiliate looks tacky and childish.

I know some folks don't want to hear that - but it's true. I am a teacher. Watching WA members put things like b4 or Thxs or 4 in their blog titles and blog posts makes me cringe.

People are watching

There are those of us who have been lurking on here for years around full-time jobs. Just because we're quiet doesn't mean we're not paying attention. Potential referrals are also paying attention. Writing in complete English means you get taken seriously.

If you follow the top earners on WA, they don't take shortcuts with their English. So abbreviating in a public forum not only looks unprofessional - it will probably cost you money in the long run.

Look professional

If you're posting from a smartphone, it's even easier to post full words with Spellcheck. It takes just as much time to write "U" instead of "You" on a smartphone. So pick the full word.

Texting a buddy is one thing, do as you please. But on here or any public forum it's a good idea to form the lasting good habit of writing complete words and sentences.

It's good practice for when you make your first million.

Happy Holidays to all from a die-hard grammar nazi.

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JerryMcCoy Premium
Correct grammar for me is a must.
Linda103 Premium
Excellent post and very true Wendy.
I also don't like posts that consistently have poor spelling and don't make sense.
There are plenty of apps for writing.
PeteKane91 Premium
Such a great Post.

I like to come across in my style so its genuine, but i do get my dad to proofread everything i write and he is excellent at English.
wendyg53 Premium
I use Grammerly because teachers can also make spelling mistakes. Sounds like you have a great Dad! :-)
MacJack Premium
I can raise my hand to confess I am totally guilty of this. I could not pass up what you had to say when I read the title of your blog. I will definitely curb this lazy approach to my business.
Thank You,
wendyg53 Premium
Thanks for your honesty Mac. All bad habits were meant to be broken especially when trying to sell to people through content. ;-)
MacJack Premium
I absolutely agree. Thank you so much.
cramervod Premium
Do you have any evidence to back this up? One of the tips I see often is to "speak the language of your audience." If they abbrev. then you should be capable of doing the same.
wendyg53 Premium
Hard evidence, no, but I can tell you this: I am nearing the end of a successful 25-year teaching career in a rugged area of the Bronx. I'm very popular with the students because for some inexplicable reason they think I'm cool.

I managed to acquire this reputation without ever using their language. Their language includes the liberal use of the "F" word and the "N" word.

Those words are forbidden in my computer lab. I've never used the "N" word, ever. I've used the "F" word, but never at work and never in front of kids. Yet I was, and still am, a success in my field.

You can speak to your audience without catering to their bad habits.
MacJack Premium
I like this response