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Since I am in NYC, and I"m a teacher, I've suddenly been thrown into remote learning. The online skill set needed is the same I need for marketing. Communicating simply and effectively on video is important right now to help my students feel safe and calm. I teach grades K-8, so I know the little ones especially will do better with video instructionI know how to make screen recordings/tutorial videos with my voice - I use an external mike - on Quicktime. on my macBook. It's actually very easy
Because unless you are in Middle School, abbreviating basic English on a professional forum like Wealthy Affiliate looks tacky and childish. I know some folks don't want to hear that - but it's true. I am a teacher. Watching WA members put things like b4 or Thxs or 4 in their blog titles and blog posts makes me cringe. People are watchingThere are those of us who have been lurking on here for years around full-time jobs. Just because we're quiet doesn't mean we're not paying attention. Potenti
Customer service hell:I actually had a product vendor on Warrior Plus tell me off and block me rather than refund my money or try to work with me today. I was shocked by her attitude, and her thin skin. Sometimes it's just not safe to buy stuffSometimes I’ll buy an info product on Warrior Plus. It’s rare now that I’m on Wealthy Affiliate, but once in awhile something will catch my eye. Today I saw something interesting on motivation for $4.93. I sometimes lack in the motivatio
This week Google threw their hat into the ring with the new TLD - top level domain - called .app with secure encryption already packaged into the domain name itself. Kind of cool. This article explains this latest TLD and what it's implications are better than I can: went ahead and bought the .app domains for my two niche websites as a back up to .com. It's a great opportunity to cozy up to Google in the search results. Anything
I already make money online, why do I need WA? I've been successfully writing content online for years. In fact, I make enough passive income to cover my business expenses every month. The bulk of that passive income stream comes from a site called Hubpages and five evergreen health articles I wrote in 2013-2014. Hubpages and other sites like it are called revenue sharing sites. You write, and they handle the rest, no mess no fuss no technical worries. They also take a decent sized chunk of wh
We've all been waiting for this day and it's here...the new Wealthy Affiliate UI! It's beautiful. It's streamlined. It's easy. It just rocks!This is why I love Wealthy Affilate, Kyle and Carson never stop moving forward for their members and raising the excellence bar in the Internet Marketing Community. If you're serious about getting an online business off the ground and making solid connections with other committed, like-minded souls - this is the place!
Today I would like to address a mistake that I see everywhere, blogs, social media, texts. It's everywhere! It drives me nuts! As always, I am sympathetic to writers who are not native English speakers. I'm not as sympathetic to native English speakers, but I am digging around for some compassion. ;-)The words "loose" and "lose" have two different meanings. And they just get thrown around with abandon by people who do not realize what a big mistake it is. I've seen this stick out like a sore
Since I've been teaching for 22 years, and I have a Master's Degree in Education - I thought it would be good practice to offer quick grammar tips here and there. I see a lot of writing mistakes on websites and social media. My inner control freak wishes to correct all the mistakes I see. That is not possible. So a blog post is the next best thing.I know many here struggle with fluent English. I know how that feels as I work and live in communities that are Spanish dominant. Communicating flaw
As adults we all know that computing can sometimes require a steep learning curve. That's why we have Wealthy Affiliate - to tackle the skill set we need to succeed online. I don't think any training and marketing company does Internet business training better than WA. But what if I told you that there is a company out there committed to teaching the next generation how to be software developers, and it's all FREE. It's called I use the shortcut and start at which take
One of the reasons I rejoined Wealthy Affiliate in 2017 was the longevity of their brand name. Internet marketing companies come and go, but WA has been around for over a decade - which is probably equal to a century in World Wide Web time. While I was ferociously attacking my apartment to purge all the paper I no longer need, I came upon my Wealthy Affiliate folder from November 2007. I joined and had to leave back in 2007. Personal issues were blocking my progress. It just wasn't "my time."Th