Teach Your Kids Game Design in any Language, and Learn With Them!

Last Update: October 23, 2017

As adults we all know that computing can sometimes require a steep learning curve. That's why we have Wealthy Affiliate - to tackle the skill set we need to succeed online. I don't think any training and marketing company does Internet business training better than WA.

But what if I told you that there is a company out there committed to teaching the next generation how to be software developers, and it's all FREE. It's called code.org. I use the shortcut and start at studio.code.org which takes me right to the main screen:

I have a Master's of Science in Education and I have been teaching computing to the K-6 crowd for the last 18 years. Let's just say I know a little bit about how children interact with computers. This website is the best tool I've ever seen for teaching anyone how to code.

A lot of adults don't know that millions have been poured into websites designed to teach kids how to code. We need software developers, and someone has to train them to like coding and think of it as fun. Code.org does just that with a system called Blockly.

Blockly is like the programming version of Lego blocks and it teaches basic Javascript commands visually at a kid level. I am currently teaching children as young as 6 to interact and use this site. They LOVE it!

The developers who created Blockly were very crafty and they use Angry Bird, Star Wars, Minecraft and Moana to entice the little ones to start using programming commands.

I've never particularly loved programming, but teaching the kids has forced me to learn all of this. So I use the site myself when I need to master a concept I know they are going to have trouble with. I get on the site and run through the tasks, like repeat loops, so I know I have a good grasp on it myself.

The kids in my school now know more about programming than any of the adults, including me!

So if you want to make sure the kids in your life are getting a leg up on building the right skill set for future jobs...take them on a trip through studio.code.org. Click on the K-5 box and get started.

Last, but not least. Code.org offers everything in almost 50 languages. There is a tiny box at the bottom of every page that allows the user to change the written language on the page:

You never know. Your kid might build a top selling game and then with all the skills you've learned at Wealthy Affiliate you can package it and market it for them. Then you can all retire to someplace warm and sunny.

Just like Wealthy Affiliate has changed our lives. Code.org will change your kid's lives, forever. Let me know what you think. Grab a 7 year old, or a 15 year old, or a 20 year old and get started. And please feel free to ask questions.

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RikaSF Premium
I had a look at the website and I think it is an excellent resource. Families can have real fun with this!
DShensky Premium
just shows how the skills needed in today's job market is far different than the skills needed 25 years ago. I'm actually on a site called quick App Ninja where I created a game on Disability Awareness and then paid a $25.00 one time fee to be an app developer with Google and now I have a game on the Google Play platform that anyone can download and play
wendyg53 Premium
I"ll have to look at that app builder, sounds interesting.
ContentBySue Premium
My eleven-year-old grandson is learning about building video games. I'm going to send him him this link. Thank you for this information, Wendy. I'm sure he'll love to check it out too. Kids are amazing at their abilities to soak up technology like a sponge.

All the best,
wendyg53 Premium
If he's more advanced, there is another site called Code Combat that I put the more advanced students on. He might enjoy that as well. :-)
ContentBySue Premium
This is great! Thank you so much, Wendy. I'll give him both of these websites. He has his own YouTube channel where he shows some of his work...a kid after my own heart! Wendy, thank you!
coinedge Premium
Great post. Videogames, at a young age, contribute to the development and comprehension of statistics, logistics, mathematics, history, programing and the list goes on. As you mentioned, they can create games within a game. Its a solid introduction of the concept of making their own. Honestly, I can say that I've learned more about history in video games than I did when I was in high school.

Thank you for this blog,
subcpo14 Premium
Wendy, so informative and love the format. thanks, Jay