Some little comeback problems

Last Update: August 12, 2014

Some little comeback problems

A few days ago I started for the third time my adventure with WA.

After more than four months, I have a huge backlog accumulated in responding to followers etc..

Recent days I have been trying to catch up.

I would like to give more extensive commentaries, but given the large amount I cannot do that.

I find that very sorry and ask for your understanding. .

During the next time I try to respond in some detail, and also read the profiles

more carefully.

In the few days I participated in WA again I wondered again about this great and unique community.

I hope there is still much more to learn and to share what I learn with all of you.

Thank you for all the kind words

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kholmes Premium
Well, it can be overwhelming, but just go with what you can handle within the moment and all will know....
Shawn Martin Premium
Welcome back!
tomtitty006 Premium
I would not worry about this too much as it is near impossible to keep up with everyone.There are bound to be so many people that contacted and kept contact with you from the beginning,I would just communicate with them.I am sure when I say that every body has their better friends here than others,maybe try to think of the people you pm with and I would say that you are there.
Warner43 Premium
Thanks for the advise.
Funmine Premium
Welcome back! I wish you well.
Internetgranny Premium
I am sure everyone here will understand. It is hard enough to keep up with all the new followers even when one is here on a regular basis, but the moment you get behind as much as you have done, one blog for all of them will probably be the best use of your time. And then, gradually you can get to know some of them better.

Wishing you all the best for your 'third time lucky'.
Warner43 Premium
I have written all new followers a little sentence and read their profiles in a hurry.
As you wrote I gradualy I can get to know them better.
I have now a lot of tiime. Thank you for your kind wishes. You are a real WAgranny :)