The diet of a healthy website. Are you feeding your website with balanced portion of foods?

Last Update: December 30, 2013

Read this article written by Pat Flynn first:

Get it?

You need to feed your website with the right 'foods'. Well, you can write all day and feed your website with all things imaginable but if the die is not balanced, your website will suffer.

The common diet I found in most affiliate websites are 'product reviews', 'buy the product I'm promoting right now or suffer the consequence', and 'you are a doofus and you need to buy the product I am promoting so you can cure yourself' kind of posts.

I am also guilty of this. My website have been full of reviews but lacking the other foods that give it value. Now, I am trying to improve it by writing valuable and helpful articles.

Product reviews are okay but you need to address the needs of your visitors in order to entice them to buy the product.

Let's say you write many stuff that are helpful. I bet that your readers will say 'how the heck do this guy/gal get learn all of these stuff'.

Trust me on this. If people feel that they are getting a ton of value from reading your website, they will scan all over your website to know your secret.

They will subscribe to your newsletters, buy the products you promote, and comment on your website.

Okay, that's it for my semi-factual rambling. Thank you for reading.

PS. The article is not mine and it's not my blog. It's written by Pat Flynn - one of the most honest internet marketer out there.

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SamTea Premium
Glad you realized that.
Better late than never.
Thanks for sharing.:)
wanzulfikri Premium
Ya, I'm not too late I suppose.
talimont1 Premium
Good stuff - thanks!
wanzulfikri Premium
No prob.
Melh1015 Premium
Good post. I am a huge fan of Pat Flynn as well. Best of luck to you, Wan!
wanzulfikri Premium
Ya, he's a great guy. Honest too.
BasseBlues Premium
So true. People don't like to be told what to do, but if you can subtly convince them to come up with the conclusion themselves they will buy.
wanzulfikri Premium
Ya, I also don't like people to tell me what to do.

But if it's someone I trust and admire, I WANT to do what he told me to. Interesting isn't it.
stn67 Premium
Im also a little bit tirred doing reviews but its what im up to to day
wanzulfikri Premium
Haha that's okay.

As long as you complement reviews with valuable info for your readers, it'll still be alright.