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I don't have enough money to continue my subscription with WA. I will be on a temporary hiatus from WA until I can get enough money to resubscribe. Thanks for the help everyone along my one month here. Wishing you good luck in all your endeavours.
Read this article written by Pat Flynn first: Get it? You need to feed your website with the right 'foods'. Well, you can write all day and feed your website with all things imaginable but if the die is not balanced, your website will suffer. The common diet I found in most affiliate websites are 'product reviews', 'buy the product I'm promoting right now or suffer the consequence', and 'you are a doofus and you need to buy the product I am pro
I was thinking of writing this in my own notes but I figure that I should share it with you guys. Sorry, Derek Sivers. I'm not gonna follow your tip this time around: THE GAME PLAN (Updated 24/12/2013) December 2013 Finish 30 posts (30/30) DONE! Predicted results at the end of December 2013: a) Google loves me a little bit more. b) My website is not that skinny any more. Actual results:3 keywords top 20, 5 keywords top 30,
I love Jetpack's functionally but when I heard Rich saying something about P3 plugin and tried it, I found out that it is a resource hog. And even after you uninstalled it, the loading time is still long. So, if anyone has uninstalled jetpack, you need to remove the css and js from jetpack.. I tried the method described in the above link and my page load decreased by 3 seconds. Phew.
December 16, 2013
When you sit, be sure to sit correctly especially if you are on a typing a streak of contents in your website. Read this A friendly reminder from a 20 years old guy with back pain(due to slouching), Yours truly, Wan.
Read this website The article is meant for students but I think that it is applicable to everyone. One thing that successful people do best is that they can manage their time and stress. Having a full schedule doesn't mean that you're great, in fact, it could mean that your enjoyment towards life are affected. The advice that Cal Newport gave is highly beneficial
December 14, 2013
For 2 -3 days, I managed to push myself to finish the first two certificate and now I feel burnt out a bit. Never felt this good for awhile and sometimes I think that I want to quite because of not seeing the money on my first day. Gonna continue working hard, maybe I can become an ambassador one day haha Helping people sure are addictive