I'm in good health!

Last Update: October 06, 2014

Here we are at Wealthy Affiliate but almost in the same breath you could say...Here we are at 'Healthy' Affiliate!

The Free Dictionary defines the word 'healthy' as:

  • The possessing of health.
  • Something that's conducive to good health; healthful: healthy air
  • Indicative of sound, rational thinking or frame of mind: a healthy attitude.
  • Sizeable; considerable: a healthy rise in salary.

From what I've learnt and read on WA , I think they should add as a fifth definition

  • Wealthy Affiliate: all of the above!!!

Tutorial after tutorial, video class after video class, blog after blog after blog I am becoming healthier. No, not physically necessarily but concerning the health of my knowledge? Check! The health of my website? Check! The intake of honest healthy conversation? Check! The health of my potential financial security? Check! :D

Don't let past 'health' issues hold you back. Stay here and stay healthy at Wealthy!

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cookma54 Premium
I like this! M
janicebowles Premium
Healthy, Wealthy and Wise! :)
vision1 Premium
Heehee, I nearly used that as my title but seeing as I never do the 'early to bed' bit, I didn't wanna lie! :D :D
kholmes Premium
Well done, thanks for sharing. I saw the title and was thinking of my Doctor appt. last week, I have two valves failing from Rheumatic heart disease, but after my heart cathe, the Doc said my blood vessels were like those of a 20 year old...Go figure, healthy heart, bad valves.
Sounds like a shop job! Lol!
Take care!
Kim :))
vision1 Premium
So glad to hear that Kim ! That's wonderful news! Take extra special care of yourself.
SoupGypsy Premium
Very interesting way of putting it. Love it.
CarlaIves Premium
Great inspirational post, Dawn. Thanks!!!