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How do I make publisbed pagepost invisible e.g.as a draft?

How do I make publisbed pagepost invisible e.g.as a draft?

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How do I make A PUBLISHED PAGE OR POST invisible, e.g. as a draft, or change its visibility to private?

Hi, Violet, to change from published to draft, on the right hand side in text mode you should see this (Image 1). Now click on Edit (ringed in red) and in the drop down menu click on Draft, and you see see this (Image 2).

Click on OK>Update, and now should see see your published post or page changed to draft

Thank you Harry for the help and support, It has worked quite perfectly well.

This is done via your page options to the right when you are in edit mode. you will see a list which contains status visabilty revisions etc, If you edit status which in your case should be published you can change this to draft and visibility to private.

Thank you for your response and support, this will help me avert a crisis.

Huh. I think we need some training on this since I couldn't any by doing a quick search. If you go in an edit your page or post the box on the right hand column that has the publish button has the options to change it to a draft and to make it private. Private means that logged in users can still see it. Draft means only people that can edit posts can see it. If you still can find it let me know and I'll supply more detailed directions.

Thank you for your response and support.

Happy to help :)

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How to have a contact me page without using a plugin?

How to have a contact me page without using a plugin?

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How to have a contact me page without using a PLUGIN?

A very good question and as Joe has explained it can be a very simple process of just adding a contact page.


Hi Violet, If all you want to have on the contact page is your info like name, telephone number, email address and what is a good time to contact you, you can just make up a new page with that info on it. I made a post up for a contact page and they can leave a message in the comment section at the bottom, here is what my contact page looks like on one of my sites.
Have a great day

Joe, yours is an 'excellent contact me page'. I will love something like that, my own is too simple.

Excellent template for a Contact page. Need to put one up myself, along with an imaginative 'Hire Me' page.
Thanks you've set a good example.

Hmmm...I am not sure if I can answer that one Violet. I normally use shortcodes...

Hi Violet! I might have what you're looking for: I hope this helps!

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Omega update changed my page layout.how do I rectify this?

Omega update changed my page layout.how do I rectify this?

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A current update on my omega theme changed my page layout. Page menu shifted from the top of website to left sidebar and my widgets moved to the footer. My page on the website

HI Violet, I don't know if I a little too late with my answer but your website looks fine. See attachment. :)

Hi Peter, thank you for your continued support. Yeah, I was able to get it sorted out following Marion Black help. BTW, it's nice to see if from your browser. Thanks.

You are more than welcome Violet...all the best!

Violet, I had recently saved this for myself. It does not directly answer your menu question but I believe you will get ideas on your menu from what I remember of this. Dreamer 56 did this training. my.wealthyaffiliate.com/training/make-your-wordpress-menu-items-open-in-new-tab-and-other-tips/comment/10257501

Hi, Violet, this is why you should always have a child theme, or at least a custom css plugin if one isn't built into your theme's customization. If you make changes to the parent css, every time you update the theme you will lose the changes you have made and revert to the current stylesheet.

I'll take a look at the Omega theme if you wish, and see if I can help. BTW, the link you provided to your site isn't working: "Server Not Found", although the link on your profile is.

Hi Harrysastar2, thank you for the response. I will appreciate if you can look into it and let me know how I can rectify it, must admit, am not tech savvy. I experience quite some challenges, some I have no idea how to sort out, there still the fear that if I get too adventurous, I may mess the site...:) Kindly see what you can do for me.
Thank you.

Hi, Violet, I'll have a look and see what I can do, be in touch.

Hi, Violet, did you make any changes to the css in a child theme and not the parent theme css? The reason I'm asking is, I brought up your website and this is what I'm seeing (Image 1).

Your page menus are still at the top, your sidebar and widgets are on the right, and your footer is as normal. If you made the changes in a child theme or custom css plugin, the appearance of your site will remain unaltered regardless of theme updates.

Hi Harry, thank you for getting back to me. I got information from MarionBlack and it has worked very well for me. Thank you for the support, it's very well appreciated! All the best.

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