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Last Update: Sep 25, 2016


I have a confession to make. I want/need to encourage everyone to do what am never able to do,''Ask for Help". Last week I started on a very nasty step, guess what all my pages disappeared from the top of my website. I went to the lessons Kyle has very ably given, I tried everything and well, nothing worked. I got magnanimous help from this wonderful community. You folks are great with help, support & follow up....Thank you so, very much!

My only regret is, I wish I had asked frustrations would have lessened, and no stress experienced, not to mention the hours I wasted....Have you ever been there?

Don't let wasteful worry muddy your mind. Remove 'struggle', 'suffering, in silence' and 'can't' by simply asking for help.

Any parent will tell you that the constant call of young children is mummy/daddy, will you help me please? You stop what you are doing and go and help. Or you ask them to wait until you have finished what you are up to and then you help them out. You never refuse to give help. They have asked you to help them and so you work out the most convenient time to get together and do just that.

So when did we lose that habit? When did we stop asking for help? Not just help with organizing the local jumble sale or help with the school run but help to make a part of our lives more enriching or easier to deal with.

For example, if you have financial concerns and you can't see a way out, getting help may not mean someone giving you money. A friend may offer some fresh ideas to solve the problem, some logistic help to enable you to save or earn more money, or even just a shoulder to cry on, maybe that's just what is needed at that time! Likewise, needing to find a solution to gardening problem and knowing someone who has a lovely lawn simply means you give them a call and ask for their help - not free work or favours, but advice!

Having to do something that makes you feel uneasy or apprehensive is always much easier and less daunting if you just express those feelings and ask for help. For instance in my challenge of my website last week, I kept on wondering people will think am daft, Kyle taught this and here am not able to follow through. So I just let everybody know, am not tech savvy. Some of the words and phrases still confuse me, and they seem to have double meaning, so kindly, good people help me get this sorted out. HELP, SUPPORT, PM came pouring in...and boy, even follow up, later on whether the issue has been sorted out! Wealthy Affiliate community is wonderful, none like any I have been involved with before now! Bravo, Bravo everyone.

The dictionary definition of help is 'assistant and companion, a useful service', well,getting a useful assistant to accompany you through something difficult seems a pretty good idea to me, don't you think so?

If you have an idea but don't know how to take it further, find someone whose opinion you value and ask for their help.Asking for help may be difficult but being asked to help someone makes that person feel good. It makes them feel they have a purpose; it calls on their own knowledge or experience; it makes them feel useful, some even flattered and it means they can help someone out.

Letting something build up inside is exhausting, and negative; getting help and moving on is refreshing, and uplifting.

Don't be afraid - ask for help and see how good it feels, and then see how good it feels to return the favour when someone asks you for help.


Have a wonderful and productive easier time in the weeks ahead!


Recent Comments


Noone should ever be afraid to ask for help! Great post!

Thank you DreamAngel, for appreciation & your reminder! All the best.

Love your post, thanks, have a great day.

Thank you Mpollock for the appreciation.

Hey, Violet, I'm a stubborn guy. I wish I asked for help last year when I got deeply into debt when I could not pay my debts.

I'm a guy so its tough to ask for help. Good post.

So very true Violet and a good question as to why some of us, me included find it difficult to ask for help.

Hi Violet, I just wrote a training for how to ask for help at WA to make it easy for you:)

Thanks Loes, I have found this a very interesting and helpful resource which I shall use from now henceforth.

Thank you Violet

Hi Violet, a very interesting article. When in doubt ask for help. Irv.

True Ivine. All the best!

Thanks violet for making that point. Sometimes we feel as if it's bothersome to ask for help.

You can say that again Paul, am an addict there....

So very true Violet - the only 'stupid' question is the one which doesn't get asked :)

True jude, and we get to reside with so many, and were they asked, we would progress faster. Thank you, for this reminder!

Beautiful advice, thanks for sharing.

Thank you for the appreciation. All the best!

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