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Joined November 2018
I am just learning about the online business opportunities that are available.
I work at a "normal" 7 am to 4:30 pm M-F office job that also extends into my weekends and evening hours, and for all that I make maybe 650. a week with no benefits or sick days or vacation time.
I am also studying Graphic Design, because I am a creative person.
Having said all that, I am looking for a better way, but have limited funds, I mean VERY limited funds!
Still I am a good study and am willing to learn!
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JonLake Premium
Thanks for the follow Virginia. It’s nice to meet you and feel free to connect with us further on the social networks shown at the bottom right of our profile

We look forward to reading your success as well as sharing additional marketing tips and strategies. If you need any help please feel free to ask

Jon and Debbie :)

P.S Have a Very Merry Christmas
BElliott56 Premium
Hello Virginia:

I thought it would be good to add you to my network. I'm so happy to have become a member of WA. I haven't been doing this long but I became a premium member before my free week was up. It was the best thing I ever did.

I'm also on a limited budget. On permanent disability. I couldn't do a full year member ship so I went monthly. I recommend going through the web training first. Then the bootcamp. Don't jump around either. But then again you'll do fine.

Brian E.
Villaginger Premium
Brian thank you for the follow and the encouragement, I am following you also!
JonathanAll1 Premium
Welcome to WA. It’s participation and persistence to get there and also takes lot of creative thought to process...
Yes, thank you for following. And I am hungry to get started.
I am finding so much information for goals to success. This is surely a great opportunity with just what I need to develop independence and dreams.
Yes www is a big world brought together with WA...
I’m just following my heart... if you’re into books, this will work out. Give it time to sink in.

Truely grateful
Jonathan Leslie
Facebook/Jonathan Allen
thelungdoc Premium
Welcome to WA and Premium;

You will find at WA a huge amount of information that it is almost overwhelming. Sometimes the first impression is to think, "I can't do this!"

But you can! The great thing about this site is there is step-by-step information about how to go from zero to having a wonderful website which you can monetize into a wealth-producing asset you could sell or pass on to your kids.

There is also a wonderful community here that can help you to really accomplish great things.

We are not in competition here either so there are always great people ready, willing, and able to help if you get stuck.

Many other "opportunities" and certainly scams out there would have everybody promoting the same thing so you are in competition with everyone else! - Not nice.

I am hopeful you will give this opportunity a serious try and I am sure you will be pleased with the results.

Villaginger Premium
Great encouragement, thank you
bella2018 Premium
Hi Villaginger! I just wanted to take a moment to welcome and congratulate you on your decision to upgrade your membership to premium status with WA. I did the same several weeks ago and I can truthfully say that I have not had any regrets. I came to WA as a total "newbie" with no experience at all with the world of affiliate marketing. Since that time, I have been able to create my website, have the site ranked by Google and am starting to see some traffic to my site. Never thought I could do this at the age of 64. Just goes to show that if someone like me can have these achievements, then there is no doubt that you can do the same. The support you will receive here is totally amazing and there is a wealth of knowledge just for the asking. Many affiliates are very eager to help and provide encouragement. I wish you much success in your endeavors!
LCEndahl Premium
Hi! Welcome to WA Premium!! You will not regret your decision to go Premium!! The information available here is never ending!! And the training is incredible, and you won’t find anything like it, anywhere else!! Take it ALL in!!

Follow the training! I cannot stress this enough. Do not skip around. Do the lessons in the order in which they are. As well as the tasks that follow each of those lessons. I often jumped ahead in training, on my own, to only later really regret it. Take my word for it, it’s not worth it.

Go at your pace. Slow and steady is my new rule. You'll find you can't wait to learn more in the following days. You’ll want to learn more!! It ignites a new passion within you. It did me! Gave me back my purpose for living! There were a few lessons that I had to watch twice. If that's what you have to do, do it!

And soon you will have yourself an awesome website. Amazing direction, and the tools that you need to succeed in whatever it is you want to do!

You CAN do this!!

Be awesome! Be amazing!! And be successful!!!
Hackerist Premium
Hi Villaginger and welcome to the Premium team! Following you now. My best wishes for your success!
Joes946 Premium
Welcome to Premium where you'll meet new friends, enjoy great training and support. Feel free to follow me and ask for help if you need it.
Enjoy the journey.
Villaginger Premium
Thanks for your encouragement. I feel great about this opportunity.
RoseAnn1234 Premium
Hi and welcome to premium.
You will find so much more here than just the excellent training.
This is also a community all helping each other succeed in our endeavours.
Have a look around the website and you will see live events. These are recorded and if you adjust the date at the top, you will see previous ones.
If you have a question type in one or two word topics at the top search bar and you will see questions, blogs and member trainings as well.
I recommend that you find out what is behind every tab and keep looking. There is so much here and the great majority of people spend a lot of time helping others move forward. If you cannot find an answer, All you need to do is ask.
Enjoy this wonderful community.

Villaginger Premium
Thank you for the encouragement! I will definitely reach out.
Marchelle1 Premium
Welcome to Premium membership and all of the best to you!
Jadatherapy Premium
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership.

Congratulations in investing in the rest of your life

Wishing you all the very best success here
Villaginger Premium
Thanks Jennifer, and I am following back!
Hi there!

Great decision to go premium and welcome to WA!

Just keep learning and asking and you'll surely get there!

Wish you all the luck!

Be safe!

Villaginger Premium
Thank you for the encouragement
free4life Premium
Welcome to premium, this is such a wise move on your part. 
Let me tell you why; 

1) you have just taken a huge step towards securing the future you want.
2) There is no better training available 
3) The community here ROCKS, but you already know that 
4) It shows just how serious you are about making a change Keep up the great work, so glad you found WA 🏆

Blessings ~ Frank & Tina (free4life)
Villaginger Premium
Thank you for the encouragement
free4life Premium
You are welcome 🙂
MMacLeod Premium
Welcome to the WA Premium Community!
Villaginger Premium
Thank you! Just diggin in to the training now
MMacLeod Premium
Enjoy the training.
And thanks for following back.
dalwhu Premium
In reply to your 1st Website Badge...

We’ll do e on creating your first website!

I remember creating mine and as someone you knew nothing of websites, creating my own gave me an amazing sense of acheivement.

Your on your way now so keep the momentum going and create that engaging content!

Best of luck to you!
Villaginger Premium
Thank you for your encouragement. I will be working on it tomorrow.
el-jefe-Kyle Premium
Hey Virginia!

I'm Kyle (not the owner, just a member).

You must have came from my blog and as promised, I'm here to help.

You can get started with the training at any time in the menu on the left side of the screen. You will see the big green button that says "Get Started Here".

If you need any help let me know :)