Days like this one get me emotional - Good feeling though.

Last Update: November 12, 2018

Happy Veteran's Day to everyone here in the US.

Always thankful for those heroes that sacrificed their lives to protect us.

Obviously the meaning of this day is to honor US veterans and victims of all wars, and the end of World War I.

However, when I see the American flag, it reminds me of my college years when I was on the soccer team and the National Anthem was played before our games. I literally used to get emotional and even tears are visible. I'm not exaggerating - I miss that feeling. And today, when I see the flag everywhere (social media - TV), I just smile and wish I could experience that again.

Hopefully soon, as a high school coach or perhaps at the college level.

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NeptuneSiver Premium
God Bless
FKelso Premium
Yes, it is a special day.
JosonInc Premium
World War II involved many nations and many armed forces including guerilla forces around the world to eventually tilt the war into a win for one side and surrender and loss to the other side.

The United States Of America Armed Forces led the global campaigns in many theaters of war in Asia, Europe etc.
Had the United States kept its distance from these battles, we would all be speaking either Japanese, German or Italian today.

No offense to our brothers and sisters from these nations. The errors of the past had all been rectified for the most part. We now face totally different issues. Looking forward to better times ahead.

From The Rock In The Tropics
newmarketpro Premium
True Victor.
I believe in every country there is special day designated as Veteran day or something similar to appreciate sacrifices by those our seniors to safeguard our nation. In my country it's called "Hari Pahlawan" (The National Heroes Square).
Thanks for sharing.

dragonfly10 Premium
I am taking my son to volunteer at the Union Gospel Mission today. I a local facility that allows Veterans and others a place to sleep and stay warm. I think it will be a lesson for him to see the other side of life.