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Hi to WA from New Zealand and a gorgeous sunny spring day it is 😊

Feeling awesome

I am so happy and excited today as I got paid my 1st commission from Wealthy Affiliate and it feels so wonderful.

I have 4 referrals and 2 of those went premium and it feels amazing to know how this amazing platform works and today is so great.

The really exciting part to this payment is when I pay my membership it costs around $73 every month depending on the exchange rate and I accept this with love. Today I went to my PayPal account to draw it down to my bank account and I was so thrilled because my $133.50 turned into $195.44

I work extremely hard on my websites and within WA and also offline with people helping them as much as I can and I feel so blessed to be able to do this.

I have also had someone upgrade with Grammarly and I got paid from them as well so after only a short time here in WA, I feel so excited and sooooo happy to share this with you.

Mistakes and learning

I have made mistakes along the way and fortunately I now have my head around what to do and how to do things so all should go more smoothly from here on in.

Learning is awesome as it makes us all grow and become better people and I love learning


I have written a lot of posts on my websites and I am now seeing traffic which is so great but I can tell you it has meant a lot of great content writing to attract visitors and be acknowledged by Google Bing and Yahoo and I am so glad I put my head down and worked as hard as I have and will continue to do this as I have set my Goals for the next few months and want to achieve the results.

My Pinterest is getting 7k visitors per month so will keep pinning there a lot to attract people to my sites.

Still, haven't really sorted out my friendship with Instagram but I will. Linkedin is great and have got new connections from posting there and Twitter is growing steadily although I often get a lot of people spamming me with offers which is annoying. Ignore and carry on I say :)


Business growth is vital to our future online so keep writing and growing and building your online futures everyone and I hope all of you take your work seriously and know that all great things take time to build and solid foundations are the making of a great building, business, home...

And remember

Every individual is born with a gift- Shine your light so people can see through their darkness and become great 😃

Please like and share a comment with me on how you shine your light 👦👸👨👩

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Recent Comments


I am so happy for you. Hope to follow in your footsteps soon

Hi Sandy
You are doing great especially with your other commitments so keep moving forward at your own pace and you will do awesome my friend
Sending you love and thank you

I am Vick, we all have our challenges in life. I love to hear about your beautiful New Zealand

Hi Sandy
It is glorious at this time of the year, although I just went down for a fish and the winds are picking up as a storm is approaching so its work inside for the next few days. Far too windy on the shore to fish :(
There will be more days ahead though :)

Great job Vicki!!!! You have worked very hard to get to this point. So, it is well deserved.

Hi Sondra
Yes, I have worked really hard and love doing this as I know it gets me closer to my goals everytime I add a new post to my sites

I hope all going great with you and all the best growing and achieving

Cher Cher Cher Cuzzy, :) as we say here in NZ as being bloody amazing... This is so exciting Vicki, as for your Gif. Well isn't that the truth, way, and the life....

Just can't stop loving ya Vicki.

Hey Robert- Chur chur and Chur chur my awesome friend
I was pretty rapt today especially with all the good stuff happening
Hard work all the way I say :)
Heading off to do a spot of fishing at 4 cos I earned some time out for sure
Kahawai - yum smoked- delicious
Wanna come with me- I got 2 rods :)

Man,,,, In a Hearbeat, and as I was writing that comment I was thinking "I really want to meet this Princess" :)
so with that being said....
It's a Date! :)
and I cant wait...
My New Best Mate

lol- you are awesome- Feeling too old to be a princess Rob but inside I guess I'm still young enough - I can't stop laughing as this is the cutest thing I've heard in like forever- You rock and you are my mate alright :)

K Getting the gear ready to go - 1 hour and it's on :)
I'll let you know how it went k

Please do. and the term "princess" are my words from him:)
happy fishing...

K got it :)
Love it :)
Thanks, Rob

Ms. Vicki,
Congratulations ********* (confetti) you deserve all you get
you are the kindest most helpful person I have ever come
in contact with and I know that is never going to change!

I love helping people and plan to keep doing so never
giving up on the dream that this will all come true :)

Hey Susan my friend
Yes today has been so great and working hard is starting to pay off
I love helping as you do and I also love building my sites to attract more and more visitors along the way and hope it helps grow those $'s for my retirement fund down the track :))
Go easy hunnie and thank you for your kindness

That's so awsome Vicki.😊

The hard work is starting to show in all sorts of really great ways and I'm so happy
going fishing at 4 to celebrate - woohoo 🌤☀🌞

I like your style you are very inspiring.Thank you

Hi Raymond
thank you for your kindness
I love people and helping people is my purpose so thank you and all the best moving forward with your online future my friend

Great achievement Vicki, congrats

Hi Ngoni and thank you for your kind comment
I'm so happy as it hasn't been that long since I joined this great platform
loving the possibilities :)
All the best as you move forward with your business Ngoni

VICKI!!!! I am soo excited for you!!! You are incredible and you deserve this and 100X this.

Plus this is such a motivation for all of us.


That’s encouraging
Because I have not see Traffic yet but Is I am about 1/2 through the training.

keep working through Tomm and all will be great
Lots of great content helps that's for sure :)
Enjoy and all the best to you

Great timing for me to hear the message. And Congrats.

It is a glorious feeling.

Hi Jared
It sure is
It isn't heaps bit if I keep working hard I'm sure this will grow and I love it here
Hope all is going great with you too
All the best

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