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November 22, 2020
Hi to all WA Rock stars!!!I feel like the little girl in the photo above today and it has taken me a lot of courage to write this blog.Yes, I am leaving WA....I have dedicated 2 1/2 years to all that WA offers and have enjoyed all the wonderful learning here and ways to do things online and I will be forever grateful to this platform.In August, I moved to another property and have been busy with things here in my new place which is wonderful however the cost to live here is way more than my pr
June 14, 2020
Hi again Wa Rock Stars!!!I just had to write this quick post because I was so surprised to see this happen so soon.I read a post from Encourager1(Cory) about 10 minutes ago and he mentioned how to get a featured snippet.I decided when I took a break from writing to check out some of my newer posts to see what's happening and guess what?Featured Snippet- Wehoooooooo!!!Yes!!!!!!I am blown away at this happening.Wow- I am so excited about this because it means more traffic and hopefully more conve
Hi WA Rock Stars!!! I am so thrilled to be writing this celebration blog this morning to share some of my journey with you all.June 14Th 2018The day started out and my friend Linda rang me and asked to check out this business opportunity for her online. I went researching GAZ for Linda and very quickly came to the conclusion this was NOT a good investment of Linda's money or time. This company wanted her to load 10k and she could begin to make loads of money- YEAH Right!!!!!What a load of rubbi
Hi to all WA Rockstars!!! I am excited, so excited. I nearly posted Happy Birthday as the title because it felt like 1 gigantic amazing present had arrived for me.TrainingYes, I have done both training programs here in WA.Yes, I have worked consistently, changing things, adding things and writing loads of content.Awhile back I wrote a post that I wouldn't be around inside the community as much as I had been because I was starting a new project that needed 100% focus.ResultsI focused!!!! Boy did
June 01, 2020
Hi to all WA Rock Stars especially anyone who is looking to buy a domain name for the niches mentioned below.I bought these domains names thinking I would get them turned into a website but my MMO site and my Coaching Site are more than I can handle.I could sell them but I am a pay it forward kinda gal so if any member would like these domains names please pm me and I will direct the transfer to you immediately.Free to the 1st member who pm's me I have 1 Domain for a person who wants to sell Es
Hi to all WA Rockstars but in particular, those who haven't been with Wealthy Affiliate for very long.Push ButtonsIn WA, there is a Search bar at the top of the page where you can ask questions and in there you will find a treasure trove of resources.Under training on the left, you will also find some really great training from members who are kind enough to create them.Push all the buttons up the top right of this page and there you will find your own unique links to send to people and also ba
Hi to all WA Rock Stars and I hope your week is going well for all of you.I have seen a few members commenting on Writers Block and I hope to share some wee nuggets that will help you breakthrough.NO.1 Don't through your Laptop out the nearest window in frustration.No.2 Walk away from your work and do something else for 10 minutesNo.3 OK, You are now refreshed so let's look at what may be happening.Are you passionate about your niche?Are you researching other peoples articles?Are you going to q
Hi to all WA Rock Stars!!!I am feeling extremely grateful this morning as I arrive at work here in WA to see I reached no.25 again.I reached Ambassador not long after I joined Wealthy Affiliate and although it felt like an honour to make it back then, it also felt a little undeserved at the time. WHY?Because I was a new girl on the block, fully absorbed in the happenings inside WA and even though I got to no.4 I know now in hindsight I probably should have focused more on my business building.a
Hi again WA RockstarsSuccessYAY YAY YAY!!!!!!I have to share cos it's a 1st for me/.I wrote an article for my new site on the 24th April and it is on Page 1 of google.I rechecked it cos I didn't believe I had done my rank check correctly but Oh Yes, I have.Mindshift to MasteryJust like the building blocks in the picture I did everything step by step and it works!!!I set my mind on building the best site yet for my future and I dedicated every day to add excellent keyword rich content, be authen
May 11, 2020
Hi to all WA RockstarsYes, it's time to write a wee blog.ReviewsOh how we love writing reviews- Or Not, whatever the case may be.I just checked my analytic s etc and 90% of my traffic is coming to read reviews about MLM's and Digital products on my no.1 site.Blew me away how important Reviews really are to all you MMO and product focused builders.People are online looking for great reviews on everything and more and more people are turning to buying online so let's give them some brilliant key