5 Ways to Get Free Traffic to Your Website


There are a lot of different ways to get free traffic to your website. That`s what we want when starting out right. We build our site but if nobody sees it, we will not get our message out. Starting out we might not have that much money for PPC campaigns and other paid marketing strategies so in this post I will list 5 different ways to get free traffic to your website.

I will not go too deep into each one but I will provide you with some helpful links in the end of the blog post.

1. Organic Listing

One of the best ways to get free traffic is by ranking your site high up in the search engines - Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Since the search engines constantly change, it can be hard to keep up with what is working right now. One thing that never goes out of style is quality content. So to rank on first page of the search engines you need a quality site with relevant content targeted for specific keywords.

When it comes to keyword research, personally I use Google AdWords keyword tool but I know a lot of people here at WA use Jaxxy with great success.

Content writing should be written with the user in mind. Make the content relevant and interesting to read. You also need to optimize it for the search engines so that they find it relevant to the keyword you try to rank for.

Letting the search engines know about your new content on your blog can be done in different ways. I usually tweet my post, ping it and pin it with Pinterest for the search engines to find it.

2. Article Marketing

UPDATE May 2014 - Article Marketing does not have the "power" it did a few years ago. Today I don`t spend hardly any time doing article marketing. It can be good to link a few articles to a new site but that`s about it.

This is a topic that is often discussed in the chat. Does article marketing still work and does it still send you traffic to your site?

The main reason you want to use article sites is to ”ride” on their popularity and the love they have from the search engines already. We have many examples of articles ranking high up in the search engines within hours from submitting them to article directories. Again it comes down to good keyword research to be able to do this.

From my own experience I can say that article marketing is not what it use to be, but for me article marketing still works and still brings me lots of free traffic to my websites. I have articles from 2008 submitted at ezinearticles.com that still brings me visitors to my sites.

The thing with article marketing too is that ones it is out there, it is there, even if it just bring you 1 new visitor / day, that is 30 visitors / month, 360 visitors / year, that is 1440 visitors in 4 years... from one article and that is low numbers...

So my take on it is that, yes article marketing is still a great way to bring free traffic to your website.

The two article directories that I use the most today are

3. Social Media

Social Media is a very popular way to get free traffic to your website. Build a following and with just a tweet, message or picture you can have lots of visitors to your site. The sharing features have made it so easy to tell their friends what`s going on and what they like... you never know when something is about to go viral..

There are many social media sites to use the top 3 that I use today (might change tomorrow :) ) are

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

4. Video

Another great source of free traffic to your website is videos. Again you can ”ride” on the video site`s status and get great rankings pretty quickly. Personally I use YouTube.com there are other video submission sites like Vimeo and MetaCafè that works good too.

A few tips when trying to rank your videos in the search engines:

Upload your video to Youtube.com and optimize it the way you would do an article.

Keywords in Title, description and keywords.

Write a good 400 word description, the search engines does not know what the video is about but they rank the video after description and a few other things. Make sure you add your url to your website to the video so that visitors can click through to your site.

The more active your Youtube chanel is the easier it will be to rank your videos.

So where do you get your videos? You can of course create them yourself. If you feel like this is not something you want to do and if you are not on a big budget a good alternative is Fiverr.com, you can get decent videos for $5.

5. Url in Signatures

Another way to get some free traffic to your site is to add your website url to your email signature.

You can also add it to forum signatures if you are an active forum user. Why not add it to your Wealthy Affiliate signature. :).

Bonus Tip:

Another great way to generate traffic is offline marketing, add your url to t-shirts, stickers and other offline items. Put a sticker on your car that create some interest in your site with an easy to remember website name/url to and people might look you up. I know this one is not free but it will help you build your brand.

Hope these 5 ways to get free traffic to your website was helpful and please feel free to leave a comment below.

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Best of luck to you!!

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I'm wondering what do you mean by "ping it"? In the first section about organic listing for search engines.

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This is the ping site I use. You ping Your new page or post each time you complete a new one.http://www.pingoat.net/#

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That is when you say something about you
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Oh yeah, I've actually done this before. Just didn't know what the term meant, haha. Thanks!

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