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Hello, The other day I reached out to health-related business owners to ask them some questions… Thank you all who gave me insight into their business and to all who bounced ideas with me. One thing that came up was to work not only directly with the health-related clinics but to also work with local marketers. I’ve done some local marketing in the past but would like to bounce some ideas with you if you are in that field. So if you do local marketing, I would love to chat with
Hello,I run a health related site and would like to bounce some ideas with somebody working in the health field preferably running their own business.I'm looking for an honest opinion on some ideas that I have...If you are a massage therapist, acupuncturist or chiropractor I would like to ask you a few questions, if you don't mind. Feel free to PM me or leave a message below and I will get in contact with you.I really appreciate the help,
Can’t believe it’s been 10 years since I was sitting on my bed debating back and forth if I should take the BIG step to become a member of Wealthy Affiliate… For me I can say 10 years later that it was one of THE best decisions I made for my online marketing career. I’ve enjoyed trainings, Webinars but maybe the most important part... the connections with you guys.There are many ways to measure success. My biggest success I would have to say is the time online marketing
If you are relying on organic rankings and traffic, it can be rough in the beginning when you see little results.I just want to share one picture with you and show you what this organic ranking journey can look like…This is one of my sites, that gets 90% of the traffic from Google and other search engines. The site is 2 years and 3 months old, sounds like one of my babies lol.I started out submitting 2 posts weekly. Now I submit 3 – 4 posts, (most of it outsourced content). This is
We focus a lot on comments and helping each other out in that manner here at WA, which is great, how about we bring that to social media…We all focus on different platforms, how about we help each other out with a little tweet, pin, like, share… or what ever it might be called on your favorite platform.This is what I can offer...A tweet to 16K+ followers. This is organic followers that are into online marketing and business. To be as relevant as possible, I will share business / o
November 10, 2016
9 years… Yes, that’s how long I’ve been a member of this great community.My driving force 9 years ago, is the same driving force I have today… My kidsBack then it was just my son, now we have a daughter as well.The kids have been very “involved” in my business. They sat on my lap, the little one still does on occasion, and “helped” with keyword research, website design, content creation… you name it. They are literally growing up along si
Hello,I've been doing my own case study/Amazon associate income report for a while now. They've been a great addition to my site and my readers seem to really enjoy them.Now I'm looking to include a few of you in my next roundup, an Amazon Associate Income Report Roundup. (Income report is when you officially share how much made, usually on a monthly basis.)Do you do income reports based on Amazon associate income?Do you want to be included in the roundup?If you do, please feel free to DM me a
Just created this image for one of my posts, think it has a great message so wanted to share it with you guys!!Keep at it!Have a productive day,Vicky
I`m a big fan of Gary Vaynerchuck, he just tells it as it is.He recently released a new video about "overnight success" or rather the lack of it.If you have not seen it, it`s worth the 8 minutes. language is not for everybody, if you easily get offeneded don`t watch)Have a productive day!Go make it happen,Vicky
November 25, 2014
It is easy to get wrapped up in business mode. How will my website benefit... will my site rank better if I do that... will I get a backlink if I do this... Sometimes it`s good to do things for others just because it will make their day better. Maybe it will inspire them to pass on some ”goodness” their way. This morning I was reading an act of kindness article and thought why not take this online. This will not cost you a thing, it will not take much of your time but it might just make som