Pinterest is an online Scrapbooking program. If you can find an image on the internet, Pinterest will allow you to connect it to your account.

Your account is organized into folders (Pinterest calls them Boards) Each board can have a title and will accept multiple images. Your followers can look at the images, click on them to go to the embedded URL or even, if they like the image, can rePin them on their own boards. If you have a popular image, it can spread quickly throughout the Pinterest user base.

The big drawback of Pinterest is that it is an invitation only site. There are a couple of ways to get around this.

  • You can request an invite on the main page of Pinterest. This will place your request in a Que and in a couple of days you will get an e-mail that will allow you to create an account.
  • You can ask for an invite from a member of WA. This can be done on the Live Chat, via PM to me (Labman) or one of the other connected members. You can also leave a request in the Follow-up Forum for Jay's Pinterest WAbinar. Here is the link for the Forum:
Note: Pinterest has changed the rules. Invitations are no longer necessary

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smokeywins Premium
Great training! I have actually been using it to get more exposure for the craft supplies I have been selling on eBay. Have already had some successful re-pins. I also follow others who re-pin, like, comment on my pin or another pin I had commented on that is not in my list which helps extend my overall reach.
morlandroger Premium
Good stuff Craig. Very clear and to the point.
Malablues Premium
People have already figured out how to scrape Amazon and pin pics with their affiliate links using robots?
Kyle Premium Plus
Yeah, it was bound to happen. That was the first and most obvious "gaming" angle to the system I saw. There is a lot of products on Amazon with a lot of product pictures and a lot of them are cool pictures that people want to share!
morlandroger Premium
Also if you do not add your own Amazon affiliate link then I understand the Pinterest team will add their own for any click throughs.
CathyLou Premium
Thanks for the explanation of how to use Pinterest! I have an account and so far I've just been pinning things with very little idea of what I am trying to accomplish...
Kyle Premium Plus
Great training. Pinterest is a great way to obtain reach.

The key is to host images and to pin images (on your site) that people want to share. The more shares you get, the more followers you have, and ultimately the more reach and traffic you will get from your Pinterest account.

Don't forget to add your affiliate links within your Pins (where necessary)!
PierWalkerSOS Premium
It is true that Pinterest do replace Amazon Affiliate's links with their own links.
If you simply pin a picture, along with your Amazon Associate linked URL, the only ones likely to make any money are Pinterest themselves. And they are making bucket loads of it, I understand!

WA's My-Linker gets round this nicely.

What worries me though is if Pinterest devise a way to replace Amazon bound My-Linker links with their own links. Anyone know if this is feasible or likely to happen?

Good article. Thanks.

I like the new layout, by the way. Much easier to find exactly what I want on WA.
Well done to all involved in the upgrade.