How to Succeed Faster & Better in WA Adventure?

Last Update: April 17, 2018

Hi! My Dear WA members, your proactive support and help are needed for the following three questions, which are from one of WA newbies who asked me but I like more pertinent answers from real experienced members; these three are:

1) As a beginner, what was your strategy which leads you to this success?

In my view, make sure to complete the 6-steps basic training courses by clicking "Get Started Here" button as shown at the second button at left upper corner of your WA profile/bio page. That is the must and essential parts for all who wish to succeed in emarketing adventure.

Besides, I stressed the following points:

  1. religiously implement what we learn from its training courses;

  2. accept WA program is the best of the best of its kind in the world;

  3. need a lot of hard work to plow along its tough road;

  4. expect to see a positive result in 3-12 months if all the implemented is correct.

  5. participate active WA community volunteer work if possible;

  6. just ask if any question or need help arises.
However, I would like to seek those who have gained their real success in online money-making beyond WA ranking alone. So, please offer more pertinent support and help to the newcommer.

2) And what would you suggest me that whether I should take a start with Wealthy Affiliate Promotions Niche or any other Niche?

Through the WA training, you will easily find how to promote WA niche and other personal preferred niches through niche search as instrusted in the training courses. Of note, there would be no instant thing to succeed, but the steps provided inside WA training are the fastest way to materialize such a dream, that is, emarketing adventure. For more details, go through "Affiliate Bootcamp" training as shown on the left side of your profile page.

In addition to the above, I would appreciate any real WA successful members offering realistic advice to the newbie, who would apprecaite your timely heling hands.

3) At this level, what would be more effective for me SEO marketing or PPC marketing?

As suggested and taught in WA training, the keys to attract SEO success are proper use of keys words and quality content creation, which are clearly delineated. Despite its unparalleled teaching, training and practicing are the ways to make an online business success possible. PPC marketing is doable but may not be for beginners who do not make money to sustain such an expense.

Here, I would like to ask those, who have had their real monetary success, to extend their effective practice to succeed in e-marketing.

All together, I hope all pertinent answers to the above questions may provide what this newvie needs.

I appreciate all needed comments and suggestions will timely emege to meet his need.

If you like this form of post and inquiry, please say so.

All the best to success,


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dchapman3 Premium
I have been with WA for almost 3 months. I believe that the newbies tend to bite off more than they should at this stage.

I developed my 1st niche site as I went through the certification training. After I completed that I felt obligated to start my 2nd niche website. More is better, right? (wrong!)

That was a mistake, I should have just continued to focus on the 1st site and get it more mature.

I am now about half way through Bootcamp and it has reminded me of things I had already forgotten and has help me develop my affiliate niche website.

My 1st site and my 3rd site (affiliate site) are now gaining momentum and they have the best results in analytics.

My main focus now are these 2 sites with minimal focus on the 2nd site.

This is my lesson learned and maybe it will help the other newbies.

Learn from my mistakes and don't fall into the dame traps.
CJardin Premium
Hi James! Excellent post for those still pondering on ideas. This is where I was when I started back in July 2017, "Where do I begin on this journey?" 7 months later, and with patience, begin with "Get Started Here". If you have a niche idea already in mind - great! Start it here with your first website. If not, I can relate to this, and start with a WA promotion site. If you decide to take off with this option, take off with the "Affiliate Bootcamp" Lessons 1-10. The first few lessons are the same as "Get Started Here" and will take you to new topics that will be important to follow as you build your WA site. Reviewing other WA sites helps to set you apart from the rest by writing content that has a relationship with your WA niche site. Once you have your site ready, introduce yourself to VIDEO lessons. That is one area still on the bucket list for me. Reach out to "Virool" and perhaps they can help to bring in an audience.
Joyce122 Premium
Great post! and I know you will get some great advice. I've been at this since June 2017 and to be honest I really procrastinated alot! This became a second job for me that took the backseat and I think with that being said shows my progress. I guess I'm not in any hurry, and this is all such a learning process, and i'm enjoying the teachings and the creations of my website. I wish you the best of luck, and if I can be any help please let me know...

All the best!

Sam-and-Dave Premium
Very helpful, as a newbie i appreciate this post and thorough answers very much.
JerryMcCoy Premium
Follow and apply the training
Find what you are passionate about and write quality content.
I would use SEO instead of PPC since SEO is free.