Amazon does not take Paypal

Last Update: May 07, 2017

I was quite surprised to learn that Amazon does not take Paypal as a payment method. They want actual credit cards. There are a couple of books I want to buy and also a drone for my drone niche with money I have accumulated in my Paypal account only to be stopped in my tracks when I wanted to pay.

I found this very surprising.

This means I have to make other plans. I haven't linked my Paypal account to my bank account yet. It is a little bit of a mission if you do not have a US bank account. One bank in South Africa offers the facility to link to Paypal but two attempts last year were fruitless. Maybe I need to give a shot once again and walk into the branch.

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kasage00 Premium
I don't think Amazon ever took paypal. I know it is an inconvenience. Amazon may take it in the future, to compete with ebay.
CowboyJames Premium
Don't you have a Pay pal debit card? they should take that.
I know that will not pay affiliates to their pay pal accounts.
Noteboom Premium
I would newer use debit card on the internet for security reason. I think Amazon have newer had Paypal like you said and that is very bad because normally I don´t buy from a company which not have Paypal, even so I have done that with Amazon.
tyrellch Premium
I also noticed that bit of them not paying into a PayPal account.My affiliate returns are still far from redeemable, but I will.need to have a plan when they do.
bigrog44 Premium
Amazon does not take PayPal.
HarveyBrown Premium
That is an inconvenience Tyrell, but I think hotels operate in a similar manner.
tyrellch Premium
I get hotels and other brick and mortar businesses. I had presumed Amazon to be a largely online business hence my shock.
Simobrat Premium
PayPal are owned by Ebay - arch rival of Amazon. I guess you can now see why they don't work with that payment system.

Too bad indeed though, as I also love paying through PayPal.

Cheers and Gos bless,
tyrellch Premium
I didn't know that, that makes a little more sense now. Thanks Simon.