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November 02, 2017
My daughter is in final year of high school and we have started looking for universities for next year. One of her desires is to get a sports scholarship and study abroad, mainly in the USA or Canada.She has been researching various colleges and universities. She then found this scholarship agency and we were invited to a introductory interview two weeks ago. They are affiliated to several universities which pay them a commission on successful placement of students either in full tuition, parti
September 26, 2017
Today I happened to scroll to the bottom of a web page and read the privacy policy or disclaimer and it reads as below. Apologies had to use an image so that it's not duplicate content, assuming that's the right thing to doYou got to love this guy's confidence. He is a successful entrepreneur who gives how to entrepreneurship content for free. I mean he gives the most practical advise from the first sentence each video, no marketing hype before or after. I can say so with confidence as I have s
I have a construction business which I created a site for. I revamped it on joining WA. I do property renovations, also known as remodeling or rehabilitation, for clients. I cover from floor to ceiling being tiles, kitchen cupboards, bathrooms and ceilings. I have a network of professionals and subcontractors I use for this. This is step 1 of 4 in my 15 year plan to become a property developer.On the side I have managed to bring a group of my peers to form a property investment club where we br
So yesterday I rewarded myself for all the hard work over the weekend creating new products for a group initiative I am working on with some episodes of Marco Polo Season 1. Little did I know that I would be paid back with some profound lessons.One Hundred EyesThe blind kung fu master One Hundred Eyes asks Marco during a training session what he will describe Kung Fu as when he is back in the West. Without waiting for an answer he then defines it as he delivered blow after blow at the inexperie
Vertical Drone GarageIn preparation for the drone delivery of goods, Amazon is planning to build multi-level fulfilment centre specifically for this. The warehouses will be built like bird cages, built upwards rather than the traditional warehouse building which go sideways. This enables the warehouses to exist in already built up and populated areas without needing additional ground real estate. WarehouseFinally the name Amazon is coming to life as th
July 19, 2017
WA key to happinessIf you want happiness for an hour - take a napIf you want happiness for a day - go fishingIf you want happiness for a month - get marriedIf you want happiness for a year - inherit a fortuneIf you want happiness for a lifetime - help others - CHINESE PROVERBBe happy friends
I just finished a workshop on servant leadership for work. It was very insightful. It questioned my assumptions, highlighted my fears, withdrawal and defense tactics. It then provided some tools on how to intervene and deal with self before dealing with others.Servant leadership definitionThe great leader is seen as servant first - Robert K. GreenleafRobert Greenleaf titled his pioneering seminar "The servant as leader" as opposed to "The leader as servant." This was to emphasize the new parad
Uber is the gift that keeps on giving. Now truckers have been added to the very successful service offering. This comes as a separate app. This service helps carriers and drivers see available loads, how much they will get paid and settlement within 7 days. This means more flexible and available business.It will give small players a leg into the business and a chance at expanding from business rather than be chocked by cash flow or big competitors.Although with trucking over long distances the
Time flies when you are having fun indeed. It's been 12 great months since I upgraded to Premium at WA.I have not been online much the last couple of months, almost missed the anniversary, which happens to be my 44th birthday. It is actually the only reason I remembered. I was just taking stock of the past year and looking ahead to the next when I recalled giving myself a birthday present of going premium.It's been a great year of learning and growing. First six month at WA was on steroids, lea
I was quite surprised to learn that Amazon does not take Paypal as a payment method. They want actual credit cards. There are a couple of books I want to buy and also a drone for my drone niche with money I have accumulated in my Paypal account only to be stopped in my tracks when I wanted to pay.I found this very surprising. This means I have to make other plans. I haven't linked my Paypal account to my bank account yet. It is a little bit of a mission if you do not have a US bank account. One