The Right Words Just In A Different Order

Last Update: Feb 19, 2021

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So, do we think that having the right words but in a different order is a good or a bad thing? I suppose it depends on the context and probably a few other things that I am unaware of, something to do with copyright and intellectual property, maybe.

Who knows? It's a red herring anyway (Do red herrings even exist?) So many questions.

I have lost my thread because I have just noticed a huge splodge of candle wax on my jumper.

Normally I wouldn't be that bothered, I am not a 'dedicated follower of fashion' but this one is relatively new and I have enjoyed wearing it of late.

Sad but true, being a creature of habit and a lifelong subscriber to 'OCD weekly', I am comfortable in the same clothes day in day out and I had grown rather attached to this one.

I do have duplicates of certain clothes, so they never get worn more than once before being washed, just in case you were wondering. I only wear this jumper in the evenings, post bathing. I digress.

Shall we get back to the matter at hand? I was leafing through one of my notebooks and found a passage that I wanted to share with you. It's not possible for us to read or listen to every piece of literature or watch every video, so I like to pass on the occasional snippet, in the hope that someone gets as much pleasure from it as I did.

In this instance, it was a video. I had no idea of who was speaking but I caught a line or two and thought that the words were worth writing down.

Before adding them to this post I decided to double-check that I had them verbatim, if you're going to quote someone you may as well be accurate.

After finding what I thought was the original recording, I began playing it and reading through my notes, it was then that I realised that the version I was listening to wasn't the same as the one I had written down

I was befuddled. I checked the YouTube transcript and found that the recording I had first made a note of had been coupled together with some other literature. Now you can relate to the start of this post.

At what point does one become the other? I mean how much of the original text needs to be present for it to remain 'original' or is it just a case of adding a sentence or two and you're good to go with your own piece?

Anyway, I'm just thinking aloud. Let's get to it. In the end, I found the right clip, it was from Joe Rogan's podcast and the author of the following was Guy Ritchie. This is just a short extract for you to mull over or discard, as is your right.

"if you don't own something you're not the boss, you have to take full responsibility for everything that you do. Why be subservient you must be the master of your own kingdom.

You've gotta own that, you can't just walk into things with your eyes half-open, you're walking into things with your eyes fully open you've got to know what you're getting into. You have to take possession of your life.

This is a thought process you have to constantly reaffirm, there's something I did. You drift on this point, right? It is whatever form of meditation or mantra that you decide to espouse.

There needs to be some period in your day where you remember that there's a world out there trying to tell you who you are and a world in here, that's trying to tell you who you are.

Now, where do you want to put your 'X'? Because the world outside is very noisy and very tempting."

There we have it, thoughts for a Friday evening. Have an outstanding weekend my friends.

Twack Romero.

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Nice post, lots of food for thought.
I think we all own something, even if it's
an old favourite shirt, or a pair of runners
that we wear day in and day out.
Which make us all a boss in some way or another.
I know it's much deeper than that, but ownership is ownership.

Thank you MelB and you are absolutely right. There's something very reassuring about a 'favourite' anything, it gives us certainty, which according to Mr Robbins, is one of the six human needs.

I came by looking for Twack because I miss you, and I don't want to miss you. I'd be crying.
That was a very good post, especially with the piano reference down below, and I agree with you that you would have to be well accomplished to pull off the stunt of notes, just in a different order.

And Twack is accomplished in playing with words to make music that affects the reader's heart.
You poke fun with words, and flip them around like water. You are a Boss of words.

I'm going to quote myself from down below V, where Alex Evans was talking about being in the flow, where inside meets outside and both are in harmony.
And I say,"Inside=Outside= Con grYOU ency.
The YOU must be in the middle, or the whole equation falls apart."

You cracked me up with OCD Weekly, Ha ha ha! I'm guilty too.

And, I must have said somewhere along,"I hate camping!" And then that is kind of how I have to live all the time.

A French Proverb said, The road you take (or merely dislike, be careful what you say), again:
The road you take to avoid destiny is the most likely one where destiny will find you.

The unfashionable look of O.C.D., (over crowded disarray) will become clearer, when we find that things are not the most important thing about living.
And you can't take them with you when you are done with the earth, or it is done with you. Nope, they stay there.

But we got the opportunity to build magnificent sand castles, and play with the other albeit large "children" while we were here, and learn and pursue many things.
What is the thing you would LOVE
to do in life, even if you were NOT paid for it?

You would still, religiously go ahead and do it? And then, Dr. John DeMartini said, How do you get handsomely, beautifully paid for doing what you already love to do.

Then Suzay says,
OCD was just a distraction. It falls into place, and no longer sticks out like a needy sore thumb.
(Over Crowded Disarray) will without much thought, or a stance against it, with ease and kind of naturally now be put away.

ALL the best to you my special one-of-a-kind-broke-the-mold friend, Twack,
*Don't forget me. because I and a few dozen others can't forget you either.
**Be sure and take the time for connection.
Here, let's quote part of DivineGood's, Elizabeth's recent post on 10 Commandments.
"4. All things in life are temporary. If it’s going well, enjoy it, that won't last long.
If it’s going badly, don't worry, that won't last long either.

5. Old friends are gold! New friends are diamond! If you get a diamond, don't forget the gold!
Because to hold a diamond, you always need a base of gold!"
***Pay attention to 5

Fret not Suzay, number 5 is etched into my mind. I have my list and will be attending to it before the timer runs out in five days time.
How could I not stay connected? I would be remiss to do otherwise as you are a friend and I do not take that lightly and treat all that extend their hand to me with the deference deserving of one who values friendship above all else.
Anyway, thank you for your kind and insightful words, I love the French proverb and the commandments.
You are also the 'Boss' of words, you have filled the table, buffet style, with enough to nourish all who are lucky enough dine here.

As for the 'one thing', that's not an easy one. I used to have an ambition to own a car beaker's yard where I could spend my days taking cars apart, cleaning and labelling the parts and then filling up shelves, all neat and tidy.
Apart from my new found love of writing, I have to say that I enjoy 'fixing' things, whether that's cars, computers, mobile phones or anything else that can be saved from the bin.
My payment is seeing the look on people's faces when you hand whatever it was back to them and being able to say, "No, you don't owe me anything, I'm just happy I could help"

Like you, Love you Twack,
Suzay, and have a great Twack of a day!


Normally we all believe we are masters of our own Kingdoms. It is simple to tell ourselves we are the master of our domain etc. It is not until we attempt to make changes that maybe we realize someone else is the master and we have a partial say (sometimes not even that). I believe a lot of people all over the world have just realized how little control they actually of their own lives.

The world at large has just woken up and it will be interesting to see where this new awareness leads.


Nicely surmised Alex. It must be quite a shock for some when they realise that.
For many, they have had the carpet pulled from under their feet and with no warning and no way to continue to do whatever they were doing, which must be a rude awakening to say the very least.

It is a rude awakening. It happened to me in 2016. My career in the oil field ended and there was nothing else to take its place.

I am glad I found WA and purpose.

Still working on it.


Finding the 'purpose' is key, without it we tend to overlook opportunity.

Drat! Just wrote an answer and then lost it. Must not have been true.

Yep, take possession of your life...that's what I've been doing of late, with my remodel job, which is important because it will give me a better office space for my business...more room to spread out and to file things. More shelves. It will be good.

Now my cat is demanding dinner. Gotta go.

Cats are demanding, Fran. Sending you much love,

Yes, it must be quite exciting for you at the moment with all the changes afoot, not to mention your plans for another person moving in.

Excitement, but keeping me 'way too busy.

Yes Fran now I'm going around singing "Cats are demanding, without understanding.. I saw the light, I saw the light. Love you Fran,

The time spent now will pay dividends in the future.

It better! I should have lots of dividends coming.


Good post Twack.
I like to think I am master of my kingdom, intil the 3 year old swaggers in and says 'I'M the BOSS!'
Ahh, the world 'out there' can think and say what they like, it does not affect me, for I am happy as I am. Lol.

Thank you, Linda, it makes me wonder if I'm not more of a caretaker of my kingdom with others wearing the crown as and when they need to, like a timeshare.
Being happy with yourself is way cool and many times overlooked, I'm not there yet but it will come, of that I am sure.

That's okay, to be caretaker, if you are happy with it.If not, take back the crown as rightfully yours.
It will come Twack.
I have been listening to videos from a healing summit. Some are just bleurgh to me but others are bringing on amazing light bulb moments. Its called Hay House Heal Summit.
Some of it might interest you. Stuff from Dr Joe Dispenza, Jim Kwik and loads more. Each set of videos is up for 24 hours only and its free.

Don't worry, I'll wear it when the time is right and it will only be right when I can create a kingdom that looks after its subjects, well.
Thanks for the tip, I'll check it out, I don't think I've watched anything solely with Joe Dispenza in.

Edit: After being reminded of who he is I remember watching him being interviewed by Lewis Howes and it was well worth the time.

I saw that one too. He was the day before yesterday unfortunately. Yesterdays are still there for a few more hours. It goes on with 4 new ones each day till 22nd, I think.

I'll check and see what's left, Jim Kwik is still on replay.

Once you join it they send a reminder with each new days selection. Have fun.

Thanking you most kindly🙏.

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