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So, do we think that having the right words but in a different order is a good or a bad thing? I suppose it depends on the context and probably a few other things that I am unaware of, something to do with copyright and intellectual property, maybe.Who knows? It's a red herring anyway (Do red herrings even exist?) So many questions.I have lost my thread because I have just noticed a huge splodge of candle wax on my jumper. Normally I wouldn't be that bothered, I am not a 'dedicated follower of
February 16, 2021
'Don't scroll, digest' could be a metaphor for life in general, in this instance it's not but it could be.Maybe the more relevant line would be something like 'Stop and smell the roses' which is a more common adage. Interestingly, at least to me, is the fact that this was the paraphrased version of a line taken from the golfer Walter Hagen's autobiography.The original line was: “Don’t hurry. Don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way.”There, now we've al
Now I could be forgiven for starting this post by celebrating the fact that it is my 550th post here at WA but I've gone with "Are You A Rockstar" first because I felt that this post, in particular, needed to have more substance.This has been mulling, rather, I have been mulling this over for a couple of days, allowing my brain some 'downtime' in between all the other stuff that's going on, don't worry I won't bore you with the details, yet.It's an analogy, obviously, but the more I thought abo
(Coda) Hardly the 'Thinker' now is it, the image that is. However, I actually do trust my inner wisdom and intuition but it doesn't always mean that I am right.Oh, this is just a such a natural segue, it seems a shame to waste it but I have to. We should have 'coda's' in our punctuation and thus when the time is right you would return to the above line and everything would make sense.Well, I've added one, just for good measure but rather than you finding the symbol that sends you back, I will j
February 09, 2021
Thirty-six (actually closer to forty now, my bad) and a half hours ago I sat down at my desk ready to start work on '10 Rules of Success, For Now', needless to say, I was somewhat remiss in my ability to see that one through.Retrieving a couple of boxes turned into gutting one half of the room and sorting an unquantifiable amount of 'stuff' in the process.Still, I'm here now and there will be no excuses this time around.I quite often listen to YouTube videos whilst carrying out other work, my a
I have found that It is far easier to hang on to things than it is to let them go, for most of us anyway. So I was surprised that I could be as ruthless as I was when it came to cleaning my own house.Of course, we're not talking about the bricks and mortar one, I was being metaphorical and using the phrase to describe my current situation, although the parallels are not lost on me.It would probably be more apt if I was to say 'moving house' I think. You know It's not until you come to pack that
January 29, 2021
Good afternoon everyone (it's the afternoon where I am) unbelievably, I have just had the notification come through to say that I have been here for two years, I even have the little badge to prove it, on my profile.Where does the time go? Actually, before anymore, I have to say that my milestone has been obliterated today and a couple of days ago by both Denis (@DBlanchard) and Jessica (@Swangirl) who have reached the monumental tenure of five years apiece.So, back to me, two years and I have
January 24, 2021
I'm not sure whether it's the child in me or the fact that it justifies me staying indoors but when a blanket of snow descends, the way it makes me feel never gets old. There's a sense of being stranded, cast adrift.When this happens, it allows the opportunity for us to do those things we've been putting off, either consciously or unconsciously, though the latter might be harder to find.So, as we were walking the dogs this morning sometime around six-thirty, there was a slight amount of precipi
January 22, 2021
"A Freudian slip is when you say one thing but mean your mother." How's that for an opener? I was unhappy with the title and cover image, so this is a last minute amendment. The original opening paragraph starts below.OK, we've got some stuff to get through today, so, plucking a line from a previous post, 'buckle up buttercup' it's going to get bumpy.As I am writing this there is no title, which, for those who have followed my posts over the last couple of years, is nothing new, obviously, it w
I think there are probably more than 8 points to keep in mind when striving for online success but I thought I would keep it relatively concise, too many and eyes will start to glaze over if they haven't already.I seem to have taken on board a lot of information of late, mainly in the form of videos, though I haven't watched them, just had the audio coming through my headphones whilst working on other things.It's a good exercise, not sure what in though, to be writing whilst listening to someth