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It's true. Sharing is caring, it's official. After seven words, you're already thinking I'm going to be giving you the spiel about 'Follow Me On' and all the stuff about connecting with each other on the other platforms. Well, I'm not.In truth, that particular theme is wroth mentioning again and again. Each time, there is a chance someone will take action and make the extra effort to connect. It never gets old. Evergreen advice. It just keeps on giving.In actual fact, I just need to write. The
It is true that I am a 'Spaghetti Western' fan, so it did hurt to have to butcher a film title, that is close to my heart. Over it now though. Before we actually get to 'Site comments, the good, the better and the outstanding' there's something else. My normal routine dictates that I would be working on my WA each morning (which I am, though it might not be obvious). To be published forthwith for your appraisal, while I am away from my desk, collecting audio data for my upcoming 'fly on the wal
This is a sort of 'follow up' from yesterday's post, 'Work-Life Balance. Lol' as it links in nicely with some of what we covered, especially in the comments. In fact one of the things that stood out in a couple of them, was that some were guilty of not spending enough time on their site, or sites. Worth exploring, methinks.I do have an ulterior motive though, might as well come clean. I remembered that I had a post sat in the template folder that connected with this subject. I think I wrote so
February 23, 2020
Work-life balance. It just made me laugh when I wrote it down. I never actually know how to write 'lol' properly. It looks better when it's all in lower case but punctuation makes we want to add that capital. I could go with the artistic license but then again it would still 'grate' me.It's actually ironic, as I'm sat here typing and my tea is just to my left, untouched. Still, I need to get something down before it leaves me. The thoughts, not my tea.Is it elusive ? Trying to find that balance
Short one today my friends, time has not been my friend over the last couple of days. Frantic is an understatement.Let's see if we can't use some thread and stitch together something worthy or a thought or two. Shall I first explain the title. Was 'Scalextric' my limiting belief ? That really is the question but that's only one part of it.Finding a succinct and accurate definition, isn't that easy. You could say that it's self-explanatory, which it is really.Something that we 'believe' (even th
"Are you busy ?" has to be up there, in the top three. How about "I'm not interrupting, am I ?"Or maybe "Have you got a minute ?" yet it's never a minute, is it ? I also like "Are you doing anything important this afternoon ?""When you've got a minute, will be fine, I just need to get this done by....""Are you in the middle of something ?""I don't suppose you mind if...""I'm not disturbing you, am I?"I think you might have got the point. You probably have your own list of favourites, when it co
This has been bubbling away on a low heat, for a while now. It's a neutral 'thingamabob' and really is a question, rather than a statement based on the negative inflection of the question. So difficult sometimes when you're trying to convey a thought or feeling through the medium of text (and a major lack of emoji's that the younger ones seem so adept at utilising.) Could we be doing more ? Blogging is hard enough as it is, even when we've been doing it for a while. Imagine what it's like for t
I knew there was something in the air this morning when I woke up. In fact, in might have been that that woke me up. 5am I tell you, twenty minutes before the alarm. I didn't realise it at first but the feel of the day made me think. Today is the fiftieth day of the year and to mark the occasion, the 'Metal Pecker' is back.Anyway, before we get to that, I just wanted to say 'awesome' to all those who have continued with whatever they decided to start back at the beginning of the year. If you're
'I'm up to date and the date's today' No really I am. For the first time in about a week, I am fully on top of things. Not really sure how that has happened but I won't be looking into the mouths of any gift horses. Does that idiom even make sense ? I think we use it but it has the wrong meaning for what we're trying to say. Who knows ? Who cares ? Not me, if the point is well-made and the meaning is understood, then it's all good.I found a few paragraphs in my 'blog' templates folder and thoug
February 17, 2020
'In Search Of The Lost Chord' is the title of an album by The Moody Blues, just in case you didn't know. I suspect many of you did. It amazes me that it was released over fifty years ago in 1968. A group that had a lot more to offer than just 'Knights In White Satin' which most of us know.Today we're going to try an exercise of 'Let's see where this goes'. I don't very often have the chance to play this game. In fact, apart from the articles for the 'random' site, it must be at least six months