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You'd think I'd have learnt my lesson by now, I know I'm not a seasoned warrior of the online world but even so, this was a rookie mistake. I even said 'It's fine, I'll do it later' in my head.I am sure that part of the reason they use sand in those egg timers is due to 'them' being ironic, by that I mean because of the way sand just falls through your fingers and it's difficult to hold onto.I know why this has happened and this is one level up on the 'daftometer'. Complacency, I'm telling you.
July 02, 2020
'Suck it up buttercup' has to be in my top five of phrases and yet I have little opportunity to use it, which is a shame.Not sure if I entirely agree with the Urban Dictionaries definition though I do get where they are coming from."One of the best things you can say to someone who has dug themselves a nice, deep hole, and has fallen right into it."I suppose it depends on who you are and in the context of the conversation. I have a tendency to use it when someone is moaning about something they
It's true, well at least the first part. Rice is nice (I was always told that 'nice' is a wishy-washy word). 'The wetter the better', well I'm not sure about that, maybe in a risotto.Still, not the point. The point will come, after I've prevaricated a while. 'When inspiration strikes' is a common enough phrase and yet I'm not sure that it strikes all that often. It's like waiting the kettle to boil, sort of. I mean if you need inspiration, then it is not always obliging.Some like to commune wit
June 30, 2020
How cool is that ? I'm not even sure what possessed me. That said, it was a 'rabbit hole' that I was happy to go down.It's another reminder of how awesome Canva is. I know I've mentioned it recently but somethings are worth mentioning again and again, so I'm beating this drum a little longer and louder than usual.The whole 'Traffic is the answer, now what's the question ?' came to me this morning, mainly because I have been looking at ways and means to obtain 'traffic' over the last week or so.
Actually, I was just thinking, after I had written 'You can't have them all', that you probably can. Certainly if the price is right and you are able to justify it.What am I on about ? Software, programs and the like. Why is it, that when you buy one, suddenly you are inundated with offers better than the one you just bought.I mean, I get it, from a sales perspective. It would make no sense to put out the best deal right at the beginning because every subsequent offer wouldn't be as good.Even s
Well, if you needed a reason to shake up a Sunday afternoon (it is here anyway) I thought it could be time for another party to celebrate 250 days as ambassador.In actually fact, it's 253 days, I missed it. No idea what I was thinking about, I even checked a few days before. Still, better late than never, as they say.I have said before that I never used to celebrate these milestones, it's not really my thang, then a member friend (@HeidiAnders3) changed my way of looking at things. From that mo
That's what today has felt like 'Study Saturday'. Was it also the same for all of us, when we were young, not being allowed out until you had finished all of your work or chores ? "Once you have done your homework, then you can go out and play" Sad but true.Spending a number of years in a boarding school didn't help my cause either. 'Prep time' was a daily ritual and one that couldn't be bypassed. Tales for another day, I fear.I have halted all things to come here and write. I was starting to g
After the last couple of days, it's no wonder I thought it was Thursday. It does seem to be happening more often these days though.I was only reminded of the fact when I could hear the bin lorry making it's way up the road, even then I had to double-check and ask my wife if it was Friday.So then, a day lost this week. You have to take the rough with the smooth, it also happens the other way round, where you gain a day.I finished yesterday's 'Aww, Snap Error Out Of Memory' post early because I
Come on, who's not had one of those ? 'Aw, Snap! Something went wrong. Error Out of memory.' Or something worded slightly differently maybe.If memory serves me well enough, that was the repeated message I was getting yesterday. Mr. G was having a few issues, or at least the browser was.I was either getting one of those messages or the page I was on would just freeze. Now, I had already done all of the usual suspects. Deleting the most recent 'extension' addition and 'cleaning' all possible area
June 24, 2020
When something is too good not to mention, we have a tendency not to mention it. We don't do this on purpose, it just that we get distracted and before you know it, it's gone from the font of your mind and has been thrown, headlong into the bubbling cauldron of the sub-conscious.So, just now I made the decision to just write in the hope that I manage to get it all down before I forget.Unusually, I was on top of things this morning, and then I hit a diversion, now I'm trying to find out where I