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October 19, 2020
That's right, it's my one year 'Ambassiversary'. Actually, today is my 366th day as Ambassador, I just didn't get chance to post yesterday and I'm up against it today but as long as I get his done in the next 45 minutes, we're 'golden' as they say.When I first hit the top twenty-five I did so at number 25 and if I remember correctly, I'm not sure that I posted straightaway, I had a feeling that I would 'jinx' it and fall back the very next day, luckily I managed to hang on.It's been an honour t
I've gone for 'And Now For Something Completely Different' because I haven't been able to make my mind up about the subject matter for this post.This is the fourth attempt at writing this, the previous three are now lying on the editing room's floor. That's what happens when you no longer post every day, you get a bottleneck of ideas and are left with too many to choose from.It is true to say that I am feeling somewhat 'unfulfilled'. From the outside looking in, dare I say it, there would be th
Trying to find a title that courts your curiosity is never easy, especially when you're passing on important information. Anyway, 'Don't Open That Email But Then What ?' was the best I could come up with at short notice.Straight the point, I thought I would do a 'follow up' to 'Wham Bam, Thank You Scam' as a number of members have raised an interesting point.This was also prompted by Keisha's (@Keishalina9) post Bamboozle? which is another excellent reminder that we need to be hyper-vigilant wh
October 12, 2020
Sorry, 'wham bam, thank scam' was the best I could come up with. It's getting close to pumpkin time but I wanted to bring your attention to this little gem before tomorrow, as I will be otherwise engaged for a wee while.Whenever I get these demands for money, after a fictitious transgression, it still sends a sliver of subservience coursing through my veins.After receiving punishments at school, it was customary to thank the deracinator of the flesh, a sign of respect no doubt and an opportunit
Not what I had in mind for a post but then I am sure you understand how it goes when you start playing around with your websites, luckily and I mean very luckily, my site shenanigans are sorted with satisfactory solutions, at least for now. Now, if you've read the title and thought 'Nah, not today my friend', then it won't matter what I write here, as you'll be somewhere else, well, I'm afraid you'll be missing out on some top tips.I say 'top tips', you may already be aware of these and in whic
October 08, 2020
Ha, this one was easy. Want to know the truth about Amazon Associates ? There, title in the first line and it doesn't sound forced or false.I was also thinking of going with "You can't handle the truth" boy, that was such a good film. I'm assuming that everyone knows that line, delivered by Jack Nicholson, yes?. OK, there might be a few that for some reason have never heard it before, or if you have, you're not sure where it came from."A Few Good Men" Starring the aforementioned 'uberthespian'
That's right, more free logo's and this time they are free, unlike the last lot I mentioned. Even though I 'snipped' them, it would have been wrong to use them, I suppose.Can anyone remember who provided the last logo service ? It's taken me a while but I think it was Wix. To be fair, they did a half decent job but did want you to dip into your pockets for the pleasure of actually using them.Well ,fear not, after a great deal of research and calling in a few 'markers', I have yet another opport
Straight away I'm picturing Kenneth Williams saying "Ooo, I've been compromised. Sigh, he's the one from the 'Carry On' films, just in case you didn't know.Anyway, this is only a quickie (oh my, he's there again) and in some respects this is actually a serious matter, no really, it is.I should take it more seriously. A while back, probably two months ago, I had a pop-up appear while I was logging into my bank. Here it is below.Now, when I checked, it turned out that six of my passwords might be
As I embrace the 'short post' I can think of no better way of initiating myself than by passing on something that caused me to say 'Now that's what I call value'.It's been a long day and I find myself on the first step of the stairs that leads to the 'Land of nod', yet, at the same time I'm inextricably drawn back to my desk to pen just a few words.As if, it's just not in me. Why use one word when you can use many. Surely the art of engagement is being able to keep the reader reading, even when
October 02, 2020
I could just leave you with the picture, it's one of the best images that came up when I searched for the word 'fail'. I am also sure that there are more than 6 reasons why people fail, so feel free to add to the list.This isn't a transcript but rather from some notes I made whilst watching a video the other day. As much as the 'Guru's' get a bad rap, there are a few that are committed to giving value, as well as trying to hawk their products.I'm a relatively new addition to this particular gen