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Persistence is that you just keep knocking on that door. It opens, happy days, until the owner tells you to 'do one'. On to the next and the next and the next, some never even open, just a twitch at the curtains and a bark behind the letterbox. Hey ho.Persistence, it's not one of the BIG words, like despair, secret, finally, success and so on and so on. Words that carry weight but also mystery. 'I am in despair,''The secret I've been keeping,''Finally it's happened,''Success is here at last.'Pe
Have you ever seen a Guru dab ? Now that's enlightenment. No other way I could think of to put it. I warn you now, I have a rough outline on this but there is a distinct possibility that things might go off course. It's about time, in my opinion. I have been slightly staid of late. Reasons ? Well, that will be for another time, for now let's get it on.There always seems to be a few days when everyone touches on the same subjects with their blogs. Maybe because one post has triggered the same th
Marty has left the building. He has gone to pastures new and I'm at peace with that. 'Prom' had been his last engagement so it went out on a high note.OK, I'm on a time budget here as it has been one of 'those' days, bringing to a close (maybe) a hectic ten days or so. 'Marty', if you didn't know was my 1994 XJ40 Jaguar. I saved him from the pneumatic 'squasher' a couple of years ago and since then I have 'played' with him a little bit. No need to go into the details, let's just say, he was not
July 14, 2019
No, I'm not selling rubbish. I am a rubbish salesman, nothing else to say, thanks for reading.... Seriously though, I truly am. I am a sales managers' nightmare. I should have cottoned on a long time ago.I mean, there are plenty of different types of selling but all the ones I've come across so far, well, I'm pretty poor (without the 'r') at. I shall try to explain and maybe you can give me some pointers.I shared some quality time with a guy, Tony, some thirty odd years ago. We were 'tight' as
"Jimmy, you just have to believe. Deep inside, in your heart.""If I believe Mom, will it really happen, I mean really ?""Yes it will. If you believe Jimmy, if you really believe."That's where you have to take yourself. You have to strip everything away and go back to when you were a child. That way, you'll truly be able to believe.You see, when we were children, there were no 'layers of life' upon us. It was just the nucleus of life. We saw everything for what it was, with no bias or agenda, th
'It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me and I'm feeling good.' Great lyrics and first sung by Cy Grant in 1964. Why am I quoting them here ? Well, when you have the seven traits of a champion, that's how you'll feel every day. Guess what ? No purchase necessary and no previous experience required. You can start immediately.As those who have been following my posts (at least those who are still talking to me and not just to themselves) are aware, I have spent an inordinate amoun
July 11, 2019
I've been played and I'm just not sure if it was planned. There seems to be a standing joke within our household. No one tells me anything. That's right, laugh, why don't you. I normally query certain events that just 'pop up' with a "I don't remember you telling me about this" which is inevitably followed by "I'm sure I did, maybe you just didn't hear me" Right there is the 'double whammy' The 'sure' is not a definite but does make one feel as though it should be. Then you have the follow up o
Who's bursting your bubble ? Well ? A friend, family member or some random person that decided you needed to hear what they had to say ? I may well interchange bubble and balloon, the metaphor still stands.Remember when you were young and you were given a balloon to play with. Such joy it bought you, simple pleasures. Then someone came along and thought it would be fun to pop it for you. Then all the delight was theirs. They enjoyed your misery. Sad but true.Guess what ? Those that enjoyed infl
Now, I'm sure there are those of you out there that are reading this and thinking 'surely not.' Well, it is official, I'm feeling blue, just not in the way it may first appear. Let's be honest, what are the chances or me ever being 'blue'. I suppose it could happen, if I 'Smurphomorphotised' overnight.No, it's not going to happen. Why ? well because I really don't see the point and as it's up to me, then I choose not to be 'blue' ever, thank you. On with tale of why the 'blueness'Sometimes the
"I don't like you" He didn't look at me as he spoke, his eyes were cast down.I leaned back, put my arms out to the side, stretched, resumed my position and said nothing."I said, I don't like you" I remained silent, intent on reading the Newspaper. Still said nothing."Did you hear what I said ?" "Yes" I replied."I said, I don't like you, at all""Me replying 'Yes' to your question negates the need for you to repeat it, unless, of course, you didn't understand my reply. Did you understand my reply