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This is indeed a note to self. Comments, comments and likes will act as a reminder to myself, now that I have it down in black and white. I'm sure I've read something recently about declaring something publicly is a way of making sure you follow through. Has someone blogged about it ? Not sure, it will come to me.I know I talked about some memory stuff a post or two back and last night I had one of those events. I take a 'win' wherever I can, why not, if it makes you feel good, however fleetin
Life doesn't always go according to plan. 'Stuff' happens and we have to grind it out. There are plenty of idioms out there that describe those little bumps in the road, those life blips.Expect the unexpected, best laid plans go to waste, so on and so forth.So the day starts and you have all good intentions of getting stuck into your work. You have a good work ethic, a routine that you adhere to and plenty to be getting on with. However, today, you're just not 'feeling it'. This isn't procrasti
September 17, 2019
'Can we fix it ? Yes we can.' Ah yes, infamous words from a children's TV show no less. 'Bob The Builder' How I used to love watching the animated antics of Bob, Wendy, Pilchard the Cat, Scoop, Muck and Dizzy, to name but a few of the 'Can-do Crew'. How we laughed with gay abandon, until lunchtime was over and I had to go back to the office. Not really, I've only worked in an office once and that was before Bobby Boy was a scribble on the animators' blotter pad.Neil Morrissey was the voice of B
September 15, 2019
How was your day ? Really, how was it ? Good, bad, indifferent, busy, slow, frustrating, frenetic, or maybe it was outstanding, uplifting, productive and full of joyful surprises.I was thinking about stuff, as you do. The youngest of my four children has finished his last year of high school and is venturing out into further education for a few more. The word 'bored' came into the conversation the other day, mainly because a couple of them were a bit 'angsty.' You know, when they're spoiling fo
'Food for thought' is a term that we are familiar with, in essence it means that something makes us think, ponder, ruminate and ultimately, learn.Back in the 'Good Ole Days' at school, just after the desks with inkwells were phased out, I had to give a talk, you know, in front of people. It was only my peers but I'd managed to avoid doing for weeks. Avoidance tactics only work for so long and the day came to dazzle my audience with witty banter. I think everyone was expecting something a bit 'O
The best laid plans and all that, well sometimes they just fly right out of the window. I had all good intentions of writing a post this post about some 'deep' stuff. It was in my head and I was 'chomping at the bit' (Or champing, which, apparently, is more grammatically correct) to sit down and get stuck in. Then, somehow, I decided to change tack and talk about personal grooming and the questions we don't ask. It's actually still connected to my original idea but the 'meat on the bone' will h
September 10, 2019
You may have seen the title, 'We remember it all' and thought I was going to harp on about remembering past lives. That's the belief that we were all here before as someone else, or something else depending on what you believe. Nope, not going down that one. Not that I'd dismiss the idea out of hand. There are certainly instances that have been catalogued where people have experienced a form of 'Deja vu' and put it down to having someone else's memories. Young children being taken somewhere and
It's true, I was and am, lost for words. First and foremost though, thank you to everyone who wished me happy birthday yesterday. An even bigger, if that's possible, thanks to NnurseBecca, who made all the celebratory messages possible. say I was surprised, is an understatement. I tend to downplay birthdays, just another day, as they say. Not really sure why, maybe with a bit of introspection I could come up with a reason or two,
Just a brief note to you all today. I needed to get this off my chest, so that I can move on. It's a sort of 'compurgation' Look it up, such a yummy word, never knew of it until today. So, what can't I believe I've been missing. Well, before that, let me remind you that I've been here just over seven months. I'm closer to the end of my first year than to the beginning.That's just to give you perspective when you come to ridicule me and sit back my idiocy.In all the time I have been her
At this point, you have no idea what 'Being creative with the unknown' is about. The title is elusive, in the sense that it is intriguing, yet missing clarity, it has no defined direction.Expounding, or is it expanding ? on that, we can also assume that you will continue reading until you find out what on earth I'm on about. How long is that ? How far can the author push before the reader decides that 'enough is enough' and steers themselves away to watch a video of a cat being stuck up a tree.