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December 07, 2019
Those were the words that graced my ears this morning as I was sitting serenely at my desk, patiently waiting for the furor to subside. Maybe I had done a little 'poking' to deserve the look followed by the words "Stop it. It's not funny" Who me ?It was quite good, actually, as it gave me the start to this post. Now, before I go any further, let me just add that I am a sympathetic person and do have moments when I can be serious, no really, I can. That said, my level of 'botheredness' is quite
I knew I was cutting it fine, maybe the thrill of leaving it to the last minute but that was close. Still, it's done now. I took the red pill just in time and took the deal. I nearly went ot bed and forgot, it woul dhave been gone, puff, by morning. Phew.Took the deal and signed up for another year. Was it ever in doubt ? Of course not. Too many plans and ideas to bail out now. Plus, I am fully invested in me. It's never a comfortable feeling when you have to say it aloud, you know, big yoursel
It was indeed an unexpected paying it forward event and one that has given me website post 'to boot' You see, I've already written this post once, got to about 600 words and realised that it was just getting to long, I was starting to waffle and philosophise. Good for the site, not good for here. The story itself can stand on its own to feet. Less is more.That said, part of my rambling had to do with character traits and how they can appear from nowhere and you have to appraise them to see if t
December 04, 2019
It is a question I try to ask myself again and again when it comes to content. Why stay till the end ? With the general populous having the attention span of a gnat, then we have to make sure we're doing all we can to engage the reader all the way to the end.I want the wind in my hair, the sun on my face and the cold in my bones, I want to feel. When I cry, weep and sob it is because I mourn, I am bereaved and I have lost, that's how I feel.Yet, tomorrow I will awake and be joyous, expectant in
Good mooning everyone. If I say it like that then it reminds me of the gendarme from 'Allo Allo', the sitcom ? No ? OK, it's looses a lot in translation and there's no point in me trying to explain, the moment has gone, we'll move on.More of a newsletter this morning (or 'moaning', now do you get it ?) I just needed to flex a little as I've been doing the whole concentration frown for a few days. Last night I gave myself a little break at around 10pm and thought I'd see if there was anything wo
Be part of the lesson and learn, is about the best way I can describe it. It does sound a bit cryptic at first glance but I'll briefly try to explain where I at with this one. It certainly sounds better than being 'suckered' which I wasn't. I shut up and get on with it.I have mentioned on numerous occasions, how sometimes you have to sift through a pile of stuff to get to the one piece of information that resonates with you. Watching a half hour webinar to get one line near to the end. Reading
If you didn't see yesterdays post, then there's a good chance you'll think I've lost the plot, or at the very least my calendar. Neither is true, 'Happy new December the start of your 2020' is the official start of my pre-new year, new year. That's right, I'm doing now, rather than waiting a whole month to start stuff, what a waste. If you'd like enlightenment without candles, incense and soft ambient music, then you can read yesterdays post here.
I say it's like deja vu, I say it's like deja vu. Sorry that just reminded me of a comedy sketch and then Neo in 'The Matrix'. So after having an entire post digression yesterday, I am back on track with 'Make December your new year.It's no wonder I got side-tracked yesterday, Black Friday was a big day for many. It's also relevant, in a way, to this post. Although, most of our hands were guided, in a good way, to make a decision that we may well have put off for another time.That's how New Yea
I've just typed 'Make December your New Year' and realised it could be construed in an alternate way than how I intended it initially. Hmm, which way to go ? The only investment you make should be in yourself. OK, I'll start with that instead. Many of us will be taking advantage of the Black Friday deal here at Wealthy Affiliate and why not indeed. It is an opportunity not to be missed for lots of reasons. The one that jumps out is the discounted price (Which equates to $0.82 per day over the t
Having never experienced Thanksgiving, I can only imagine through what I've read and seen, what today will be like for many millions across the waters. So before further ado, I hope you all have a wonderful day and celebrate in style, giving thanks and being grateful for what you have.Not being part of this doesn't lessen the ability to be able to enjoy the feeling, if not somewhat vicariously through the posts and comments here. Add to that the whole host of films I have watched that will have