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Right now is one of those times. Good times. However, this is not always going to be the case, which is why I have made steps to make sure I am always holding onto the good stuff.It wouldn't be me if there weren't a few digressions along the way, maybe these little wandering offs are my replacement for images, I mean I still use images but if I didn't digress how much less entertaining would this be. You follow ?Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, is a reference to the
1506130092 is not my mobile number. I suppose it could be someones but that would be purely coincidental. You actually need to space the numbers out for them to make sense. 1 50 61300 92. OK then, on with the story.So as you're aware, or not but will be soon, I was having a 'tooth' issue. I'll be brief and move on, just need to bring you up to speed. Last week, major pain,'angry' tooth made 'livid' after being ground down in the hope of some kind of relief. No joy and only the promise of 'root
I was going to start with a reference to an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie and then realised it may give the wrong impression of what the blog is about. Let's face it, you don't need any help in that quarter, now do you. It's a maze, a myriad and a downright, upside inside-out play with words. On a 'technicality' it's not the last update, just the last one for this assignment. So, put your legal protestation pens down.In all seriousness, which is what I do best, I wanted to update you, as per the
"Let's have a look at you teeth" those were the words that used fill my ears like a mantra whenever Aunty Pim popped round. As a child we remember catchphrases of those we came into contact with. They were like labels of familiarity. "What do you know ?" was another. Although the latter became more of a bait to me as I became a surly teenager.Back to the teeth. Pim Smith was a friend of my mothers and lived half a dozen houses down the road. Bespeckled with a shock of white hair. In all the yea
Can't see the wood for the trees ? So much to do, so little time. If only somone had told me before I started. Can you see the finish line ? Do you need help over the finish line ?First off, we can go all otherworldy and say that you should all be able to see the finish line. Close your eyes and picture being sat on that beach with your laptop by your side. You may even have pictures on your 'vision board' so you can be reminded, everytime you look at it, what life will be like when you cross t
Already I can hear you....loud...what is it ? What is the one thing you need more than anything else? I've no idea why this blog has we are though. I'd read through some really poignant and uplifting posts this morning and I was 'ramped' is that the right word ? 'Wired' maybe.I just asked my wife the same question, always good to bounce your thoughts of someone close by...although, as you can imagine, the amount of 'bouncing' she's had to put up with... she looks like a golf
What ? Really ? Well I 'd like to see him explain his way out of this one. I personally think being overwhelmed is a good thing, either by design or otherwise. First a digression as it would be rude not to.A number of things have 'pinged' in my brain of late and write a few this morning... First, I couldn't have my normal breakfast. Yesterday I had made a mental not that we needed some more soya milk...the carton was three quarters full so tomorrow would suffice before having to buy more...ther
Onomatopoeia...chugga chugga, chugga chugga, whoo whoo...well ? Come on, play the game. If you say the words, what does it make you think of ? A train of course...Oh, I forgot the picture was prize then.I've been way to 'thoughtful' nay, almost philosophical over the last few days and it's time for a change. I thought of going random and that just made me think of basketball. I was never any good at basket and it used to perplex me. Not to the point of losing sleep but I was a bit non
So after the that to strong ? probably. Start again..the last few days have been 'full-on' a bit of a whirlwind...didn't know whether I was coming or going...didn't have chance to come up for that enough cliches to describe it ? I think so, no need to labour the point.All good though.... I had almost succumbed to your friend and mine, procrastination. I can justify my time and efforts with the best of them but having a good connection, nay, an honest one, with my inner se
Short and sweet for you all....united sigh of relief.... Just finished the OEC this morning with working out my content goals for the next two years.So it's taken about three and a half months...add into that the SAC and the first stage of Boot Camp...what a ride.So I promised myself I wouldn't cry during my 'Thank you' speech and it's a good job because I've got none left after last nights epic LFC victory...enough said.However, it would be true to say that without the support, knowledge and d