Best of WordPress Themes Are Those that Need NO Page Builder

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The best of WordPress themes are those that need NO page builder, AND... a theme that allows a webmaster to customize a website for different uses. This post is my shout out, as I FINALLY found a developer that offers such themes!

Having had to suffer through soooo many awesome looking themes only to discover they were created with a page builder, I truly have wondered where all the great WordPress theme developers went to.

Then I recently stumbled upon a great WordPress theme... LZ Cleaning Services.

Not only is this theme awesome in overall appearance, but the premium version of this theme allows you so many customizable features that you would not recognize this theme which is being used on my latest client’s website... and they are NOT a cleaning services either, in case you are wondering; In fact, far from it.

My client and his staff are “over the moon” about their new website... and personally, so am I.

The Luzuk Theme support staff are among THE BEST in the world to work with in bringing my vision of this new website to fruition.

As for theme support, you will need to be aware that the theme’s support team are on Greenwich Mean Time, and they do not work weekends. I can understand that 100%!

So, if you are like me and you reside in North America (I’m a Canadian in EST/EDT) you may need to wait 12 or more hours for a response during weekdays. But your reply will have resolved your issue... providing you make sure to give them proper descriptions (screen prints help immensely) about ANY problem(s) you may be having with their theme.

Or any of their other themes for that matter, as I have since learned that they offer a wide range of themes: NONE of these need a page builder.

Knowing how many members here at WA are frequently asking for theme suggestions, I thought well, outside of paying a monthly subscription fee to Thrive Themes in order to choose from one of theirs, the Luzuk Themes should definitely be seriously considered.

However, the Luzuk Themes I used needs a Twitter card (for sharing your posts on social media) and possibly a Lazy Load plugin too. So, these will require using plugins, obviously. But then, who knows... perhaps Luzuk Themes will include these features too in later versions of their themes.

The attention grabbing Twitter card option works in ALL social media, and in “my book” this option is a must-have for any website. For an example what a URL from a website with a Twitter card installed looks like once published in a tweet, see screen print above.

The Lazy Load option is for loading a website’s content as it is needed rather than all at once, such as when a visitor starts to scroll a web page. And, this helps to speed up the loading time of a website.

NOTE: Perhaps some of you ARE a fan of page builders, but I am not, as I have found them to be resource hogs and they can make trouble shooting even more difficult. So, please do not yell at me in the comments for saying how I feel about page builders. They truly are resource hogs, as anyone on an IT team that looks after web servers can tell you.


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Trish, thanks for sharing some good themes. I will try it out.

Can WA include two or three good themes in the premium membership, just like Jaaxy, plugins All in one SEO, EWWW, Kraken, etc, so that we can just concentrate on building content and other important stuff?

I am sorry if I am asking too much.

Your very welcome Indrasith.

The EWWW plugin is no longer included in newly created websites hosted here as now there is an even BETTER option that is NOW included in our WA hosted website: Being ever so grateful for all that Kyle and Carson DO include in our yearly membership, asking for more inclusions is not for me, as I want WA to be around for years and years, and more years to come.

Trish, could you please elucidate on page builders, I want to understand more about it. it's good to have it a discussion here than to have research on Google. Thanks.

Hey Jimmy,

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I see now that "pagebuilder" is now being referred to as "page builder" (two words, not one) so I will fix this.

See screen print below for definition... and please understand that there are several different page builders... even Thrive Themes seems to be focusing more on theirs now... which truly is a disappointment.

Thanks, I think I will post something related to this.

Hi Trish,
I have been switching themes on a far too regular basis. I am going to be trying this theme. I know your recommendations are good.

My niche is health/natural remedies. I am sure I will be able to incorporate this theme to suite my needs. I really need to build up my mobile speeds, I hope this theme will assist me there.

Thank you for the share,


You're very welcome Michael.

Be sure to check out ALL of their themes before you make your decision. You may find one you like even better... and, that is why I included the link that displays all of their themes. :-)

NONE of their themes require a resource hog pagebuilder.

A great post Trish. I will certainly be looking at the themes you have mentioned.


You're very welcome Derek!

Having the developer anxious to work with their customer's makes these themes among the best for me.

Yes, I can see the advantage of working directly with the developer.


Whenever I have an issue... even with the free themes, I always head on over to the theme's support staff. This staff truly where among the BEST that I have worked with.

Thank you, Tribu. How much is the cost?

Hey Anusuya,

The link I have shared in this post will show you all of their themes that are available. Simply click on the one you like best to get more detail like price. Hope this helps you.

Another wonderful and educational post, Thanks Trish!

You're very welcome KyleAnn.

Great info, Trish! Thanks for sharing.

You're very welcome Rosa.

That´s really useful information Trish, which I have bookmarked for reference, Best Alan.

You're very welcome Alan, and Thank YOU for letting me know this helped you.

I have the words "thank you for creating wordpress" on my posts that I would like to remove but can not, any ideas on to remove it?

Thank you,

In your wordpress you click on themes then customize and I believe you will find those words in Site Identity.

Hey Ray,

Knowing the name of your theme would have been very helpful in being able to offer you a suggestion.

However, if you Google search "remove thank you for creating with wordpress in [add theme name here]" (without the quotation marks, of course), you may find tips that will help you do this.

Then of course, you may need to create a child theme if you have to alter ANY of the theme's files. If you do not create a proper child theme, then the next time you update your theme, whatever changes you made to your theme's file will be overwritten by the update.

Hope you find this helpful.

Thanks, I'll try that.

happy to help if and when I can

Great! Thanks for sharing Trish.

You're very welcome Beatrice.

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