Before you decide on selling anything online, you need to first determine who your customer is, what they often purchase, and why they are purchasing online.

This is called "customer comprehension". The better you understand your customer, the easier it will be to sell stuff to them. Obviously, at the core of any business, the ultimate goal is to create a profit. To create a profit, you must have customers and you must be able to sell to these customers.

One of the most common mistakes I see people make is promoting to a customer (or audience) before they fully understand who their audience is. It is very easy to waste money promoting what you "think" people want, rather than what they are actually looking for.

Don't make assumptions on your customers, gain an understanding. You will be much more successful.

Before we go any further, we need to understand the steps someone takes between the time they learn of a product or service, to the time that they actually make a purchase. That is what my goal is to help you understand.

Let's look at some known facts about a customer:

(1) Customers rarely buy on their first point of contact to a product
(2) It typically takes a person 7 times (this could be website visits, email newsletter, etc.) before they make a purchase online.
(3) Customers do not buy from people they don't trust
(4) Customers are exchanging "money" for something that will improve upon their existing situation
(5) Customers have more access to product information and reviews than they ever have
(6) Most customers can see through scammy promotions, in fact are turned off

I am going to show you how to catch people later in their buying cycle so you can increase your chances of someone "buying" versus having to walk them through all points of contact. This will simplify the selling process drastically!

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Allgood96 Premium
Thankyou Kyle,that was once again very informative,makes me think about my products what people would just buy,within my Niche and how to write the blogs and the posts and what has been missing in my Facebook store. A big woobly ,hope i can bring it together.Cheers
JVedrene1 Premium
BRUUUHHHH...I thoroughly enjoyed this training. It's helped me understand how customers discover products online and then ultimately make a purchase.

The funny thing is that the whole research-decision-purchase phase is what I had went through just recently. The things you learn in terms of internet marketing is phenomenal.

Thanks for this training. I'm gonna take this with me when I'm either promoting or buying.
SummarsPlace Premium
Kyle, You hit the nail on the head! I am an avid shopper. Use to be a lot of leg work before the internet, but now I can find all I want to know about a product online. The process you explained is exact. Research about product, make your decision and ultimately purchase. I can't say the millions of times I have done this. You put it all together so nicely. Following this process has to result in buyer conversions. Now to work on applying the process to my website. I will master this. Your training makes you think about things you know and put it together in the right perspective. I knew this because it is exactly what I do, but I never really put the process in thought to my perspective buyers. Thanks for helping us to put it all together!
Kyle Premium Plus
Yes, you are not unlike many others out there.

In fact, most people do some level of research now online before they buy anything, even something as straightforward as a lightbulb or towels...things that you would impulse purchase in the past offline, are being researched in detail online.

As a shopper, you can look inward and truly become an expert with efficiency as to what your customers want, and how to walk them through the buying cycle.
Dresco123 Premium
I am in trouble this stuff gives me a sore head, I have not a clue what is trying to be taught what you learn near the beginning is lost the further you read into this.
I have to be honest and say this will take a lot for me to get my head around, especially using Facebook and such which I try to avoid as much as possible.
This lesson is too long and you only wish it would come to an end soon when you read it, I think it would be better to have split it up, as it is, all I have gained is a "HEADACHE" trying to follow it.
AdamHenryl1 Premium
Hi Dresco, Don't get overwhelmed. Have a break. Clear you head, take the dog for a walk or the likes. Take a step back, deep breath and begin the lesson again. Write down notes as you go if that helps when taking time to pause and absorb. The support is here for you and we have all felt the same way as you do right now. Overcome, you will be stronger and more eager to continue.
Dresco123 Premium
Thanks for your comments, you might be right to take a break, but I was forced to take a longer one than I might have done, sleep then back to my job this morning, your advice is probably spot on, with all the emphasis of the power of (keywords) in this article it does not make clear how this attracts customers to your site?? Amazon reviews are mentioned, but you cannot review unless you buy something then review it after??
I dread having to read this article again my head still hurts thinking about it.

Dankoh Premium
Lol, I'm lost too. But now I find a way around it. Skip some lessons first, especially those on content building. Its impossible to write any content when u are thinking of what kind of niche u wanted and whether u can have enough stuffs/articles to write about.

Daniel Koh
Shalei67 Premium
This is very helpful for the side VA gig I'm starting. I already have a new client and we'll be signing a contract this week. Since I only am able to build this part-time, the training here at WA site is very helpful and reinforces what I'm already doing promoting my biz. I will need to get a website designed for it soon and get it out there on Google like my lifestyle blog. Thanks, Kyle!
Kyle Premium Plus
So awesome to hear, congrats on your client!