Before you decide on selling anything online, you need to first determine who your customer is, what they often purchase, and why they are purchasing online.

This is called "customer comprehension". The better you understand your customer, the easier it will be to sell stuff to them. Obviously, at the core of any business, the ultimate goal is to create a profit. To create a profit, you must have customers and you must be able to sell to these customers.

One of the most common mistakes I see people make is promoting to a customer (or audience) before they fully understand who their audience is. It is very easy to waste money promoting what you "think" people want, rather than what they are actually looking for.

Don't make assumptions on your customers, gain an understanding. You will be much more successful.

Before we go any further, we need to understand the steps someone takes between the time they learn of a product or service, to the time that they actually make a purchase. That is what my goal is to help you understand.

Let's look at some it. Some known facts about a customer:

(1) Customers rarely buy on their first point of contact to a product
(2) It typically takes a person 7 times (this could be website visits, email newsletter, etc.) before they make a purchase online.
(3) Customers do not buy from people they don't trust
(4) Customers are exchanging "money" for something that will improve upon their existing situation
(5) Customers have more access to product information and reviews than they ever have
(6) Most customers can see through scammy promotions, in fact are turned off

I am going to show you how to catch people later in their buying cycle so you can increase your chances of someone "buying" versus having to walk them through all points of contact. This will simplify the selling process drastically!

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MPena07 Premium
I love how it sounds, "Customer Comprehension" because in Spanish, my language, "Compensión al Cliente" is very loving and sweet. Nevertheless, very true. We mostly tend to forget that contribution consciousness to customer service which is human relations. We have quite lost that across the globe, but we have managed to find it here in WA and it feels soooo good to share it and pass it around to one another. Be blessed everyone!
MarkeyshaEva Premium
Of all the target market training I have ever done. Not one has been as straight forward and to the point as this. This is what I like best about WA! No beating around the bush! they give you the information and you are free to run with it. But you better RUN!
possumlane Premium
Hi and welcome - yes the training is great as are the webinars every Friday evening with Jay. There is also nowhere else on the internet or in main stream business where you have such easy access to the co-founder in Kyle. Considering that there are 1 million users on this platform that is a great achievement. If there is anything I can do to help you at any time - providing I am online - please feel free to contact me.
Carol from Australia
Hans08 Premium
Shouldn`t you target the customers in the Research Phase specific in posts in this stage of your site building?
If you dont have any affiliate links or anything to sell yet there wouldn`t be any point of writing posts that targets custumers in the Decision Phase or the Purchasing/Action Phase,right?
Triblu Premium
Hey Hans,

This training is labeled "The Customer Purchase Lifecycle", and so is assuming you do have an affiliate link to add.

Your target should always be your customer's best interest whether you have an affiliate link to offer or not. This is how you gain a good reputation.

Hope this helps you.
Hans08 Premium
Yes you´re absolutely right,it`s the building up trust and have reccuring visitors aspect I overlooked here.

No actually in the step of the training that I`m in I havent finished my site nor got signed to n affiliate program. I suppose I`m a bit ahead within the steps here going through "The Customer Purchase Lifecycle" at this point.

Thanks for your reply it gave clearity :)
stavros009 Premium
In the decision phase, it is said that:
''Sometimes people are looking for negative reviews and you can also leverage these as there are many "debunk" products out there, in almost any market. ''
How can I do it? Do I put on my site bad items?
Thank you.
newmarketpro Premium
Not really. If you know a product is really a SCAM you can write reviews about the product, why it is bad and why you recommend not to buy such product. As long as your reviews are based on solid research, you are actually helping others not to fall into some bad marketers' trap.

stavros009 Premium
Thank you!
Topiej Premium
A very informative lesson on the stages that a prospect goes through before purchasing. I have a question concerning communicating or connecting with the prospect, is it the place of us the affiliates to get the prospects info? For example getting their email addresses. Or should we give them a way to contact us?
onmyownterms Premium
Here is my .02. Initially, it's important to build your site content and focus on content creation to build your traffic. At this stage, a simple 'contact us' button, rather than a full-on email capture system is preferable.

Once you have about 100 posts and/or 1k visitors per month, then you can invest the time/energy into setting up an email capture system and begin to email your customers.

Content creation is so important, yet many new marketers get caught up in doing things that are of no benefit to them if they don't have traffic.
Topiej Premium
Thanks for that insight @onmyownterms I get what your saying.
onmyownterms Premium
You're welcome.