When you see an ad in the newspaper, on the radio, on TV, or in a magazine, you should see this as an opportunity to take full advantage of these customers online. People often times learn about different products/services offline before they migrate online to do research, and quite often, make a purchase online.

People who see advertising offline are also likely to be much further along in the purchasing lifecycle. This is because they have become knowledgeable of the brand, know what the company has to offer, and if the advertisement was effective, may be ready to purchase.

If it is in a magazine...

Someone that sees an ad in a magazine for example (see below) typically goes online if they want to find out more about the product, the price, and where they can get it. If it is sold online, that is best if you plan on trying to sell them something (not always the purpose of your traffic).

Anyways, someone that read this ad in this day and age and was a true customer, would likely go online to research this Rolex Watch along with others. Perhaps they might even buy it, perhaps they are a watch collector and you could get them on a list and sell them watches and accessories (high end of course). This is a case where you can leverage Rolex's offline marketing campaign to drive your online business.

What About All of Those Late Night Infomercials?

Another effective method of using company advertising is to use infomercials to your advantage. Infomercials do a great job of selling and by the time someone is done watching the show, they have made the decision whether they want to buy or not. Traditionally, people would make a purchase over the phone as it was the only method of ordering.

However, many now use the Internet to order infomercial products. This is a great opportunity for you to offer people searching the product keywords either the product, or a related product that will work just as good if not better.

To take advantage of company advertising, you have to use product review type keywords, as well as purchase keywords. Brand awareness is already there, so people will likely be typing in some variant of the brand name if they were to go online for more information. People will be more likely to buy if they are already familiar with a brand and have seen an advertisement prior to visiting your site (which typically do a good job of pre-selling the product).

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Lestrow Premium
I realise that we have to create traffic but at this point I don't have much to offer in the way of content. I would like to create a few posts, that cover at least some of what I want to share, before having regular people see it.
I don't want them to come across my website, hopefully start to get interested in what I'm working on. Then for them to be disappointed and annoyed that there is no real content to follow, after my introductory stuff.
Is there a way to set a few things up before putting the website out there or would that be more detrimental to my progress ?
asmithxu Premium
I have heard about people writing out a lot of content before making their website (like 40 or 50 posts) with success. You can write some posts in your wordpress site and save the draft without publishing it. Then you can publish when you are ready.

However, for me, the traffic did not come quickly so I do not think that people will be too annoyed by the small site. I think that one of the best things that you can do for user experience is to make sure that your post addresses your keyword thoroughly. Answer the who, what, when, where, why, and how.

And make sure to keep following the training.
MikeMahaffey Premium
There's not really any reason to delay putting your content out there. The sooner you get content on your website, the sooner you get it indexed in search results, and the sooner search engines start believing you are for real.

And the real kicker is that unless you're personally inviting people to your website, it's likely that you'll have plenty of post up by the time people start finding you.

Generally speaking, it is detrimental to your progress to wait! Put it out there so people can see what you have on your mind!
Robert-A Premium
Hi Leslie
I suggest you get writing asap.
It doesn't have to be fantastic content because if you are not publishing right away you can always go over articles and fine tune them.

I personally type all my articles in Microsoft Word and save them in folders on my Desktop PC.

I then work on them as and when I want to use one for whatever subject.

When you're ready then you can publish but do not rush it.
Always best to have an article you are happy with than just a run-of-the-mill one that doesn't really say very much.

Enjoy your Wednesday.
Lestrow Premium
Sounds like a very good idea. Thanks very much.
Lestrow Premium
Yeah. Thanks ! I see your point.
I am torn between holding off and risk never getting on with it or rushing forward and starting a poor website.

As with most things, I've got to get the balance right.
RussellO1 Premium
Since you have gotten this far it would mean that you have at least 5 posts on your site with beautiful pictures, if you followed directions exactly.

That's a good start I think and as you continue there will be added opportunity to add more content. To complete the first lesson of this level you are supposed to add another post/page. So that will take you to 6.

This will ensure that your visitors have a lot to read/look at when they visit your site and wont be disappointed.

luxiequeen Premium
I don't think that it's an issue if you go ahead and launch your site. You can collect emails and get subscribers in the meantime - if they want more content, they can subscribe and be notified when you add more to your site. Traffic takes a while to build up and if you go ahead and post, you'll get indexed on Google. My site was indexed in about 2 or 3 days. I only had 2 posts at the time. I'm still working on my site as we speak.
Lestrow Premium
Yeh I understand all that and I've published 2 posts (without pics.)
I have been indexed on Google but I'm worried that anybody coming across my site might take one look and be put off by its very basic setup and layout.
RussellO1 Premium
Put away the worry Lestrow and make sure that your content is what it should be. Pictures should enhance your posts and content but they should not be your content. Most if not all of us started out by posting without pics.
LucilleN Premium
Thanks Kyle. It really helps me to see this as a multi-step process so I have more clarity and awareness of what works at each stage. Also helps me remain patient through the process, understanding that it can take time to build relationships and gain trust.

You've focused on a product-based niche. Would there be any differences for a service-based niche, like coaching?
Raymond9 Premium
I didn't know that. THANK YOU FOR BEING SO DETAILED. My niche is helping people get into online businesses. This is why I have chosen Wealthy Affiliates. It has taken 8 months with some failed attempts trying other companies only to find out that the only thing they focus on is how much money they can get from me ( 1 was $30,000) I was a newbie. I did't fork over anything. just canceled learned what not to do. kept looking wondering if I would ever find an opportunity that fit me. Thank you for putting together such a great opportunity for everyone. This has shown me your integrity as a person and as entrepreneur .I;m sure we will meet some day so I can thank you personally.
Kindness and Love
Raymond Shaw
Olivia1120 Premium
I second this motion WA is awesome!
LanceLee Premium
So now the real part begins! I usually catch on quickly, but I am definitely a people person, but a Sales Person not so much. I think it's just because I've been a Teacher, but I was a Technology Teacher that travelled from school to school for a HUGE school board teaching technology to the classes. Now that I think about my role as a whole; I was selling my method of teaching, so the Teacher would continue using the software that I had taught his/her Students.

I guess I never really thought about my job that way before, but I was in fact selling the software that I was teaching at the schools??

It's starting to make sense to me now...…..
onmyownterms Premium
Yes, exactly. I find teachers make excellent salespeople because they're able to break things down and explain them to others.
LanceLee Premium
Wow, you are the best! I trust your answer every time. It's that intuition part of me. That's how I was given so many awards as a Teacher.

Every single class I taught, at least 1 thing was different (but usually several), and I had to break everything down on the fly, without anyone actually noticing.

I often did this through humour!

I found that if you're able to make the worst-of-the-worst
Student(s) laugh, I almost always could get them to engage in my lesson.

You are likely going to laugh, but most of the Staff throughout the School Board that I unfortunately had to retire from, due to a serious leg injury, actually nicknamed me "The Child Whisperer!"
Not a word of a lie! Just thought that I'd share that with you, as you've been very helpful answering my questions along the way.

Thanks so much for your input; always very much appreciated!
Andrew-74 Premium
Sounds like you have a very clear understanding of this method now! By helping and teaching others we are indirectly selling a solution to a problem. There is a lot of money to be made from utilising this method.
LanceLee Premium
Thank-you VERY MUCH for your kind words of wisdom Andrew! I am definitely beginning to see the bigger picture here.

I was a Computer Engineering Graduate, and have a Teaching Degree as well. In Comp Engineering, I was a Networking Major, with a minor in Psychology.

I am thinking of this whole entire process as the beginning design of a Computer Network. It's like I'm beginning to design a Top-to-Bottom Flowchart. You start from the big picture and branch it out/down from there, connecting everything to the main goal at the same time.

I might not be a Marketing Person, or a Sales Person directly, but I understand the process of breaking things down to what will be the most effective method to gain your audience/sales sort-a-speak.

I'm using my transferrable skills to help me to understand this entire concept. I will say, that Kyle and Carson have designed a beautiful platform, that has been simplified for any User, and that was likely an extremely tough process; but I've done my research, and if I had to rate WA; it would be a 10/10!

Thanks Again Andrew! I'm sure our paths will cross again soon!

TheAdvisor Premium
Hello Kyle!

Having read the training, I felt good that I in some way was leaning on showing my visitors that my website was created with them in mind. You have given a more in depth explanation as to why I should write my content a certain way.

Thank you for putting me up to speed so that I could understand a little better about how to be more efficient as an affiliate marketer.

May your blessings continue to make this world better, an affiliate at a time.