Many advertisers don't take advantage of product related keywords. When we say "product related" we are referring to search terms that include the product name or the company name of the product that is being searched. My previous examples (the Rolex watch) was an example of a situation where you can benefit from product terms.

However, there are MILLIONS of products and services. This same principle can be applied to all of them.

For example, if someone was searching the term "wealthy affiliate review" (above, I searched using Jaaxy), this would be a product-related keyword for Wealthy Affiliate, as would "wealthy affiliate", "wealthy affiliate program", etc.

People who search product-related keywords are typically very far along in the purchasing lifecycle because they are already knowledgeable in the subject area and they have already been exposed to some form of branding or advertisement.

Someone who is searching the term "wealthy affiliate review" has probably already done a significant amount of research and are into the Decision phase. They may have started by searching the term "affiliate marketing" and found a website promoting Wealthy Affiliate. They then did some additional research and analysis on Internet marketing related schools to decide which program would be best suited for them. Finally, they search the program they are interested in joining, Wealthy Affiliate.

Here is another example, a product that is always trending with each new iteration, the iPhone (iPhone 4 in this case)

As you can see, large numbers of people are searching for iPhone 4's, and lots of them a searching for reviews. These keywords have very little competition and can be leveraged to attain targeted traffic that is far along in the customer purchasing lifecycle. If you can deliver the product information they are looking for (the program is excellent; the program is good, however check out this better alternative), then you will likely be able to convert this product centric audience at a very high rate.

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hermantt Premium
Excellent Info Kyle. I might be jumping the gun sort of but I saw some information somewhere that Google has a section where you can find who is searching for what and who is buy what amongst other things. I'm sure you heard about it, if it does exist. Please let me know if you heard something or hear anything. Thank you.
KElam Premium
Please share this info with me also if Kyle responds. That would be great to know even if he says we’ll get to it in a later lesson.
Grizzly114 Premium
Very informative and helpful in gaining more understanding of what is required. I have been involved in "smash & grab" type of selling organisations before. This seems to be a far more valuable approach where customers can actually enjoy interaction with you and not feel as though they have been "sold" to. Thanks for info.
Kyle Premium
This certainly is not. We teach you how to build a long term and sustainable business, while establishing a SOLID brand. That is how all great businesses are created, and that is our approach to business.

There is reason why we are the most trusted organization in the industry, but not just that, the community is building out their businesses in the exact same way.
artsyariana Premium
Thank you for the info! It's true that it takes a couple of times reaffirming what they want before they buy especially if they are investing something expensive.

What I have learned from UI/UX Design is the importance of creating multiple user profiles. To deeply understand a customer, you create persona cards and write down their habits, their likes, their dislikes, their distinct personalities, and other minor details in order to fully understand your audience.
Kyle Premium
Likability is a big deal when it comes to relationships. People that like you, trust you, and buy from you. If you can create that environment, you are going to be very successful online. ;)
LindaFriis Premium
Hi, a very good post and I think it will be very helpful to me. But I am wondering something, is there here in the training a lesson about tools to take care of signing up your customers' email, and how to take care of them in the future? And the one who is prospects for you in the future? If not, which tool do you recommend? I do not think I have missed this in my training so far, but I think it is time to implement it on my site. Kind regards Linda.
newmarketpro Premium
Hi Linda,
You were asking a valid question.
I believe what you want to accomplish can be done through e-mail marketing whereby you capture their email, build long term business relationship.

Jay has created a lot of training on this, one of which I shared with you below. Hope that answers your question.

Hadaway Premium
This is so like me now, really been this way for some years. Like before joining WA. i research a lot of websites about if it was a scam or not. Read 10 or more.All saying it wasn't, it was a great community of real people wanting something more out of life. Then i came to Little bit site. Liked what i read and here I am. Now am here I love all the friendship and community this place has to offer. It's tougher then I thought' but I'am getting there slowly but surely.
Thinks to all the information that is offered. couldn't type before, now look at me hunt and pick. Kyle you said it's a big word TRUST.
This is a good article Kyle.