Many advertisers don't take advantage of product related keywords. When we say "product related" we are referring to search terms that include the product name or the company name of the product that is being searched. My previous examples (the Rolex watch) was an example of a situation where you can benefit from product terms.

However, there are MILLIONS of products and services. This same principle can be applied to all of them.

For example, if someone was searching the term "wealthy affiliate review" (above, I searched using Jaaxy), this would be a product-related keyword for Wealthy Affiliate, as would "wealthy affiliate", "wealthy affiliate program", etc.

People who search product-related keywords are typically very far along in the purchasing lifecycle because they are already knowledgeable in the subject area and they have already been exposed to some form of branding or advertisement.

Someone who is searching the term "wealthy affiliate review" has probably already done a significant amount of research and are into the Decision phase. They may have started by searching the term "affiliate marketing" and found a website promoting Wealthy Affiliate. They then did some additional research and analysis on Internet marketing related schools to decide which program would be best suited for them. Finally, they search the program they are interested in joining, Wealthy Affiliate.

Here is another example, a product that is always trending with each new iteration, the iPhone (iPhone 4 in this case)

As you can see, large numbers of people are searching for iPhone 4's, and lots of them a searching for reviews. These keywords have very little competition and can be leveraged to attain targeted traffic that is far along in the customer purchasing lifecycle. If you can deliver the product information they are looking for (the program is excellent; the program is good, however check out this better alternative), then you will likely be able to convert this product centric audience at a very high rate.

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ClevelandW1 Premium
The content is very educational toward making money ,and attracting customers in WA. My problem is I'm getting all these instruction and over a month now and I can't setup my first website properly. I gave insights to others and my own I can't do. When will I made my first $?
David523 Premium
The content in this article is great but it is inconsistent with the branding standards of Wealthy Affiliate. None of your other articles have so many grammar errors. There are some points where it is confusing what you are trying to say. If it wasn’t an article on this website, I would’ve closed it out by the second error because I believe if someone doesn’t take the time to edit their material before they post, they don’t give a crap, and if they don’t give a crap then they don’t have any business trying to influence me. My time is valuable and I don’t waste it on reading half-done articles.
Thank you for the content. Please edit.
AdamTimbrell Premium
I work in retail sales and think this approach is FAR more realistic and up-to-date! Converting a Customer to a sale is far more difficult owing to the competition, the amount of content and research available, price points etc. The Company I work for (for example) offer online discount codes for the products they sell... the same ones I sell in store, but they will not let me match the online prices without penalizing my commission percentage! Just one example of how the sales process is no longer a level playing field. ohhh... and we get shouted at for not achieving our individual sales targets.

With the website I'm creating, I haven't chosen a product to sell. It's a blog for therapists as I am interested in helping people with injuries. I will need to set something else up I think so I can sell stuff and create an on-line income.
Steventate Premium
this was a great article, especially the reverse process to better understand what your customers go through in choosing and finally making their purchase. I went through this process when I thankfully chose Wealthy Affiliate. I wasn't sure about it and read tons of articles. Although Benji's Dad was extremely knowledgeable. I researched good and bad but came back to his recommendation. Great article.
LMMemea Premium
Its good to hear another persons perspective when they were deciding to commit to Wealthy Affiliates. Welcome and glad your here.
Best wishes,
Allgood96 Premium
Thanks Kyle ,sounds really informative,I hadn't thought about long term customers,just have to find a way of getting the info now,yes follow my buying processes.A great place to start.
I buy constantly online,i dont know if i follow too many process usually i just buy,but there has been occasions where I am looking for a items worth and find a bargain and just stike.