There are three very important stages in the Customer Purchase Lifecyle that you need to be aware of. These are typically the controlling factors deciding how close a prospective customer is to becoming a paying customer (your ultimate goal). The better your understand these phases, the better you will understand how to approach the customer at those particular stages.

(1) Research Phase

People love to learn before they buy, they're hungry for information on a particular topic, however they may not have product awareness yet. Although some purchasing decisions are more spontaneous than others, people learn about a concept before they consider buying something, and this "learning" is done using many mediums. These could include television, Facebook, Twitter, a Google search, a magazine, personal contact, from a celebrity, or a news website.

People naturally gravitate online to complete their research, as it is the "information highway". You can find information on virtually anything through a simple search in Google, thus why the majority of the research is done on the net and this is where you can locate a good deal of people when they are in their research phase.

The best approach at this stage: During this phase, the best approach is to get people onto a mailing list or get them following you via your social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Google +). From there you can work towards walking them through the remainder of the process, as you are not likely to make an instant sale at this point. If you engage people at this point via your content, you will likely be able to get them to revisit your site at a later date as well.

(2) Decision Phase

Some people have already made up their mind as to what product they are going to buy, and they want it now. For most people though, they will go through a decision phase where they research a number of products/services and decide which one best suits them.

Someone's decision can be easily persuaded by reviews and personalized opinions of others. This is where a great Internet marketer can intercept an individual, showcase certain products that are relevant and of high quality, and deliver a convincing review to encourage a decision.

People at this point are typically looking for product reviews or further product insight via their favorite online channels, whether this is reading blogs, doing research in Google, asking people on Facebook, or sending out a tweet.

The best approach at this stage: This is a very good phase to pick up potential "customers" . At this point, it is best to review products or services that the person is looking for. Sometimes people are looking for negative reviews and you can also leverage these as there are many "debunk" products out there, in almost any market. Typical keywords within this phase revolve around review, scam, comparison, information, and versus (comparing one product to another). People are very likely to buy at this stage if they feel comfortable with your review and you can build immediate trust.

(3) Purchasing/Action Phase.

The final phase is the one that is profitable to us as Internet marketers. No commissions will be paid unless there is an action that takes place! Whether this is a click, a lead, or a sale, a visitor needs to become a customer to fulfill the lifecycle.

During the purchasing phase, it is very difficult to detour someone from their purchasing decision. They have done their research, made the decision, and now are fully prepared to buy. In an ideal world, you would be able to target all the people within this phase, but often times the research and searching is complete at this point. An example of a search term that would target people within this phase would be "purchase product_name, order product_name, buy product_name, best price on product_name".

The best approach at this stage: The ultimate goal is to get someone to this point, whether you are able to do so through manually walking them through the process, or you catch people in the decision phase and help them buy. If you are targeting the keywords as mentioned about (the buy type keywords), you simple want to point people in the direction of the product they are looking to buy (through your affiliate link of course) and you are sure to convert very high. This is the ultimate phase to catch someone in, but it is the most difficult to hunt these "ready to buy" crowd down.

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KenPe Premium
Hey Kyle,
I appreciate your timely post. As most of us just starting out, it behooves all of us to have a complete understanding of the
correct procedures and use proven methods to be able to
make ourselves profitable if we decide to sell online. It seems
to be a completely different ballgame than buying in person in a

jbrombach Premium
i am a professional firefighter myself. the website I am working on is

keep it mind i just started working on it and do not even have any content yet to sell, but do you guys think it has a "scammy" feel to it? let me know. thx
RubyCantu Premium
I like it. It's catchy
ontherise Premium
I like it! I think you have a good start. Keep it up!
SueKolman1 Premium
Not scammy at all! Keep going and good luck!
Kyle Premium
I agree, I don't think that sounds scammy at all. :)
jbrombach Premium
Awesome thank you all for your help!
CandiGirl71 Premium
I think you're off to a great start. It looks really good and drew me in to reading more. That's what you want. I don't think it is "scammy" at all :D

ecoman Premium
My son is a firefighter...a captain. He will probably buy your boots if you show him how a firefighter might find them superior to the ones he already wears. Is there a special aspect about your boots that make them more durable, heat resistant, safer?
jbrombach Premium
Just to clarify, I don't own the boots myself. I was going to be producing relevant content and affiliate links to the top quality boots that I have seen to be the best throughout my career, based on a very large and busy professional fire department.
Gmflabreez Premium
Great content I agree with everyone else keep up the good work
Loni13 Premium
Names feel wierd to select.... like youre pinning yourself down to something you havent really confirmed in youre own head yet.
I think a lot of us go through the same... we are all learning as we go.
I wish you well fireman!

Ps. My dad was a volunteer for just short of 20 years
Imageguy55 Premium
Can you negatively or positively review a product? Or do you need permission?

I am finding out just by building my content there are products that I do use and would recommend to people who are looking for the same thing.
I just don't know if I can publish it on my site.

For example, " I really like Blendtec blenders. There are strong and reliable." Or "I really don't like K-cup coffee machines"
Beardsman23 Premium
You do not need permission to give a product review. Negatively or positively.
TimMcKinlay Premium
As long as you are honestly sharing your opinion, and doing your best to be unbiased, there is nothing at all wrong with posting a review that is either positive or negative. Just tell it like you see it.

This is exactly what people want to see. Honest reviews from real people. And this is what will lead to a lot of your success as an affiliate.
Imageguy55 Premium
Hi Tim

I was downloading some recipes to my website when I got a warning that the content is not original. So what do I do?
Do I rewrite the recipes? Or do I have to come up with my original recipes?

These are recipes that I used that worked but I see that I can’t use them because of the copyright issues. Do I need to pick a different niche?

I am creating a website for people who are looking for healthy low carb ideas and I am really just passing on the material. Do I need to credit the source?

I’m not sure what to do
TimMcKinlay Premium
Hi Tom,

There's nothing wrong with sharing existing content on your site, it's a good thing if your audience finds it valuable. However, if you are trying to rank that particular page in Google, then you will want to add plenty of unique content on the page as well. Because Google wants to rank unique content, not duplicate content.

Also, if you are copying something word for word, then best practice is to cite the source of the info. So just pop a link in the page that shows people where you got the recipe from. There is a reasonable boundary here though. If the content you are producing is unique and it's the result of many sites/ experience you've learned from (which in most cases it will be), then you obviously don't need to create a full reference list in your article. That's over the top.

So to sum it up... share the recipe on your site either way. But if you want that page to rank on Google, be sure to include plenty of unique content. And consider citing the source of your copied recipe with a link or mention.

Hope this helps!
Imageguy55 Premium
So I could ahead and publish anyway like it says to do ?
TimMcKinlay Premium
Yes, by all means publish :)
pjfjoy Premium
I'm finally through the reading of the customer Purchase Lifecycle. I had been taught most of these tactics through my AWeber account. It took me a while to get through it because it was a lot of repeat for me.. LOL I found myself getting sleepy a lot I didn't feel bored, but definitely would of went faster with a video for me. LOL Reading anything more than a couple pages even highly interesting new stuff just puts me to sleep. Don't know why,
maybe it is the bifocals cause I have to look down all the time. LOL
I just get up and down, walk around, drink lots of coffee. Anyone got any suggestions on what to do for getting sleepy while they read, please let me know? This is a on going problem for me for a few years now.
Labman Premium
Get more sleep.
It sounds like you are doing everything that I would do to stay awake. The best advice is to focus on reading while you are fresh.
Mexicanito Premium
I usually take a break and close my eyes tight as hard as possible for a few seconds and a few times and that makes my eyes rest and if still feel sleepy I try leaving them close as if taking a five to ten minute nap that always refreshes me.
alan47 Premium
Having just read the Customer Purchase Lifecycle for the 2nd time I am now beginning to make sense of this important marketing skill. Will be aiming to self-analyse my next few on line purchasing items soon and try to make myself more aware of this process to build a powerful but honest based internet business.
RubyCantu Premium
This lesson was a huge eye opener for me.